Macedonia: Fence Built to Halt Invasion

After several days of attacks on its borders by hordes of nonwhite invaders who have been refused permission to move north, the Republic of Macedonia has announced that it is building a fence along its border with Greece.

The fence, similar to the one which Hungary has built along its borders, is about ten feet high and is topped by barbed wire, with reinforced mesh forming the actual wall.The Macedonian army has been called in to speed up the building of the fence, which will, when complete, straddle the entire border with Greece.

The decision to erect the fence was taken after numerous violent attacks on temporary border installations, and assaults on Macedonian police by the invaders.

The renewed attacks came after Macedonia announced that it would only be letting through so-called “refugees” who had some type of documentation “proving” that they were from a “war zone.”

This means that the thousands of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Afghans, North Africans, and sub-Saharan Africans who have taken advantage of the Angela Merkel “open borders” offer have now been blocked from proceeding to Germany.

According to an article in the Macedonian news site 24online, the state’s security council decided to erect the fence after receiving a report detailing the risks involved in letting the situation develop.

The Macedonian government, which hopes to be allowed to join the European Union, was careful to point out in its official statement that it was not closing the border, but merely taking steps to “direct the flow of refugees to checkpoints for registration and to ensure that refugees from regions affected by military conflicts” will still be allowed through.

Macedonia is one the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, from which it declared independence in 1991. It became a member of the United Nations in 1993, but, as a result of an ongoing dispute with Greece over the use of the name Macedonia, it was admitted under the provisional description of “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.”

It applied to join the European Union and NATO in 2005, and is still on the waiting list for approval.

Somalis demand entrance into Macedonia. They, like the thousands of nonwhites from countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, North Africa, and elsewhere, have been blocked from proceeding north through the Balkans because they have been unable to produce “Syrian” identity papers.

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  1. but WHO cares? Why are we still worried about what our enemies think? Stop it already, white people! They're trying to genocide us. Of course they're not liking it when we fight back. I'm losing with patience with us whites and especially nationalists being concerned with what our enemies like or don't like.

  2. If we really must accept the so-called refugees there is no good reason why we should pay for them. We should bill their Muslim countries of origin for everyting they are given and all related costs.

  3. Looks to me like those savages stayed in Greece for a while – streets of Athens are full of all kinds of spookes for quite a few years now.

    What cracks me up thou is that Macednia, a little country of 2 mln people, a country which even had hard time estblishing its name because of feta cheese lovers, a country with little resorces is actually solving problems for Brussels full of completely useles twits with huge salaries … EU is so top-heavy that has to fall down. There is just no other way!
    Some time from now kids will learn in schools about this waco experiment which backfired beacuse of one ugly and very stubborn German lady 🙂

  4. The Treaty between Ramses ll and Hattusili lll in1283 BC (Wiki list of Treaties) in Articles 9 to 12 says (12) "Likewise if there flee a man, or two, or three (who are not known) and they shall come to the land of Egypt to become foreign subjects, then Usermare-Setepnere the great ruler of Egypt, shall not settle them, but he shall cause them to be brought to the great chief of Kheta."
    The Vienna Convention on the law of treaties in Article 53 discusses a peremptory norm and modern treaties evade discussing the obligation of a State to collect its own citizens who flee its borders. The rule would appear to be that these persons who cannot be settled or received (Article 9 of the Ramses Treaty) should be directed to their nearest Embassy where their accommodation food and return from foreign lands can be arranged by their own people.

  5. Why do all these invaders think that they have got a God given right to come to Europe? Let their own countries look after them! Why should the tax paying europeans pay to subsidize these scroungers?

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