Manchester Bombing: “Refugee”-Terrorist Family Arrested

Predictably, a Third World invader family pretending to be refugees in Britain are among the eight nonwhites who have been arrested so far for alleged involvement in the bombing of a Manchester pop concert—yet another terrorist attack in a long list of such atrocities.

Hashem Abedi, brother of the Manchester pop concert bomber. Born in Manchester to a “refugee” family from Libya.

The bomber, Salman Abedi, was the UK-born son of one Ramadan Abedi, a Libyan who claimed—and was given—asylum in the UK in 1980 by the Conservative Party government under Margaret Thatcher.

Ramadan Abedi claimed to be a “peace-loving” Libyan fleeing “violence” in his home country—but as soon as the Libyan civil war broke out, he lost no time in returning to that country to fight in that conflict. He is, according to some media reports, linked to an Al Qaeda group in Syria, and was arrested by Libyan authorities in Tripoli.

Image above: the Abedi family, and below, Hashem Abedi back in Libya.

Salman Abedi’s brother, Ismail, was one of the first to be arrested by British police following a raid carried out after the bombing. Ismail Abedi was arrested outside a supermarket in south Manchester in a suburb which has been completely overrun by the Third World invasion of Britain.

Hashem Abedi, Salman Abedi’s 20-year-old younger brother, was also arrested in Tripoli, after it was established that he had travelled to Libya from the UK on April 16.

Counter-terror officers in Tripoli have said that he knew all of the details of the attack on the pop concert, and was planning his own terrorist attack.

It has also emerged that Salman Abedi had just returned to the UK from an extensive trip to Libya just before he carried out the Manchester bombing.

He had travelled via the German city of Düsseldorf—also now overrun with nonwhite invaders, and known as an “Islamist hotbed.” Düsseldorf is in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia where Berlin Christmas market refugee terrorist Anis Amri worshipped at a number of mosques shortly before he carried out his attack which killed 11 people.

It is suspected that Salman Abedi received final instructions for the attack in Düsseldorf.

The sophistication of the Manchester pop concert bomb—which included an electronic board which allowed for a second person to remotely detonate the device should the manual detonator not have worked—is proof that there is a significant terrorist network cell at large in Britain.

ISIS and its affiliates never use their expert bomb manufacturers to carry out suicide attacks, preferring instead to keep them to make further devices.

Because the nonwhite population of Britain is now of the order of 25 percent—all the result of immigration and asylum policies pursued by all the parties in Westminster—the terrorists have a base population of millions in which to hide.

The attack has once again made it clear that the cause of terrorism in Britain—and Western Europe—is Third World immigration.

The terrorist threat will not “go away” or decline until Britain and western Europe take firm steps to halt and reverse mass Third World immigration—there is no alternative, should those nations wish to survive as white, First World states.

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