Los Zetas Beheadings: The Awful Reality of What Awaits European America When the Mexican Invasion is Complete

A boasting and brutal beheading video of four women by masked militia belonging to Mexico’s largest criminal cartel has once again underlined the nightmare awaiting the formerly European America once the Mexican Third World colonization of that country is complete.


The video, issued by the Los Zetas (Spanish for “The Zs”) criminal cartel, is designed to strike fear into its opponents, government and other Mexican gangs alike.

It shows four women kneeling in a field, with hands tied behind their backs. They are surrounded by 13 masked and armed men. One of the men asks a woman about their ties to a rival gang, the Gulf Cartel—to which she admits that her brother is a member.

After a few minutes, four men suddenly cut the women’s throats, and after they fall to ground, the helpless victims are decapitated.

Los Zetas’s date back to 1999, when commandos of the Mexican Army’s elite forces deserted and took up employment with the drug-trafficking Gulf Cartel.

In February 2010, Los Zetas broke away from the Gulf Cartel to branch out on their own, and their connections with the Mexican military soon made them the pre-eminent criminal organization in their country—and, as the Mexican invasion of America has continued, into the USA as well.

Los Zetas are now Mexico’s largest drug cartel and are based in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, directly across the border from Laredo, Texas.

This then, is the true face of the Third World colonization invasion which is currently underway in America.


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117 thoughts on “Los Zetas Beheadings: The Awful Reality of What Awaits European America When the Mexican Invasion is Complete

  1. Some 500 years ago the “red-headed” Hernán Cortés and his able bodied Conquistadors sent these savages running back into the jungles from which they came. Spain’s big social mistake was not also sending refined Spanish ladies with Cortés. Miscegenation with natives resulted in today’s savage Mestizo’s.

    We need a modern day Cortés who will be just as vigilant with the new batch of natives and do the proverbial “Cortés” on their backsides. For if this does not happen the South-western province of America will become the land of the Mestizo.

      1. Bob, anyone who calls white people “racists” (including other white people) deserves a fate worse than that of these women.

        1. A few hundred or maybe a few thousand gang members is really nothing compared to US Armed Forces, once they cross a certain line the US will hunt them down. They only survive because they wear masks, but if US wants them dead those masks will not keep them hidden. Once they are marked as narco terriosts then they can treated as any other army or military would be, a few thousand soldiers would not last long in total war even if the US trained them years ago. It would be best to keep a low profile, quit making videos of cutting off heads and hope our government doesn’t declare war.

          1. It is not frigging Racist to not want these murderers anywhere near us. The open southern borders will draw these animals who want to shed our American blood obviously shed in the worst ways possible. And nobama is shipping them all over our country…wailing about making all these savage mexican and muslim illegals immediatly American citizens. Enjoy your future. Unless We the people stop this serious invasion.Why is the Mexican govt. not fighting this? they have a US Marine in jail, while this savage gang runs wild killing mexican women with graphic violence.
            Again Americans not wanting foreign murders in Our hometown is not Racist, moron. scoff

          2. I very much needed to hear that cause I have friends from mexico that feel are armed forces can never stop whats goung on over there.

          1. I’m white and I’m far from racist.   There are racist people in every race. Clearly you are the perfect example of a racist black woman. SMH. No one deserves what happened to these poor women. NO ONE. So much hate and disrespect in this world. It’s pathetic.

          2. You say white people are racist, to be honest with you one of the most, racist groups of people I have ever met is black America and this is coming from a Hispanic

          3. Actually negresse you’ll be the one they’ll behead, if you don’t believe, try and live in Watts at this moment? I’m white and I do, bet you can’t say the same thing?

            By the way it’s American coloureds who are the racists.

          4. What????????? Jai???? So all white people are Racist?? So what does that make you for saying such a blanket statement? Every race has been terrible to another race. Not one color is better than another on any issue! This is the problem, just calling an entire race something! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

          5. Good job…..you just labeled yourself a racist with that comment…yourself & everyone blaming one another’s race! Horrible for an old one to go through….sick excuse for humans they all are. They’re murders & savages, regardless of race

          6. Jai what what you say so are blacks.. If a white person says the wrong thing its not ok but if another black person calls another black a name its ok.. STFU

          7. jai, are you aware once you post something on the internet it doesn’t go away? That racist comment of yours will follow you forever. Good luck pursuing a career in HR management as that comment will surely pop up when you least expect it.

