Mars in Just 10 Weeks?

The until now theoretical EmDrive space propulsion system has passed initial research tests and could revolutionize space travel—providing Western civilization is not overrun and destroyed by the Third World immigration invasion within the next few decades.

The EmDrive was invented in 1999 by British aerospace engineer Roger Shawyer, who previously worked for the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS). The principle of the EmDrive is simple: electricity from solar panels is converted into microwaves and fired within a closed cone-shaped cavity.

The microwave particles exert more force on the flat surface of the cone because their momentum at the narrow end of the cone is less than at the flat end. The imbalance in particle momentum—simple kinetic energy—generates thrust at the flat end of the cone.

The advantage of this propulsion system is that it generates its own fuel, obviating the need for fuel packs. This makes the spacecraft much lighter, and consequently considerably faster, with travel time to Mars, for example, being cut from 260 days to just 70 (or 37 weeks to just 10).

The EmDrive has been the subject of much speculation since Shawyer went public with his invention. Eventually, NASA agreed to take on research into the propulsion system at that organization’s advanced propulsion physics laboratory, known as Eagleworks Laboratories.

Now, an Eagleworks engineer, Paul March, has provided a dramatic update on their work into the EmDrive on a NASA forum. According to that October 31 post, Eagleworks researchers have built a second generation version of the EmDrive which was designed to reduce and mitigate any possible magnetic or thermal interference which might skew the results of any generated thrust.

Researchers also added a second generation magnetic damper to the EmDrive to help reduce any stray magnetic fields in the vacuum chamber. Despite this, March wrote, the researchers still noted that the thrust signals were being contaminated by thermal expansion of a copper frustum and aluminum radio frequency (RF) amp. This thermal expansion, he added, was made worse when the EmDrive was tested in a vacuum (to simulate outer space), because a vacuum works as a powerful insulator.

So March and his team of researchers went back to the drawing board: “We have now developed an analytical tool to help separate the EmDrive thrust pulse waveform contributions from the thermal expansion [interference].

“Not being satisfied with just this analytical impulsive vs. thermal signal separation approach, we are now working on a new integrated test…that should mitigate this…problem once and for all,” March wrote on the forum. He ended his post by saying: “And yet the anomalous thrust signals remain…”

March hinted that more information about their EmDrive tests will be made available when an Eagleworks Lab paper is peer-reviewed and published.

In April this year, an initial—and official—NASA report that the EmDrive did generate thrust caused an upsurge of speculation about the project, and now NASA has restricted the Eagleworks Laboratory from issuing press releases.

If the tests ultimately turn out positive, the EmDrive could finally make human interstellar travel viable.

An illustration from an October 2014 presentation by inventor Roger Shawyer, showing a possible configuration of an EmDrive in a spacecraft.

But this will only be the case should the European people—who developed space travel and, indeed, almost all the earth’s technology—survive as a genetic entity.

The ongoing deliberate destruction of European racial identity in North America and Europe, left unchecked and unreversed, will see the extinction of the white race within the next 100 years.

Such a situation will permanently stifle all technological development as the entire earth slumps into Third World backwardness. Then, technology such as the EmDrive will pass from human consciousness in the same manner that the science behind the building of the Egyptian pyramids vanished along with the original inhabitants of that land.

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  1. They will out breed us, creating a political majority that will create a welfare state that will spend every dime on welfare, preventing the creation of such engines or space programs, also they will reduce the average IQ as to dumb down the remain nations/peoples.

  2. Great article, very informative. Just one question, how will refugees prevent the development of this device?

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