London: “Too Many White Men”: London’s Nonwhite Mayor

In one of the most blatant recent displays of anti-white racism, the UK Labour Party’s nonwhite candidate for London mayor has said that there are “too many white men” working for the city’s underground train service.

Any white person saying such a thing about nonwhites would most certainly be charged with “racial hatred,” but because it was said by a nonwhite about whites, there will be no consequences.


Speaking at a public meeting in the suburb of Brixton—which has been majority nonwhite since the 1970s—the Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan said that he would “reshape” the Transport for London (TfL) board—which runs the world-famous London Underground—if he was elected.

“It needs to better reflect London’s diversity in the interest of Londoners,” he said “Did you know there are sixteen people on the board of TfL?

“Thirteen of them are white men. Thirteen. Think about it. It only has three women on it. That’s less than one in five.”

He went on to say that the “needs” of women and nonwhites were being neglected on the London Underground, specifically referencing the dramatic rise in sexual assaults on that service.

As Khan said: “Women face specific challenges on our transport network that are not currently being addressed. I was appalled about the recent decision by British transport police to scrap the sexual violence unit.  Reports of sexual offences on the London Underground almost tripled over the past five years. As mayor I will take these problems seriously.”

What Kahn failed to point out was that the rise in sexual assaults on the London Underground service has closely paralleled the demographic shift in London to a majority nonwhite population.

Khan, who was born in London, is the son of Muslim Pakistani immigrants who moved to Britain in 1969. He was elected Member of Parliament for the London constituency of Tooting in 2005.

He also served as Britain’s first ever Muslim cabinet minister in the last Labour Party government, and was selected as the Labour Party’s candidate in the mayoral election set for May 5, 2016.

He currently leads most opinion polls for the race, and is likely to be elected in the minority white city.

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    1. Here’s a statistic for you Brits. To put things into perspective:

      480 pa.,,,kis currently serve in the British Military

      232,500 British Military Personnel
      480 / 232,500 = 1/5 of 1% of the Total British Military Personnel

      64,100,000 British Population
      5.5% are or 3,525,500
      480 / 3,525,500 = 1/8 of 1/4 of 1% of the Total pa.,,,ki population currently living in Britain are serving in the British Military

      600 born in Britain now fighting for IS…IS

      The question is clear, why are pa.,,,kis allowed to serve in law enforcement while never having served in the British Military? After all, being a Briton is a birth right for the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish not for anyone outside of these ethnics

      To open your eyes even more to this whole fa..rce of bullshyt
      21,000 admirable women are currently serving in the British M..ilit-ary

  1. Adolf Hitler II has to come, I believe he’s already here. He might be 12, 20 or 40 years old but I’m sure somewhere out there he’s waiting …

  2. If I was in power, I would deport kahn and his family. Ungrateful b*stard like most immigrants, who want to change this country into the slum that they or their parents came from!

  3. Unbelievable what my country of birth has come to. If I had power I would reshape the whole damn country. It would not be one that this horrible man would approve of either.

    1. Agreed, if you or I had said such things about anything to do with any ethnic minority grouping, we’d have been at the police station very quickly. Enoch Powell hit the nail on the head and was castigated for it, which proves how many years this takeover has been in operation.
      Ineffective government and a total lack of any form of opposition that could actually be considered as an alternative – wonder if anyone has Guy Fawkes’s email address?

      1. Yes Enoch Powell was a truly great man who outshone the rest of the political establishment of his time by a long way. Listening to his speeches today, is all you need to do to realise how far the country has sunk. Looking at the steel industry is another, the truth is that England is in hock to China and the Arabs. Without their money the country would be bankrupt. No wonder the government is willing to allow the steel industry to collapse, they have no options, unless they renegade on all the debts.

  4. Meanwhile, Hungary released little propaganda video. Text reads..Hungary continues to protect the borders by all means…Enjoy and spread

  5. Perhaps TfL management is predominately white band male – but the actual ‘shop-floor’ workforce must assured is not.
    But no one argues for more proportionality of the workforce.

    1. Indigenous whites with their `unfair` advantage automatically go to the back of a queue.
      All scrupulously fair and above board of course….lol!

  6. The sad fact is that looking at the demographics of London and a lot of the left wing trash that live there it probably won’t harm his chances of becoming Mayor.

    1. He`s said to be a shoo-in as Mayor.
      It`s the same wherever moslimes overrun a place. The rate they breed and spread out it won`t be long before this is widespread across the UK . They`ll be running everything that matters while we just sit back and gripe.
      What a pathetic lot of useless numpties we are…. giving away our country to Moslimes without so much as a bleat.