          8. Yo, jai, probably your initials and not your name. But any-who… I’ll give you that us white folks have our fair share of prejudice racists but I’m willing to bet you colored folks (black), as far as racists are concerned, definitely out number those that are white… (Although I’m tempted, I’ll refrain…)

          9. Anyone who claims that others are racist are in fact a racist! Then violence attached to those comments confirms it completely!

          10. You’re ignorant Jai. You are MORE racist than ANY person you are accusing of being racist just for making that comment …

          11. Ah, another black “victim” of “da man.” Your true nature comes out the moment you get a chance: hateful, jealous, and spiteful. Yet you think we’re supposed to bend over backwards the moment you bring up the “r” word.

            You ungrateful baboon. Someone should drop you in the middle of a West African nation for a week so you can see how well you’d be living where you amongst your own.

          12. Jai-do u know me?? no u don’t so stop ur ignorant mouth for thinking that ALL white people are racist because we are not all the same-Grow up!!

          13. My God, these savages are brutally beheading and dismembering men, women, and children and you have the gaul to call posters who say derogatory things about them “racist.” Because we all know that the really important thing is that we mind our racial Ps and Qs. It’s really not important that we stop these murderous savages from gaining a foothold here in the US. Do you have any idea what a complete fool you are? You remind me of our inane President who is more concerned about offending Muslims than he is about doing anything about Muslim terrorists. Oh wait, I disagreed with President Obama. I must be a racist.

            By the way, I’m a white guy. I grew up in a very bad black neighborhood in Los Angeles. While I have met and known some truly wonderful and fine black people; black culture is a mess. Blacks, as a whole, are so much more racist than whites. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it.

            A black is 60% more likely to be killed by another black. It ain’t whites that are killing blacks honey. But boy oh boy you’ll never stop playing the race card.

          14. Not all white people. I wasn’t raised that way I was taught to judge a person not by the color of there skin but by the integrity and character. I have seen more rasist remarks from the black community. And the blacks out Missouri show no honer for that you man. All I see we pepolerunning around looting.vandilizeing property and laughing. Is that how you honer someone unfortunate death.the onlyone doing dishoner to there race are the black Americas. I know several blacks in my lifre that had a better education than me and also much better chance going to collage.we did not have no money growing up I had to work construction job when was 13 and I was paying as at fifteen. Wake up and guit shinning. We are all Americans here we need to stand together as one if we are to keep this america or do you want keep bitching.

          15. Its not being racist in time we will have a war in our country…what is happening in mexico and Mideast will be hear someday….unless all americans stand up and fight these hateful terrorist people….god is on our side…..god forgive them all

          16. Jai, maybe this will be you fate. It’s ignorant as hell to judge a whole race. There are good and bad people in every race. Whats the matter with you. I think it’s just pure evil, just like these pigs chopping up these innocent women; they are all just a bunch of cowards.

          17. The ignorance that follows you because you believe all white people are racist all you people that believe only white people are racist is pathetic, considering the fact you run your mouth belittle and bash on white people what does that make you? Who cares who is racist that’s not what this is about the subject is the fact that these vicious cartel and Isis making there way to our homeland is the problem. What you people get out of this is ignorance considering this could happen at any moment and has happened here. Grow up its 2014. Realize the fact of life and live your with everyday as your last.

          18. Jai you should’ve had better sense instead of putting your mug on this post…and you should not say what you just said. R.I.P. To those women…..
            That’s coming from a Chicano.

          19. Are u retarded jai? For real are u? Calling white people racist cause they want to make sure these savages stay away? No! Anyone who can do that or be associated with people that do are truly animals! I mean me just watching that video made me throw up. I thought about it everyday for a week n just was in shock. It mortified me. How can anyone do that. It makes my skin crawl, chills, loss of words. But we’re racist. U r obviously just ignorant n so dumb u CANT even be reasoned with. Ur brain doesn’t have the ability to.

