Manus Island Chaos Looms as Invader Camp Closes

Chaos is looming in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Manus Island detention camp—built to house nonwhites who attempted to illegally invade Australia—as its closing day, October 31, approaches, with inmates barricading themselves inside the camp, locals arming themselves, and the PNG government saying that the invaders are “Australia’s problem.”

The Manus center is being closed after being declared illegal by a PNG court.

According to CNN, the 700 inmates of the camp on Manus Island are refusing to leave, claiming that they would be attacked if they “leave the security of the compound’s wire fences by locals who don’t want them there.”

The 700 invaders all have had their bogus asylum claims rejected—because none of them qualify, even in terms of Australia’s already lax “refugee” policy—and have simply refused to go anywhere, preferring instead to love off the shelter, food and medical services provided by the Australian taxpayers at the camp.

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald said that the invaders had “secured fences” and had “barricaded themselves inside the center” as the Tuesday deadline draws closer.

The paper said that the invaders have “vowed to resist any attempts to move them amid reports locals are threatening to arm themselves to stop detainees moving into their community.”

Reuters reports that the PNG government has said that “Australia will be responsible” for the invaders when the camp closes.

PNG Immigration Minister Petrus Thomas was quoted as saying that “Australia will remain responsible for the welfare of the men that have been detained in the Australian-funded center for more than four years.”

The sudden presence of the invaders, from places as far afield as Iran, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Myanmar, in the nearest town to Manus Island has caused conflict, according to former Manus Island MP Ron Knight.

The invaders claim they’ve been assaulted when they’ve ventured outside the center’s gates, and a Human Rights Watch report said that “groups of local young men, sometimes armed with sticks, rocks, knives, or screwdrivers, have frequently assaulted and robbed refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island.”

The Manus Island center was originally opened in 2001, closed in 2008, but then reopened in 2012 after over 20,000 nonwhites pretending to be refugees attempted to land by boat in Australia to mooch off that majority white country.

For months, the Australian government has been telling the invaders—all males—that they must move out of the Manus facility, and services have been gradually cut to persuade them to leave.

The Australian government is giving the refugees the option to settle in Papua New Guinea, return to their home countries, move to Cambodia, or transfer to Nauru, the other detention camp in Micronesia.

Another 54 invaders from Manus and Nauru have already left under a “refugee swap” deal with the United States, negotiated by the Obama government and endorsed by the Trump administration.

The relocation of the men to Nauru is supposed to be a temporary measure, allowing the United States time to complete “vetting” of refugees as part of the refugee swap deal.

The United States has agreed to take up to 1,250 invaders from Australia’s centers, and in exchange, Australia said it will resettle Central American invaders who illegally entered America.

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