  7. If patriots throughout Europe united under one banner, if they learnt from the lessons of the enemy, if they fought fire with fire, and realised opposing elements run alongside similar lines, then taking back your countries wouldn’t be as difficult as you think. Think outside the box. Re-evaluate propaganda, strategy and tactics. Base your struggle on evolution, and the will to power. If strategy and tactics are difficult to gauge, they may have to be spelt out. ‘They’ want a united Europe, let’s give them their wish!

    1. We do…some US whites wondering, why Hungary, Poland and rest of the East Europe want stay in EU. Well, actually we don,t just stay in the EU, we want to take it over, simple and clear….:D

  8. It’s disgraceful, that this man is allowed to say these things, and no action will be taken against him, if it was the other way about, there would be all hell let loose, but I am afraid Britain you reap what you sow. We have allowed this to happen in our own country

  9. What he really means is that the White Tube Drivers (working class)have good, well paid jobs and that he wants these jobs for his “own people” ie Mossies…..I would say that the Mossie women are underepresented in many professions as i never see any in their full on black niquabs,working in the shops or anywhere else…More attacks on the white working class man….As for the sex attacks on trains, Germany are now going backwards and segregating the woman because of the Mossie Sex Attackers….We are being talked to like we are utter MUGS….

    1. @ Hadenough – “We are being talked to like we are utter MUGS”….
      Probably because that`s what we`ve become ….pusillanimous pussies…just how our politicians prefer us.

    1. Its not so much stupid as afraid of the PC brigade,anyone in any position of moderate power utters anything against the Non-whites they will be out of a job quicker than you can blink.

      1. It’s time Brits got together and all collectively spoke out at the same time, they can’t fire you all. The Brexit vote in June will be interesting, sorry but I have little faith that the public will vote out, I hope the Brits prove me wrong

      2. Time to stand up, man up and grow some balls!! How apathetic the Brits have become. It’s a disgrace! Out with the liberal soft wally’s who are sleep walking their country into disaster!

  10. If you watch the recent Star Trek movie “Into the Darkness” the main villain is named Khan and he actually detonates a bomb in London.. weird…

  11. Employ more effnics and women (and children, and well, everyone) will be at even more risk.

    “Women face specific challenges on our transport network that are not currently being addressed. I was appalled about the recent decision by British transport police to scrap the sexual violence unit. Reports of sexual offences on the London Underground almost tripled over the past five years. As mayor I will take these problems seriously.”

  12. You hire people who are suitable for the job not because they are women or non-whites! Why isn`t this he going back to his bloody Pakistan together with his whole tribe?

  13. Too many white people? Now I wonder what his response would be if he was asked why there were hardly any white people working in the town halls of certain London Boroughs. The reasons for a lack of action by many of us is what was said about the much publicised Asian men grooming of white girls in places like Rotherham – laws have been brought in that would result in charges being brought for being a racist? Why has Sharia Law been allowed in a Christian country? There is no other worship allowed in Saudi Arabia! This man Khan may well have a British passport, but he will never be British, he is a Pakastani..

    1. Why are the police so reticent and reluctant to investigate and bring to justice, those who are not of Caucasian ethnicity, yet who have raped and sexually abused young girls for years & years as happened in the Rotherham scandal? A police force bound by law to deliver fair justice! There’s more instances which reflect their apathy, so it’s highly probable they’re more likely to ignore the racist & disturbing comments uttered by the newly elected MAYOR of London, and rather pursue & persecute the indigenous populous for raising alarm bells and telling truth!!

  14. Even if we exit the blasted EU tomorrow, we then have the 5th column and marxists to deal with. What a mess has been created by the governments (if you can call them that) of the last 40 years.

    1. Quite. People celebrated the fall of the berlin wall but what it really heralded was the beginning of the vast redistribution of wealth from richer Western countries to failed communist states.

      In addition it enabled the expansion and consolidation of the EU, which would not have been possible otherwise and the infiltration of former east bloc operatives such as mad merkel.

    2. We can’t even depend on our own government. Traitor Cameron is happy to see us kept within the EU so that we can absorbed into the new German Federal State. What did we fight 2 world wars for??? Even if traitor Cameron is kicked out we have no credible alternative, certainly not Corbyn, that drippy heap of scruff..

  15. Well if you want London to become Tower Hamlets vote for him if not vote Zac or preferably the Britian First candidate.

  16. Never allow Moslems into Government/State/CIty positions. Google Hamtramck,Michigan and look what happened as soon as they took over the city council.

  17. Yes,and even Ben Carson of US Republicans ( he’s the black neurosurgeon frm Detoit) said moslims should not be President or be in government.!

    1. “The foreigners must be expelled from our lands by force.”
      …It won’t take very much force to press the delete key on a computer keyboard…
      You may be wondering what specifically, will that tiny amount of force be used to delete?