      2. Congratulations, Bob, you’re the clueless dipshit who allows this to happen.
        Your leftist ideal of multiculturalism, tolerance, and inclusiveness has engendered EXACTLY what we see here.

      3. And you are a liberal IDIOT!!! Racist is when well manered behaved people are undermined and humilliated regardless of color and race, calling a thug a thug is not racist. Calling out bad blood is telling the truth not being racist, I mean we have good docile pitbulls don’t we? so why is it that the majority if captured are put to sleep? BAD BLOOD, same with the majority of mestizos .

      4. I’m WHITE. I’m proud to be WHITE. I hope to be WHITE in all of my future lives. I guess that is racist. Oh well, I would rather be racist than a douchebag liberal. If your heart bleeds for those savages maybe you will think about opening up your home to them?? What’s that? All I hear is you whining your typical bleeding heart liberal bullshit. Just wait until they become your neighbors. I bet the “For Sale” sign will be up on your lawn before they even move in.

  2. Think of the thought process that occurs in these snake peices of shit.

    Real tough guys execute women. They all deserve to die.

  3. These women were not innocent. The men who did the killings will meet a fate so horrendous they will wish they were alive to be beheaded over and over. An eternity in darkness while burning and being tortured non stop without rest is horrendous

  4. barley mcgrew- British, Conservative and proud

    - Edit


    The woman on the right of the picture was a notorious member of the Gulf Cartel who herself had beheaded a Los Zetas member in a shocking video some months earlier. That is why these animals are highlighting her over the others – ALL of whom were also actively involved with the Gulf Cartel. They may not have been ‘innocent’ victims – but it just goes to show what uncivilized, disgusting savages ALL of these individuals are.


  5. No body should die like this but the women are not that innocent. Women on the right is just as evil. She cut a mans face off with a box cutter while he was still alive.

    1. that woman who was a gang member looked like she did not care an seemed to b smirking!!! she didn’t make a sound!!!

  6. galadriel lawrence

    - Edit


    The fact that they are using women as their pawns of choice, is just plain cowardice. How about a real war with these assholes. Our military against them and kill them all. This is bullshit to watch or see. take these idiots off the planet.

    1. it’s not about the fact that these victims are women. it’s about the fact that these monsters have NO value for human life what so ever!!!!! I am so sad. why?! How can someone not care so much!?!

  7. It is time for the USA to hunt down these people they have kidnapped and killed enough. These are war crimes it seems the men hide behind masks interesting, I ask for people to quit using drugs in the USA and for our government to turn loose the dogs of war. These cartels have invaded the USA now it is time for USA to counter attack, air strikes and special forces are in order. May God have mercy on their souls.

    1. “Turn loose the dogs of war”… I had to commend you for that statement… It actually motivated me… However, the only war dogs now a days are the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan wars. We’ve been there and done that although this new generation has strict ROE’s which would do nothing especially with the Liberalism that runs the military now. COIN and HIIDE systems implemented, not M240s or CAS. We are not the same America, brother.

    2. They’re having internal affair with rival cartels…military.. And the government!! But the bigger issue that remains is AMERICA’s addiction to drugs!! We are the buyers!! The Maths simple if we stop buying the drugs, then who else will they possibly sell too??? I mean the Europeans, but I almost feel the Europeans are not getting it completely in the amounts we get it!! The war will continue as long as there’s a buyer, it was Colombia back In the 80’s 90’s and it still is now but the mexican cartels are even bigger than them!!

  8. I can’t beleave there’s people do this I don’t care what these women did they should have been trialed there nothing you could do to meet your fate this way unless your the one doin the beheading they say these dumb fucks have more money then anything an that there organized we’ll let me let y’all know something step your fuckin ass accross that border an try that shit our president might not do nothing but the American people wouldn’t stand for none of this not one person would we have big hearts here that’s why y’all’s ass would died to be here but don’t take our kindness for weakness we’re not called (the power house) for nothing no amount of money will stop what’s going to happen to those men an y’all are lucky we don’t have the president we did have because this shit wouldn’t be on here we have a shity one rite now but either way we run y’all’s shit y’all are nothing but rats trying to find a hole in American (HOME OF THE BRAVE) don’t forget that but I’m sure they know better. RIP to the ones this has happen to an to the families that got to see this when you get on here I’m so sorry for y’all.

