Manchester Bombing: Mass Third World Immigration, Islamism

The bombing of a pop concert at Britain’s Manchester Arena is the direct result of mass Third World immigration into Britain, a policy promoted by that country’s ruling elite which will cause whites to slip into a minority within 40 years.

The bombing of Ariane Grande’s concert will, inevitably, just like all the other recent high-profile terrorist attacks, turn out to be the work of ISIS-affiliated Muslim fanatics, who will have selected the target because it represents, in their eyes, modern Western degeneracy.

The promotion of the policy of mass Third World immigration into Britain has created a base of millions of nonwhites—and a huge pool from which to draw an endless supply of recruits.

The complete inability of the immigrant nonwhite population to succeed in a First World—that is, white—academic and social environment, results in scholastic failure, unemployment, welfare dependency, and crime—all of which can be clearly seen from the official statistics in all major British cities with large nonwhite populations.

This social disaster is the cause of what liberals call “alienation” from society (but which is in fact the racially-caused inability to meet and integrate into white Western society), and it provides the fertile recruiting ground for Islamists.

With the help of liberal guilt-ideologies, Islamists can turn to “alienated” nonwhites and convert them by claiming that their low social status and societal failure is not their fault, but actually that of “racism” or white society generally—and hence the endless supply of recruits.

This process is particularly evident in the fact that one of the Islamist’s biggest recruiting grounds is inside prisons in Britain (and other Western nations) where, not surprisingly, huge numbers of nonwhites are incarcerated.

A September 2010 study on population demographic projections carried out by Oxford Professor David Coleman, titled “Projections of the Ethnic Minority Populations of the United Kingdom 2006–2056” (Population and Development Review, September 2010, Volume 36, Issue 3, pages 419–653), revealed that the “ethnic minority populations in the UK are growing substantially as a consequence of continued immigration, youthful age-structure and in some cases relatively high fertility.”

Given the current levels of immigration and natural reproduction rates, the paper says, white British people will become an absolute minority before the year 2060—just over 40 years away.

That paper continued by pointing out that given “overall net immigration, total fertility, and mortality trends as assumed in the ONS 2008-based Principal Projection, the ethnic minority populations (including the ‘Other White’) would increase from 13 percent of the UK population in 2006 to 27 percent by 2031 and to 43 percent by 2056.

“By the latter date over half the 0–4 age group would be members of the minority populations.”

In his conclusion, Professor Coleman says that a “numerical reversal of majority would be powerfully symbolic of a transfer of priority and national identity; cultural, political, economic and religious.”

However, the 2060 deadline is not when white Britain will end: this will happen much sooner, Professor Coleman warned.

“Forthcoming ethnic change would have been written on the wall long before, when the younger generation in school, college, workforce entrance and upwards had become majority ethnic.

“That development is not far off in the US and is projected for about 2056 in the UK case.

“There must be few if any previous examples of the numerical displacement in peacetime of one cultural / religious / racial majority by others of relatively recent immigrant origin.

“Those who make decisions about immigration are seldom those who pay its penalties, and the political class in the UK and the US has tended to dismiss indigenous opposition to immigration and the multicultural policy that has gone with it.”

Significantly, Professor Coleman identified social discordancy—and the rise of Islam—as one of the most important outcomes of this process:

“Others would welcome a transition as marking the end of a society which some regard as unattractive, oppressive and racist, as a natural and beneficial development of a modern open society, or as a herald of the future numerical preeminence of Islam.”

The Manchester pop concert bombing is exactly what Professor Coleman warned about: a reflection of racial demographic change encouraged by the ruling elite, resulting in social destabilization, the rise of Islam—and the total destruction of white Western civilization.

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  1. We were all called Racists when we raised the alarm,England was not just bringing in mass Muslim Third World immigration,they were actually helping these folks to espouse anti-western views from mosques and even street corners!Muslim ghettos were formed,Muslim gangs were amassed,No-Go zones abounded,Muslim Rape Gangs were roaming the countryside.England then got a wake-up call when the Tube and bus were bombed by Muslims on july 7,2017.But the English shrugged it off and stupidly went on their merry way to todays doomsday nightmare that the country is in.The English have got just what was coming to them.I have NO SYMPATHY for the English! They killed and raped and destroyed their once proud and safe country.A civil war is brewing,as real Brits are finally waking up after many murders and rapes of their compatriots.Squeezed between radical Muslims and the New Right,the English 'elities' are doomed,multi-culturalism is DEAD! and Pluaralism is buried in the caskets of the murdered…GOD SAVE ENGLAND!

  2. A war on whites originally instigated by the ruling white elites to wipe out the indigenous populations . The EU is the German conquest of Europe without having to fire a single shot

  3. The ruling classes in England have encouraged immigration for decades to force labour costs down and help maintain their positions in society. Working people now have to compete with immigrants for jobs in every sector of industry within the UK. The UK economy is struggling to cope with the huge increase in population. National Health Service, Housing, Education and social benefit requirements are all being affected by cuts to services that we we used to take for granted. It is quite simple, the more people in the country the less becomes available for all but rest assured the rich and the rulers of our country will not be affected or concerned.

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