London: Nonwhite Overrun Borough of Tower Hamlets Center of Vote Fraud

Police officers with body cameras will be deployed at all polling stations in the nonwhite overrun borough of Tower Hamlets in London, Britain, during upcoming local elections after it emerged that Third World vote fraud is so rife that a specialist police unit has had to be established to try and cope with it.

According to a London newspaper report, a Special Enquiry Team, part of Scotland Yard’s Specialist Crime and Operations division, has been deployed to Tower Hamlets—famous for being the first completely overrun borough in the city and for first electing a majority Muslim town council in Britain—has been called in after 39 new allegations of corruption have been received in the in the run-up to the next elections on May 3.

According to the report, the officers will be “investigating complaints of bribery, forgery and ballot tampering in Tower Hamlets.”

The Anti-fraud officers, equipped with body-worn cameras will be deployed at polling stations across Tower Hamlets on May 3, when voters will also elect the town hall’s mayor.

Detective Chief Superintendent Sue Williams, overseeing the operation, told the newspaper that it was “vital to ensure the integrity of the democratic process, so, in the run-up to the election, and on the day itself, there will be a policing plan in place in Tower Hamlets.”

According to the 2011 census—figures which are already more than seven years out of date—the white population of this borough of London was only 31 percent. It is most certainly lower than this now.

The favorite to win the election on May 3 is the new “Aspire” Party, founded by Pakistan-born Lutfur Rahman, a disgraced former mayor. Rahman was removed from office in 2015 and personally banned from standing for election for five years by a judge for corrupt and illegal practices.

In 2017, the British government announced that postal voters in the “scandal-hit London borough of Tower Hamlets are to be closely monitored as part of new pilot schemes designed to stamp out electoral fraud.”

Postal voters will also be selected at random in Tower Hamlets and other selected councils and will be asked if they received applications. There will be restrictions on how many postal vote packs campaigners are allowed to handle.

“The move follows complaints the postal vote system has been used to farm votes in the past, particularly among minority ethnic communities,” a report at the time revealed.

As usual, the establishment is being deliberately race-blind, as the link between the nonwhite-overrun areas of Britain and mass electoral fraud is so obvious that only those willingly in denial—or too scared to say so—could ignore it.

All that has happened is that the corruption, and fraud which is so endemic through the Third World has transferred over into Britain along with the government-approved mass nonwhite invasion of that country—and nothing but the repatriation of that population will ever solve this issue.

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  1. Why do the invaders to our white lands even get to vote at all? Only whites should vote in white lands. Why are we letting non whites into our white lands to begin with? look and see all these anti white laws that are being passed everyday in our white lands and you will always find a jew promoting these anti white laws and for mass immigration, but yet Israel wont let any non Jews into Israel. Jews say because it will no longer be a home for Jews, WAKE UP WHITES, ITS OUR LANDS AND ITS FOR OUR WHITE PEOPLE NOT FOR NON WHITES.

    1. Commies in wonderful western nations, said ” We owe all t hese lovely third worlds , a better life and future, cos we colonised them. ” (Civilised them more likely and we failed at that by the looks of it. ) So the leaders of all western / C’wealth nations succumbed to peer pressure at global parties, jaunts, conferences, to agree to take in millions each, from God knows where. They didn’t care , cos they wouldn’t be living next door to them. Blair n Hussein O, n Soros knew that to third world a thriving western nation, with third world, have nots, would destroy the host nation faster than anything, then in the chaos, the Blair types take over with a mega bucks job for life. Bring back treason laws for destroying western nations, hard labour in prison would see a halt to all treasonous selling out of one’s nation.

  2. Tower Hamlets epitomises why politics in this country is now as corrupt as it is in the countries where all these people and/or their parents/grandparents originated from. They also brought with them an anti-police/justice/laws philosophy, and have found every loop-hole to exploit the benefits system the country has. When I served in the Forces, I swore an oath of allegiance to my Queen and Country, we have elected representatives that do not do that without amending the words. So, POLITICS = CORRUPTION.

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