      The answer is: WELFARE PAYMENTS!

      Welfare costs put a smile on the faces of those who are privileged to lend money to victimised white countries via the antics of their bought off, so called; “politicians”. And that is because; the more “infiltrators” that the politicians import then the more the money they make out of usury on the inevitable increase in “national debt” which is owed to them.

    1. Unbelievably there are still some people who proudly vote for Labour “`cos Mum and Dad voted Labour all their lives”
      Whaaat…. and that`s a reason ??
      For crying out loud, grow up and untie the apron strings.
      What sort of numpties reach adulthood yet still can`t decide for themselves.
      No wonder the UK`s in such a mess.

  18. if a white Brit said anything like this the press would immediately call him a racist. That word is only used when whites say anything about other races. I am surprised that this guy still thinks he can win the mayoral election. what an absolute disgrace he is. If people from other races applied for the jobs and they were qualified I am sure they would get the jobs because we have been robbed of our democracy and freedom of speech thanks to Tony Bliar ‘the very famous cottager’ and the person who opened our border to all the scum in the world.

  19. He is sure to win this election because there are more Asians now in London than indigenous Brits. Some areas of London are totally black/Asian. I understand that in some areas if the police want access to some of the streets they have to have permission from the imams. Who has allowed this to happen to our country. We should bring back hanging and
    put all these traitors on trial.

  20. I’m old enough too remember this country before the influx of foreigners, we were mostly calm, clean, well organised, all bound together with a common theme — we understood each other! I want that country back!

  21. Who is getting raped and who is doing the raping. I will not dare to suggest. if I travelled on the London
    underground I would carry a sharp object in my handbag. These people would only try once.

  22. Now you can see the arrogance can’t you, don’t tell me that whites voted him in if they did or a majority of whites voted for him I bet they are up corners cringing now. more like his own voted him in and once they get into politics and Government you won’t keep them out.

    Basically it means that England as a country for it’s own indigenous people is now being taken over by foreigners in a few more years time (not to long) England will have been taken over because white politicians “excluding Enoch Powell” could not and don’t see no further than the end of their noses.

    The reason Labour “who started all this” had a open door policy it was so that they could say to the immigrant population vote for us we are the party who let you in, then you have the whites saying but I didn’t vote them in, well somebody did and by not voting you automatically vote them in. and why did the labour have a open door policy simply because most of the stupid white race didn’t vote not only for the labour but anyone else, then you get the Tories carrying on the open door policy from labour very much for the same reasons, but of course they like labour will deny that they ever had a open door policy.

    I wonder how many people who have not voted in the past will vote at this referendum, Or will they just make the usual statement I’m not interested in politics, this is the favourite saying of most none voters. The other day a tv channel was doing a bit of a survey about the referendum and it was asking some of the younger generation how will you vote, this 18 year old (might have been a bit older certainly didn’t act like it) said she wanted to stay in so that she could get a job abroad more easily than if we were out of it, so this young 18 year? wants to give all her other rights away including controlling her homeland so that she would find it easier to find a job and work abroad, What a traitor, Our students and youngsters were working abroad long before we ever joined the EU, She evidently hasn’t read up much about Britain’s working abroad in the past.

    Most Brit’s will know that being classed by other countries as hard working and studious they will get a job almost anywhere and this young un’ wants to sign her countries rights away so that she can live and work abroad, what’s this a case of sod you jack I’m alright, I sincerely hope that not all of our youngsters think and act like this one, if this is the future of politics then heaven help us all, we might as well take up wooden spoon whittling and go and live on an island somewhere else if there’s any islands left that is, this islands certainly not available for the Englishman that’s for sure.

  23. Well I am FED UP with these racists getting away with it!! Time to stand up and DEMAND the police do their job fairly. I hereby demand the Chief of the Metropolitan Police of London investigate & charge this racist for his offensive comments!! Then have him fired for racism!! His true colours didn’t take long to show themselves!

  24. Actually, his racist comments are an OUTRAGE!! A petition to government to have him fired must surely get underway!!

  25. Here in America Multiculturalism-Diversity-Tolerence are beginning to be recognized as code words for “White Genocide”. America was a Protestant Country as England was in the past.When the Country recognizes whom is behind this, it will be clear who put Khan in power.In America it is the small cliche of Jews who control the six giant media corps and their masonic collaborators using the protocols as a play book. I”m sure we have the same problem as you do.
    Good luck with everything.

  26. This man is a racist and should be held accountable for his racist remarks. Wake up, he and his muslim people want to destroy England as it was and is today. He will invoke Sharia law if he is allowed to continue on.

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