Mãori-only Institutions in New Zealand

Ongoing Mãori-only institutions in the educational field have once again highlighted the open racial hypocrisy practiced against white people in that country, a survey of recent developments has shown.

A number of Mãori-only awards, scholarships, and programs have taken place which, if reversed and made for white people only, would instantly be attacked by the establishment as “racist.” But because they are being done for nonwhites, the establishment actually endorses and supports these programs.


For example, the recently announced DIGMYIDEA “Mãori Innovation Challenge” is a government agency supported project aimed at “grow[ing] Mãori involvement in Aotearoa/New Zealand’s digital economy.”

There are two entry categories, the DIGMYIDEA website tells its readers:

“Mãori oho: Youth category (15 years to 18 years)” and “Mãori tú: Open category (anyone 19 years and above).”

While in theory the program is open to anyone, an interview broadcast on “Mãori Television”(!), with Auckland Tourism, Event and Economic Development spokesman Charmaine Ngarimu, made it very clear that the program was being run to the benefit of Mãoris only:

“It’s open to anyone but the ideas have to produce an economic outcome for Mãori, so it’s quite unique in that way,” she said, something that was confirmed in a separate article in the NZBusiness news site which said that all entries must have a “focus on economic outcomes for Mãori.”


Meanwhile, on October 13, 2015, New Zealand Minister of Education, Hekia Parata (who is of mixed Mãori-European racial origin), announced the awarding of scholarships open only to members of the “Mãori and Pasifika” community—the latter being the new politically correct term for South East Asian islanders.

According to an official statement issued by Parata’s office, “Thirty outstanding Mãori and Pasifika student teachers in early childhood, primary and secondary education were today awarded Kupe Scholarships by Education Minister Hekia Parata at a ceremony in Wellington.

“These scholars all have strong track records of academic success and will help raise the status of the teaching profession among young Mãori and Pasifika and provide strong role models of success in education.”

The blatant nonwhite-only nature of the awards is spelled out in the official statement:

“The Kupe Scholarship is designed to attract young, highly-talented Mãori and Pasifika to the teaching profession and to help them become inspiring teachers and role models.”

Of course, any scholarship set aside exclusively for white people to “attract young, highly-talented whites to the teaching profession” would instantly be decried as “racist” and would be viciously attacked in the controlled media.

New Zealand has a long history of racial hypocrisy in this regard, and, as pointed out earlier, even has seven seats in parliament set aside exclusively for Mãoris. These seats are called “Mãori electorates.”

In 1893, a new law ruled that only full-blooded Mãori would automatically be put on the reserved seat election rolls. “Half–castes,” or mixed European-Mãori people, were given the right to choose if they wanted to be enrolled upon the Mãori-only voters’ roll.

These racially-based reserved seats are allowed for nonwhites only—any white person who might even dare to suggest having “European-only” seats—or a “European-only” voters’ roll, would be attacked and persecuted as a racist.

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  1. It is interesting to note there is no evidence of Maori occupation of New Zealand prior to 1000 years ago (and there are reportedly some recent findings of earlier humans to indicate the Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand and yet everybody accepts the Maori as indigenous throughout the world.
    Yet in Britain we are told by our zionist run regime there is no such thing as an indigenous Briton despite the fact many great buildings and places of education were already in existence here around the same time.
    One rule for non whites another rule for whites.

  2. In1893 there were “full blooded” natives . There are none in 2016; all miscegenated. Yet, they pretend to be 100% indigenous and demand special privileges from the “Crown”. [read, White People]. Benefits = $$$ in the hand = as retribution for colonial “holocaust”.

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