London’s Tory Black Mayor Candidate: Nonwhite Life in UK a Disaster Zone

Mental illness, drugs, gang violence, crime as a way of life, jail time as the norm, knives and guns—this is the standard lifestyle of nonwhites in Britain, as revealed by the UK’s Conservative Party London mayoral candidate, the Jamaican-origin Shaun Bailey.

A collection of random arrest mugshot issued by the London police.

Bailey, who is currently a member of the London Assembly, revealed the state of nonwhite life in the UK in a 2005 paper written for the “Center for Young Policy Studies,” a Conservative Party think tank.

The paper, which had been ignored until now, has recently received publicity by the Labour-party supporting media in Britain because of what they claim is anti-Muslim and anti-Hindu remarks in it.

Those claims are untrue and a complete distortion of what Bailey actually wrote, as can be seen by a perusal of the original document—but lying is standard for the controlled media in Britain and elsewhere, so the claims in that regard are not surprising.

Shaun Bailey, the Conservative Party’s Mayoral candidate.

Bailey’s paper has however real value in that it is reveals precisely what a disaster nonwhite—and African in particular—life in modern Britain is.

The document, titled “No man’s land: How Britain’s inner city young are being failed,” starts off by explaining that when it was written, Bailey was running “a community initiative that helps disaffected and drug-addicted young people on the North Kensington estates.”

In the introduction, Bailey describes black community life in Britain as follows:

“I come from a black working class environment. I was born and brought up by my single mother on the North Kensington Estates. Where I live, the peer pressure to offend surrounds you. Crime is everywhere.

“Education on the estates is not an issue.

“The teenage pregnancy rate is well above the national average.

“There is a teenage drugs epidemic.

“There are significant mental health and disability issues.

“The number of people in contact with social services is way above the national average.

“One of my mum’s proudest boasts about me was that I never brought the police to her house.

“I also got to know my father when he came back to support us and that’s a rarity in this area.”

He then describes how going to the Army Cadet Force (ACF) at age 12 taught him not to steal:

“Going into the cadets created the person I am today. Straight away I had a different version of how men were. I had so much more moral guidance – not stealing but supporting people – than anyone I knew.

“By the time I was 20 or 21, heaps of my friends had been in jail.

“Almost all of them had some kind of drug issue – friends from my estate and from my school and college – but they were not aware of it being a problem.

“Some weren’t actually taking them but selling them. That was one of the big issues.

“When you are young and you get into the stealing of bikes for a laugh, vandalism and stuff, you develop a criminal mentality – once you get it as a child, it is difficult to stay away, crime becomes an opportunity you can’t resist.

“The level of the crime on the estates was astonishing.

“Just from my immediate peer group, 12 have been in prison.

“Many of the young people I saw were regularly robbing, three, four, five times a week easily.

“Burglaries were just off the hook because potentially, if you burgled the right house, you could make a real big score.

“Then there was the other end of the game – people who were fences because they had the connections to sell the gear.

“Then it was bad. But life over the last four years here has got more extreme, and the levels of violence with drugs, guns and knives amongst the younger kids, much worse.

“Eight years ago it would have been fantasy stuff to car jack. Four years ago maybe you would have found one person who’d entertain it and everybody would have thought he was a lunatic. Not any more.

“Now I could show you at least 15 people who would consider it, 10 or 15 who would do it and five who have actually done it. Those numbers are growing.

“Kids are carrying guns now because guns are linked to bigger crime.

“They are selling crack because crack has a shorter turn around and a higher profit than the likes of weed and heroin.

“I know one guy who’s only 17 years old and is a very successful crack dealer.

“The real issue is the number of kids that are ‘growing out of’ crime is getting smaller than it used to be.

“It’s why we get this horrible stuff with guns and knives: the serious nature of their offences is growing as the percentage of kids staying in crime is growing.

“The terror they cause and the amount of stuff they are into has a disproportionate effect way beyond what they do.

“The real scary thing is the young age at which it happens. Serious criminals used to be in their late twenties. If you went to Feltham now, or came into my area and interviewed my boys, they have been involved in quite horrible stuff and they are not yet 16 or 17.

“In some of the gangs, some of the slightly older ones have already been in prison. They are phoned by the ones in prison.

“They hear, ‘We’re watching Scum* yeah. Yeah I’m the man,’ and ‘I am the big daddy in here’. The kids think he must be. He’s in there and nobody is stopping him saying these things.” (* Apparently a TV show which glorifies gang violence).

