London: Latest Nonwhite Terror Attack—Sudanese “Refugee” was Applying for Visa to visit Sudan on Holiday

The latest nonwhite terror attack in London, UK, was carried out by a Sudanese invader pretending to be a refugee—who was busy applying for a visa to visit his home country on “holiday,” it has emerged—even though he had claimed to have fled that country “in fear of his life.”

Salih Khater had a visa appointment at the embassy of Sudan in London’s St. James’ Park—less than a mile away from Westminster, where he attempted to murder dozens of cyclists and rammed his car against the UK Parliament building gates, the Daily Mail has reported.

The fact that Khater was applying for a visa to visit the country from which he has supposedly fled—and for which reason the liberal UK government had given him “refuge”—is evidence that he had lied from the beginning just to get into the UK to parasite off the white taxpayers.

Khater had in fact done very well off his parasitical lifestyle to date. Despite not having a job—and therefore living off the taxpayers—he had, since invading the UK eight years ago, had been given an apartment in Birmingham, acquired permanent residence and had become a British citizen two years ago.

Khater—from a country where the average IQ is just 71, or eight points below the official retardation level of 80—attempted to study chemistry and accounting but was thrown off both courses after failing them so badly that not even the far leftists who run the UK’s universities could justify tolerating him any further.

Although Khater is a Muslim, it is unknown at this stage if the attack in London is linked to ISIS or if it is just another indication of the violent criminality associated with higher nonwhite schizophrenia rates.

* Khater’s vehicle was stopped by a new barrier put in place after the nonwhite terrorist attack in exactly the same place when Khalid Masood killed six people in March 2017.

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  1. Strip the welfare handout parasite filth of his much sought after British Passport and send the feral low life piece of vermin back to the cess pit toilet country he rightfully belongs in. We do NOT NEED OR WANT these third world invaders, nor are they of ANY BENFIT whatsoever to this once lovely peaceful and propsperous first world, civilised country.

  2. “”Khater—from a country where the average IQ is just 71, or eight points below the official retardation level of 80″”

    right. yall limeys gave this guy an apartment, a car and citizenship – but he is the retard?

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