London Police Ask for Right to Discriminate against White Recruits

london-policeThe Metropolitan Police, responsible for law and order in Britain’s capital city London, has officially requested permission from the government to engage in anti-white discrimination in recruitment policies.

The request, disguised under the usual anti-white code words of “positive discrimination” has been made to the government because of the overrunning of that city by Third World colonizers—and the fact that the vast majority of police force members are “still” white.

According to Scotland Yard’s assistant commissioner Simon Byrne, the plans being put forward would mean they “could only recruit, in very broad terms, a white officer if you can recruit a black or minority ethnic person at the same” time.

The liberal complaint is that the ever increasing numbers of nonwhites has made the Met police “even more” unrepresentative of London’s population than “ever before.”

Byrne was quoted as saying that the current law “doesn’t allow us to be as bold as we could be.”

Nine out of 10 Met officers are white, while the latest census data shows that white British people are an outright minority in London.

The senior officer said the “50-50” plans amounted to “positive discrimination” which would require a change in the law.

According to reports, “some police chiefs fear overly white forces, especially in urban areas, risk damaging the legitimacy of policing as they exercise the power of the state over increasingly ethnically diverse populations.”

Another senior police officer was quoted as saying that it “also makes the service less effective in fighting terrorism.”

Byrne said: “We have not kept pace with the changing shape of London … The thing we have got to overcome, by legacy and history; we have broadly been, initially, a white, male-dominated organisation.”

“Positive discrimination” is currently outlawed and would require new laws to allow measures to discriminate against whites.

Byrne said that he now wanted to push the existing law to the limit to stipulate that any new recruits would be more likely to be chosen if they had knowledge of a language or of an ethnic community in a force’s area.

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  1. Blacks keep themselves out here in the US because of the requirements needed to be a Police Officer.

    No felony convictions are allowed .

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