“To the kids on the street, prison has definitely become a badge of honour. It’s almost getting to the point that you have to go to prison.

“There is no stigma attached. Nothing can defeat the feeling of cool – definitely not – and that’s what prison has.

“All their talk is about f…king people up, f…king people up. There is no notion of conflict resolution other than battering people.

“If you ask them, ‘so why do you do it? How come X is always in trouble?’ The answer is always, ‘Because he had to batter someone’.

“For every scenario given, the punishment is basically a different level of beating. If you say ‘I’ll pick you out and I’ll put my finger in your eye’, they respond with, ‘but I’ll put my blade in your back.’

“They exchange vicious ways of dealing with people with no irony, no joking, nothing. It is an accepted norm.

“They have to take people on just because of what is said that might be disrespectful to them. They have to batter them. They have to be in charge. To be in charge they have to be physically violent.

“Violence is deeply engrained in their culture of ‘respect’. They talk about blowing people’s heads off and about stabbing people.

“The kids here also feel they have to have money. These kids are 13 to 18. The great majority of them who are ‘going out there’ – that means going out to rob, to make money – are just 14 or 15.”

A mixed-race criminal photographed in action during the recent Notting Hill Carnival in London.

“Cannabis use here is equal across girls and boys. Girls are more likely to smoke to begin with – they have a smoker’s attitude. The problem is if they come across a group of boys who smoke weed they need to appear cool. “Then drinking and smoking and hanging around with the undesirables leads them to adopting a different sexual code. They let themselves be shared by the boys.”

Bailey then goes on to describe the living conditions which nonwhites have created in London, blaming of course the state instead of the inhabitants, but nonetheless listing the major “problems” they have:

“The walkways are covered in moss and mould. The lights never work. The lift never works. The security door never works. People are coming in and out all the time and hanging around. People who you can’t identify.

“Coming home through them, you smell their smoke and drugs. Some of the elderly people will not come out of their flats. Even some of the young people are scared.

“You dare not open the windows for fear of being burgled from the long walkways they open on to. So the flats suffer from condensation and rot.

“The rubbish chutes are too small; so people throw rubbish out of their window.

“None of the blocks of flats are sound proofed so even if your neighbour is not trying to annoy you with music, they cannot help it.

“The rat condition there is insurmountable: one of the best things that can happen to you on our estate is to be housed higher up: the rats haven’t got there yet.

“One of the estates which was built for only 1,100 people now houses 1,450 people. There are a lot of Moroccans, a lot of blacks. Everybody there is poor.

“If you go to social services and check the records often there is nobody new there. What you see is people from the third, fourth and fifth generations of the same family.

“There is a real culture of dependency amongst the people on these estates. There is no attempt to break it. The real reason it is so bad is because people expect to be housed and expect never to be kicked out.

“It is getting worse with every generation. We’ve got people who were bad as children. Now they will be even worse as parents.

“Kids from 13 to 18, the great majority of whom are 14 or 15, go out there to rob – to make money. A lot of it is to do with respect – if you have that kind of money you have respect and you can buy all the cool stuff and you can show them you’ve got it.

“You are talking boys who are 22, 23, and 24 who have never been anywhere near a job. They don’t have the academic skills and they don’t definitely don’t have the social skills to attack a job.

“They are not able to talk to people without just saying, ‘wha’d’you want, wha’d’you want?’.

“At the moment prison is a boon because it is nice and boring. It encourages young people to be lazy. When our young people talk about being bored, actually they are lazy. Then prison encourages them to come out and lie about the situation.

“For a lot of young people, crime is an accepted norm when they go in, and still is when they come out.”

The document is a damning insight into precisely how mass Third World immigration has not “created wealth” and “boosted the economy” as race-denying liberals claim, but has in fact simply transported a Third World nightmare into the heart of Europe.

It becomes clearer by the day that the only solution to this problem is the removal of Third World populations back to their home countries.

Anything less will inevitably result in the total destruction of white  European civilization.

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  1. May I just repeat your New Observer comment, which summarizes the truth perfectly:
    “It becomes clearer by the day that the only solution to this problem is the removal of Third World populations back to their home countries.

    Anything less will inevitably result in the total destruction of white European civilization.”

  2. In other news, a new report has stated that around 75% of higher education students in London, by year 2030 will be non white. Just 10 years away or so.
    Inevitably, London will be 90%+ non white by mid century.

