Manus Island Invaders to Be Deported

The refugee-fakers being held on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG), after unsuccessfully trying to invade Australia by boat, will all be deported back to their home countries within the next few weeks.

According to a PNG government spokesman, the only exception will be for those whose claims as “refugees” might be recognized—but they will only be offered refuge in PNG, not Australia.


According to reports, the PNG government has held staff meetings at the Manus Island detention center where a government spokesman announced that the first deportations will start at the end of October, and that the camp will be closed shortly thereafter.

A four-page “communication guide” has been given to the invaders in the camp in which they have been told that there “is no future for you here.”

The guide goes on to tell the invaders that the purpose of the center “is for refugee status processing” and that “all processing will end soon.”


The invaders are told that if they are actually refugees, they can “either settle in PNG or depart from PNG to any country where you have a right to live.”

If the invaders are not refugees, then they can “either voluntarily depart from PNG to any country where you can have a right to live,” or the “police may direct the movement of those who refuse to cooperate.”

“No other countries have settlement agreements for refugees from this center,” the document says. “You are free to apply for a visa to any country and to travel to a country where you have the right to enter and reside. You will not be permitted to settle in Australia.”

A recent PNG supreme court decision declared the Manus Island camp illegal and unconstitutional, and ordered its closure.

Staff at the camp were told this week that once all the processing of the asylum applications was complete, those who do not qualify for “refugee status” will be “obliged to return home.” They will be declared “illegal overstayers” and will be forcibly returned to their country of origin.

This may not seem as easy as the PNG government spokesman made it sound. The Iranian government has so far refused to take back any of its nationals who have fled the country—and the vast majority of the Manus Island invaders are Iranians.

According to an official Australian government document detailing the nationalities of the nonwhite invaders, there are a total of 1,313 invaders being held in the holding centers of Manus Island and Nauru.

More than 700 of this number are from Iran, while other nationalities include Sri Lankans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Afghanis, Iraqis, Burmese, Indians, Nepalese, Somalis, and Lebanese.

Staff at the meeting were told the absence of an arrangement between Australia and Iran “does not mean PNG has been not able to come to some other arrangement with Iran to send them back.”

Several dozen of the invaders have refused to submit “asylum” applications in PNG, arguing that they never sought asylum there in the first place. The fact that this statement invalidates their claim that they are asylum seekers in the first place—because strictly speaking, genuine asylum seekers would accept refuge in the first safe country from which they are fleeing—but this fact escapes both the nonwhites and their liberal supporters.

The Australian government has consistently refused to accept any of the invaders being moved to that country, pointing to their well-advertised policy of not granting access to anyone who has tried to enter that country illegally.

Last week, the Australian government told the invaders that there was no option to settle in any other country, and that they would have to settle in PNG or return to their home countries.

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  1. good for australia, keep it up. who wants these invaders? rhetorical question!! their own countries do not want them back. inactive (could not use the other word) breeders. the only thing they are allowed to do, everything else is ‘haram!’
    They want hardworking, clean, peaceful countries to pay for their appalling ignorance based on religion and culture.
    according to pew research out of the bottom 25 countries, 20 are muslim majority countries.

    1. They’ve still managed to take in lots of Lebanese Arabs & Sudanese who’re causing mayhem, they’ve still got mentally ill leftists who’d destroy it if they could.

    2. I see that the Aussies are building a mussy-only housing estate complete with mosque in a Melbourne suburb. Is that what you call “looking after it’s indigenous?

  2. Why can’t this be done in Britain or the EU, why do we have to accept everybody that invaders our borders, Australia leads the way in dealing with illegals.

    1. UN should set up one refugee city in North africa and one in West asia so that these people can go there to request for asylum first, live, work or play. If failed, they can easily go back home. Compassion without the right actions not only is useless but harmful. It gives rise to human smuggling activities, death at sea, forced prostituion and lots of other miseries. Compassion must be followed by the right action to ensure proper results.

    2. I’m afraid we do not lead the way at all; rather, we trail the pack in making mistakes.
      Australian immigration policy is only relatively good because it hasn’t caught up to bad policy embraced elsewhere.
      Perhaps a turn-around will come before we do catch up, though.

  3. My god I wish Canada, the US and Europe and the UK were the same. Under no circumstances should they take even one. That’s how it should be, no one wants these thing.

  4. Let them build their own countries not come and destroy ours. They hate us, envy us, and want to harm us but they also want to live in our countries, which are the nests that we feathered for ourselves and belonged to our parents and grandparents, and their parents and grandparents. The way foreign people walk around the countries the immigrate to is so offensive and sickening. They have no qualms at all about the possibility they might not belong. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t just park my haunches down at someone else’s place and start eating off their plate, but that’s what these disgusting people are doing with NO shame at all. They deserve to be knocked off their perches and taken down a peg. What is wrong with people? Take their greasy brown asses down to the beach and put them in dinghy’s bound for Who Cares, a land far far away.

  5. Excellent move MR turnbull, look at what the treasonous leaders in europe have done and do not import it here. All australians pay attention and make sure you do not EVER vote green or labour,PICK a more nationalist party of your choice. As an aside watch this on YOUTUBE- WITH OPEN GATES THE COLLECTIVE SUICIDE OF EUROPE….also google THE COUDENHOVE-KALERGI PLAN FOR WHITE GENOCIDE,,,,,,KNOW all of this and do not let a government give your country away……..terry

  6. If their countries of origin will not accept them then they should be shipped to the countries borders and put into small boats with enough fuel to make land. They can hardly be deported from their own country.

  7. Those on Manus Island are queue jumpers – people who tried to get in Australia illegally. The Australian government has announced it will increase its minimum refugee intake from about 14,000 to 19,000, which judging by previous intakes of Third World refugees, will increase crime and welfare dependence.

  8. While the attention of the masses is being focused on the PNG camps, the australian cities are experiencing a rapid transformation of their population. If they don’t come by boat they come by plane.
    A comparison of a few photos from the seventies and 2016 should be clear enough where the train is going.
    It’s just a big BS-Campaign for the masses to make believe that something “tough” is being done.
    Like White_Warrior said it just an incident to distract the people.

  9. What are we to do about the millions of Chinese and Viet-Namese and other Orientals who have already successfully invaded?

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