Louisiana Floods: No Looting this Time. . .

There has been no looting or violence in the massive floods which hit southeast Louisiana this week—underlining the fact that the majority of those hit were white, unlike the 2005 Hurricane Katrina floods.

This week’s flooding killed eleven people, damaged 40,000 homes, saw 30,000 people evacuated, and 10,000 moved to shelters, and has been described as a “once-in-1,000-years storm.”


Even the far left Huffington Post has been forced to admit that there has been no looting or violence—although that newspaper shied away from pointing out the obvious racial element when comparing it to the infamous events of 2005.

According to the Huffington Post, the latest flood is “historic, tragic, and hard to conceptualize. Quiet little suburban towns that few people outside of Baton Rouge have ever even heard of became lakes of rainwater and debris almost in an instant.

“Conversations went from what clothes children would wear on the first day of school, to what the basic items of survival were for a family with small children.”

The paper also pointed out that “through it all, media coverage was so lacking that people living outside of the immediate area resorted to social media sites to updates themselves on what was happening in the area; using uploaded videos, pictures, and posts to piece together events and timelines, the pathways of the moving water, and how long the crisis would last.”

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The flooding was however so extensive that eventually the cellular service failed as towers were knocked down and power went out across town after town.

“Families scrambled to find shelter, secure rescue, and just survive…news media coverage was virtually silent,” the Huffington Post continued.

The article then points out that one of the reasons for the lack of media coverage is because of the reaction of the people it affected. It was, the Huffington Post said, precisely because the community came together in self-sacrifice and help, instead of mindless crime and violence, that the media ignored them.

That in order to be worthy of attention the very fabric of societal order has to have been sheered away; news media requires scenes that look like a zombie apocalypse, not scores of hometown heroes trying their best to rescue one another.

In these communities, families who lost everything feel guilty for letting someone give them money for a warm meal, because others have lost more.

No stories of looting, no stories of riots, no devolving of society to the lowest forms of humanity…instead a tragedy that has brought out the best in friends, family, and neighbors; people who help others before they help themselves…who see the assistance of others as an assistance of self.

In 2005, thousands of National Guard and federal troops had to be mobilized and sent to Louisiana in order to maintain law and order, and a number of local law enforcement agents from across the country were temporarily deputized by the state.

“They have M16s and are locked and loaded. These troops know how to shoot and kill and I expect they will,” Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco said at the time, referring to the state’s attempts to suppress the lawlessness, which including looting and rifle fire sniping against troops.

Famously, TV crews even filmed black police in New Orleans taking part in the looting.

So many arrests were made that a temporary jail, constructed of chain link cages, had to be built in the New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal, the city’s main train station.

The contrast between this chaos and the most recent floods could not be greater—or more telling.

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  1. The virtually no media coverage is likely due to the fact that the affected area is largely inhabited by European Americans therefore it’s of no interest to the Jewish owned media.

  2. Great story, true story. Main stream media coverage? What coverage? The media are proving their corruption again. The blacks too.

  3. Lived in Baker, LA for about 2 years and never read of Euro American looting. Sad, instead of helping, ‘let’s go and rob them blind’. But if one of the looters are killed they will back the looter and dammed the officer that enforced the law!!!!!

  4. Only whites effected = no media interest.
    No looting? Obviously – see above.
    But why isnt the controlled jewmedia blaming hussein obama for the flood?!? I mean they all said George Bush caused Katrina… and where IS hussein? Playing golf or in the back of a limo with Larry Sinclair somewhere I imagine.

  5. That would explain why hussein wouldn’t go see the effected areas. His disdain for Whitey shows itself again.

  6. The entire coverage, shamefulness, and guilt for ghetto black behavior and communities is in the liberal media’s DNA.

    Support the 2nd Amendment – I’m for the NRA! I am proud to support it alongside my fellow white folks here in our white community in Luisiana devastated by these floods!

    Trump will do everything for us! And I say, “Will,” because he is going to be our next president – and is for the NRA. Please do your part in the GOP – vote all republican.

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