  9. Relax! As soon as the ZETA’s have control of all the Social Security Offices in the United States they will calm down.

  10. You filthy, cowardly DOGS!
    There is a special place in hell for cowardly filth like the Zetas.
    You are shooting yourselves in your own feet. One day no one will want to spend any tourism $$$ in Mexico because of evil dogs like you and a government that won’t do any thing about you.
    I spit on each and every one of you.
    To your victims, I pray for peace and tranquility.

  11. brainlessbeaner

    - Edit


    Killing women in such a brutal way…
    I’m sure they are cowards since they needed 13 armed men for this crap.
    They should be killed brutally, worse than these victims.

  12. Nelly - South Africa

    - Edit


    They might have killed them, tortured them physically, but they will never touch their souls, people forget that one day they will also die, and will spend their eternity miserable life in Hell!

    Whatever the poor women had done, no.one deserves to die like that, they will come face to face with God one day, karma is a bitch!

  13. These are Obamas supporters, get used to it. Arm yourselves with not only weapons but also knowledge. These are the same constituents that he allowed to vote for him. Remember right before the election when he got on tv & told all illegal immigrants you don’t have to leave, I’ll make sure it’s ok for you to be here no matter what the law says, then followed it up with “& by the way, YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE ID TO VOTE!” & they kept reminding people of the no ID crap. He got the illegal vote. The U.S. is already finished.

  14. That is the most foul and evil thing I think I have ever seen. I wish I did not watch that. Animals like these people should be hunted down the the navy seals. Its extremely sad, since Mexico has many great citizens that don’t deserve to have all this disaster in their country.

  15. Horrible stuff but I guess at least they were not tortured before dying. It also seems humans are going backwards hacking off heads with small knives when in the middle ages they used to chop your head off in one go with an axe.

  16. Oh God!I live in a country in which more than 16% population of the world is situated, but not a single event occurred like this.Who gave this right to kill those ladies though they are guilty? I wonder about the comments who are supporting this event.The Killers are certainly not humans.I really shocked about the gov.which has the responsibility to secure these guys.

  17. this is the garbage that’s soon to be across our US borders. I have no words to describe what I just saw on that video. Such a shame that our president would rather play golf than secure our borders. So embarassed by our government.!!

  18. Wow, look how it only took twelve “brave men” to take the lives of four old women. They must be really proud of their prowess in battle.

  19. lets not place these devils excrement to the starving immigrant risking his life to walk across a desert to hang out at a home depot parking lot.the drug cartel assassins probably walk among you already. These guys did not sneak across the border they probably flew in on first class. The cartels make 30 Billion a year in profit, I am sure they have enough to buy off quite a few immigration officers to issue visas. luckily the main reason you don’t see this type of stuff happen in the usa is due to the 2nd amendment citizens can defend themselves here. Guns in mexico are for practical purposes, non existent for the average citizen, Yet these devil spawn don’t seem to obey the laws hmm how strange. Don’t think we Americans are so innocent in this, Everytime your college kid smokes a joint or the wall street broker does a line a coke he is helping pay these guys salaries.

    1. sleepless in tampico mexico

      - Edit


      The biggest problem with cartels is that money keeps them threiving… they keep getting money because idiots keep buying their drugs… a vicious cycle that will never go away. They sell a product that ignorant people want and use then those same ignorant people spout off comments of racism and hatred. Stop buying their mexican cush which will stop supplying them with money. When you stop leaving crumbs for bugs to eat they go away and die.

      In the words of the great comedian Dave chapelle…”white power”.

      1. There is no such thing as “mexican Cush” it’s called reg, mexican brown, brown frown, bs, schwag etc. KUSH comes from the Middle East & is mainly manufactured & distributed in Canada & the West Coast. Mexico may have the link to cocaine but they’re weed is horrible!