    If we take 1950 as ‘year zero’ for massive non white immigration into London, the implication is a of a total population turnover in a city of eight million inhabitants in 100 years – an eye blink in history.

    Even Enoch Powell never made such a prediction.

    1. It will end in “civil war” between the multi cult urbans and native rurals. The urbans can be starved to death by blocking food and utilities, rich traitors and 3rd world tribes alike. Their tower of Babylon will come crashing.

    2. Jonathan you are assuming that immigration will continue at current levels indefinitely, but our current economic model is a house built on sand and when the big asset price bubble bursts the next recession will last for generations, and we will see austerity not experienced since the 1950s. When this time comes any whites still left in the cities will need to move out to the suburbs, or better still the countryside because life in the cities will turn ugly. What we are seeing today is a harbinger of things to come.

  3. With so many cities, not only in the UK, but the USA and other places where the ‘ethnic minorities’ have now become the majority of residents, this report has confirmed what a lot of us have known was going to happen. However, earlier this year a criminal burgling a house got killed, mainly because he thought the elderly pensioner would not challenge him. The end result is that the pensioner and his wife have been moved out of their home because the criminal’s family want retribution. I despair for the next 2/3 generations, the cost of all this criminal activity and serving prison time comes at a huge cost, so tax increases will happen.

  4. I see he uses the standard fall-back… these people are being ‘failed’. In other words. It must be whitey’s fault.

    1. Yes, and he is part of the problem. Londoners are being given the choice of a Muslim mayor from Pakistan or an African mayor from the Caribbean, just to make sure they cannot have an actual English, Welsh, Scots or Irish mayor.

  5. Fascinating read, and many thanks for drawing our attention to it. Contrary what the Lefties are saying he praises Muslims for having family values and strong religious faith ! But never let the facts get in the way of a Leftie argument.
    He touches on the real issue, but does not develop it.
    “Some children are not going to be academically sharp, . . . they go for a job and people start speaking and they
    literally cannot understand them.”
    This after 12 years of education, and 12 years for the parent, and 12 years for the generation before that !
    “the teenagers here cannot speak to people that they don’t know, they only know how to speak their own slang.”
    But in the end he makes a very valid point
    The police are not the solution
    The police can’t deal with the causes of the problem. To expect
    them to is one of the big myths in our world. Everyone talks about
    more policemen. Absolutely useless. Anybody who knows anything
    about criminals will realise that they are not concerned with the
    police, they never have been and they never will be.”

  6. Britain has one of the most restrictive immigration regimes in the world, and is the only European country to cap a category of immigration, yet net immigration from non EU countries is currently 235,000 per year. Leaving the EU has accelerated ethnic replacement as Third World immigration has increased to compensate for the decline in East European immigration. Despite the huge cultural and demographic change this has brought to our cities one would not expect the graduates and skilled workers who make these numbers to contribute to the non white crime wave referred to in Bailey’s paper. I can only conclude that the non white underclass referred to in the paper are asylum seekers and visa over-stayers or their offspring. Perhaps we are witnessing the fallout of the last Labour government’s liberal asylum policy that encouraged over a 100,000 applications per year compared to 26,350 in 2017. Thanks to Labour immigration minister Barbara Roche huge numbers of Nigerians were permitted to bypass our immigration controls based on their claims to be fleeing persecution by Boko Haram. Without the normally rigorous controls for non EU immigration we were enriched by a big influx of the scum of the Earth with the consequences we see today in our inner cities.

  7. Britain’s points based immigration system imposes such exacting conditions on would be immigrants that you would think that we are receiving the creme de la creme of the Third World. However, when you look around the immigrant infested areas of London you do not see evidence that suggests that the inhabitants are graduates with professional qualifications earning at least £38,000 a year. What you do see are beggars, hijabs, police cordons, helicopters, street-walkers, fly tipping, pawn brokers, and cheap clothes shops like Matalan. I do wonder, sometimes, if our points based immigration system is really a massive deception. The weird thing about all this is how the establishment are indifferent to the way that mass immigration is transforming our society. There are a few voices in the wilderness protesting against mass immigration such as Peter Hitchens writing in The Mail On Sunday, and occasionally the tabloid newspaper The Sun, but recently The Mail and The Sun have adopted a pro business stance on immigration which only leaves a handful of bloggers and sites like this to voice opposition to the immigration madness.

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