London Tower Fire: “Unknown” Number of Illegal Invaders

Police in London have admitted that they will never know how many individuals were killed in the Grenfell Tower fire—because many of the apartments were being illegally sublet to hundreds of illegal immigrants who were not recorded on any official documents.

UK media reported that “a list provided to police of who lived in the fire-ravaged tower, had proved not to be accurate.”

As a result, police officers had stated checking delivery records from fast food outlets in order to try to gain an accurate idea of who had been inside.

The director of the North Kensington Law Center, Victoria Vasey, was quoted in another report as saying that “irregular tenancies” were “complicating [the] effort to identify victims,” and that many “survivors fear being detained over [their] immigration status.”

“Some victims of the Grenfell Tower fire may never be identified because they were living in flats sublet without permission by the original tenants,” Vasy said.

“Others who survived the blaze were reluctant to seek help from the authorities because they feared being detained over their unresolved immigration status.”

“A lot of people were irregular in their tenancies and some were subletting. Some of them were illegal subtenancies.” Those who perished may not be those recorded as the official tenants of a flat.

“Some of the people feel they can’t seek help because they are terrified they will be carted off to immigration detention. It’s a big problem. We are trying to get the word out to get them to come and see us. We can give them advice on the basis of client/lawyer confidentiality.”

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  1. the illegal / legal minorities come from countries where as their own governments have no idea, have no way of knowing their identities. thats the very reason, why president trump wants to put a stop to mass uncontrolled saturation.

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