  20. Who is financing that “third world colonization”? Who is the first drugs consumer in the world? The US. The blame of those cartels is the US and not Mexico. Stop being the first world consumer of drugs and these kinds of groups wouldnt exist.

  21. Would the US ever allow these savages to take hood in america? I mean if they started doing this here aI would think we would destroy them.

  22. What intense butthurt in the comments section here.

    I don’t give a shit about this, they all deserved it, it’s just filthy subhumans killing filthy subhumans.

    They should not be allowed in white nations though.

  23. Notwithstanding the fact that these victims are women, and Mexican, these men are exactly the immigrants that Obama and his supporters want to flood into the US, because they all share a visceral hatred of the US and dream of rivers of blood throughout the land. Unable to build their own peaceful and prosperous society, let alone livable communities, they are driven by envy and rage to unimaginable depravities. The future of the US is a hellish nightmare, the change that Obama was hoping for.

  24. In 1848, Mexico lost a war they had started with us, but we only took that which lay north of the Rio Grande as our prize. We should have ANNEXED IT ALL, and remamed “Mexico City” SCOTTSVILLE, after our victorious general, Winfield Scott, and Santa Anna should have hanged in Washington as an example. THIS is what the Mexicans did to Texans, and the full story of what happened at the Alamo was never told, as it would have resulted in FULL ANNEXATION OF MEXICO, and we would have never had a civil war, because we would be too busy hunting down and annihilating not only the entire mexican army, but also anyone who aided them. If the truth about mexican military savagery were revealed to congress in 1848, there would be no drug cartels south of the Rio Grande today, because there would be NO MEXICO, only the largest US territory, probably still run with an iron fist, and an iron combat boot to match. Maybe the congress of 1848 should have heard EVERYTHING.

  25. Depressing and so sad. These people seem to really not grasp life and the precious nature of it. You only live 80 odd years if you are lucky, why make it miserable. Why torture and maim in such a way? Why can people not realise we have a short time on this planet and we should try and enjoy it and make it enjoyable for others? How can thse men look at their loved ones after doing this.? How can they try and set themselves up as an example for their kids and loved ones to follow? How can they sleep at night? I have never been awre of these videos until recently. They are four pretty harmless women. If you have to send a warning, ok, but why not a warning instead of a savage mutilation and painful execution?

    1. If you are interested why your ancestors got into the “forsaken land” in the first place look up Tony Martin, a Professor from Trinidad and Tobago. There are some videos of him on youtube or you can also get his book, if it hasn’t been already forbidden.
      He made an in-depth-research into the African slave trade to the Americas and got into trouble because he mentioned the culprits by their names and ethnic origins.

  26. There is really no difference. ZETAS, ISIS or Muslim Extremists in general. They all want the same thing. Kill Americans and anyone who dares stand up to them. Our gangs here in America are no different. Maybe we should give hunters a season to hunt ours. You know, thin the herd. Get rid of weak ones. This a Modest Proposal and would probably turn some of you off. Cool, look across the fence.

  27. Murdering 4 women is bad, However, that cannot be compared to the millions of people the USA murdered in Iraq and other countries that we illegally invaded.

  28. Just wait till the Jihadist terrorists that just got released from Guantanemo and relocated in Uruguay spread radical Islam and Jihad throughout South America and in the streets of USA to the disaffected Blacks… Fun fun fun. Cant believe how stupid our government and the liberals are being about this. WE might as well just hand our world over to the racist totalitarian Jihadists and the Criminal Gansta Thugs.

  29. America, our country’s homeland must be defended at all costs regarding the quality of a healthy life and existence for future generations to come. Although our Country is not perfect we must maintain what civility we have here and continually strive to be the best that we can be as a people. These cartel’s evil, demonic, chaotic and disgusting criminal behavior will someday face the full glory and wrath of our US military if necessary. It’s just a matter of destined time and many of them are already being watched as we speak. It’s obviously the end times just observing the entire world’s condition presently. We should never fear anything in this physical realm because it’s what lies beyond that is the true ultimate power beyond any criminal organization on this entire earth even these cartels. What is seen is temporal and what is unseen is eternal. God bless America and all of the poor souls lost to these senseless inhumane criminal acts of bloodshed…..

    1. When the destined time comes may swift American military justice be served for these atrocious terrorist acts of cartel barbarism if necessary to defend our homeland…..

      1. I saw the video and wish I hadnt! It was the most brutal thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t care if those poor women were good or bad, they didn’t deserve that. The men that did this to them will suffer much more than they did when their time comes. We all pay terribly for the things we do to others. I couldn’t do what they did to my worst enemy. They really aren’t men, they are savages without souls and they will pay for what they did.

  30. I don’t want this trash in my country. I am Latino and I cannot understand the mentality of this level of violence. regret watching video. It hurt my soul. But its real and needs to be addressed asap. If left ignored by the American people? It will bite us in the ass later.

  31. STUDY THE HISTORY !!! Read a book by Ioan Grillo called “El Narco”, then talk. What you need to know is this, firstly the mexicans started dealing heroin in the late 1800’s and it was a jew and the chinese who started the trade. The American government turned a blind eye to this trade at the time although the Harrison act and prohibition is what caused the first illicit cartels to form and it there that huge profits began to be made. This heroin trade continued until the 1970’s where the hippy era in America and against the jewish lobby to radicalise certain drug use lead to a huge demand in mary jay and the mexicans began selling it by the tonne at first for 5 bucks a kilo. Then when the columbian cartels got smashed and escobar was killed the columbians started to use mexico to move cocaine and crack into america, this is what lead to the modern cartels. the first cartels from sinaloa represent the original indigenous mexicans and the only mexicans who were never defeated by the spanish colonialists. They were ruthless canibals and rough and tough people who killed each other over small infractions for thousands of years. When the sinaloans became increasingly wealthy new cartels formed and los zetas formed from military commandos and now they are in a bitter war with sinaloans. its hard to point any finger since the sinaloans were getting government support all along, elections in mexico were often rigged and the american dea was also complicit on many occasions in allowing certain drugs like crack hitting certain communities like black ghettos. again the jews played a role as they were amongst the leadership calling the shots. so stop this bickering between whites and blacks.. it is far far FAR more complex than what any of you think and by making it a petty racist issue amongst blacks whites and hispanics you are ignoring who the real perpetrators were.. the chinese the jews and the anglo-dutchie whites in power (not all whites) who ran the drug enforcement agencies and allowed certain cartels to become established. ronald regans war on drugs for example caused the formation of more violent gangs than ever before and acheived nothing. blacks are victims as are most whites who have seen their society destroyed.. as for hispanics well they lost territory and culture as america was hispanic only 470 years ago and in the mid 1800’s a huge chunk of mexico which is now called texas ohio and califonia was part of mexico. it was just cut off and taken by america so the mexicans are more than happy to peddle huge drugs into those regions and take it over since america took it under the gun first.

  32. America consumes 40% of the world’s illegal drugs, the richest 400 americans are worth 12% of the entire planet’s wealth, their businesses have lead to mass extinctions, mass destruction of lands, pollution, child labor and even wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of citizens. Most of these wealthy americans are jews. now do your homework people. america itself is its own worst enemy and the true villains of this planet are not just the cartels but the cartels are a result of external factors leading to such desperation. these evil act are all linked together.

  33. I simply cannot even fathom as to how a thinking human being could possibly do these awful things to another human as if it’s just picking out some groceries. Surely these individuals were horribly abused and exposed to traumatic events at a young age, but even then, many who suffer still find the will to be helpful to their fellow man. I can only ponder in thought as to how these ‘people’ can carry on with their miserable existence in such a way.

    1. There is a pervasive belief amongst many criminals that they are bound to go to hell after they die no matter what they do. When a person truly believes that, it becomes very easy to do the things we see done in these videos. I mean, if you kill one person and you believe you are damned for it, then why not kill 10, 20, 50 more?! Hell is hell. It doesn’t get worse.


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