Maryland: Whites Ordered to “Integrate”

The US Government has forced the 63 percent white Baltimore County to accept being flooded with impoverished blacks from Baltimore city in taxpayer-subsidized “low-income housing.”

The order, which will destroy the region’s last white residential suburbs, was made legal in terms of a “conciliation agreement” between Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Baltimore County government.


The “agreement” was reached after a suit was launched by the black supremacist National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a “fair housing group,” and three individuals who claimed Baltimore County had failed to “affirmatively further fair housing.”

Julián Castro
Julián Castro

The March 15 agreement mandates that “African-Americans” be resettled at taxpayer expense in the county, and was lauded by Hispanic HUD Secretary Julián Castro as a “catalyst to promote housing mobility” and to “address residential segregation.”

What it actually will do is move thousands of low-income, unemployed—and unemployable—blacks out of Baltimore city into the remaining white areas of the surrounding Baltimore County—and destroy them the way that they’ve already destroyed the city.

The “agreement” openly states that its “goal” is to move “low- and very-low-income people out of the city and into the suburbs.”

In terms of the “agreement,” negotiated as part of a “conciliation” between the plaintiffs and Baltimore County, HUD has ordered the country to spend $30 million ($3 million annually for ten years) to create 1,000 “affordable housing units” dispersed in “neighborhoods that provide access to opportunity.”

This of course means where white people live. At least 500 of the units must have “three or more bedrooms to accommodate families with children.”

In addition, the county must also provide 2,000 “Housing Choice Vouchers” to help families gain access to “higher opportunity neighborhoods”—i.e. white neighborhoods.

Housing Choice Vouchers form part of the federal government’s subsidy program, which pays a significant portion of a rental or purchase agreement to assist “very low-income families to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market.”

The HUD “agreement” goes on to state that Baltimore County must “proactively market the units to potential tenants who are least likely to apply, including African American families.”

In addition, the county must introduce legislation that prohibits housing discrimination based on a person’s lawful source of income. This in effect means that a private owner will be outlawed from refusing to rent to anybody whose only source of income is a welfare check.

As if all that was not enough, the agreement also ordered Baltimore County to pay $150,000 to the three individuals who originally launched the complaint.

Baltimore County

Baltimore County is located in the northern part of the US state of Maryland. As of the 2010 census, the population was 805,029, of which 63.7 percent was “white alone, not Hispanic or Latino.”

This is in contrast with the city of Baltimore (which is not part of the county), which has a “white alone” population of 28 percent.

The “agreement” has been created in the name of “affirmative action” but is actually just another way of discriminating against whites—and blaming them for the disastrous social conditions which nonwhites inflict upon themselves.

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    1. I bet most of those folks can’t list if they’re at all like me and killed their credit to get into a “better neighborhood” only to watch it be flooded as well as the last.

  1. The NAACP is a jewish organisation, of course. In fact, I think it was one of the first Jewish fronts that became widely-known to Americans, not counting the obviously Jewish racist ADL.

  2. That`s the way to go. Push, push and keep on pushing you bureaucratic bastards! .
    It`s the only way long suffering whites will be forced to wake up and say enough is enough.
    The elastic is gradually being stretched to the limit.
    Sooner or later when it finally snaps, let`s hope it goes with one helluva bang.
    C`mon you multiculti bastards. Keep on pushing !

  3. The “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).” Can we have a NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for the advancement of white people, or is that racist?

    1. Not racist at all , antieu.
      However whites must start by gathering up our skirts [sorry gents…you too….it`s the years of pussification that did for you] and tell TPTB to get stuffed.
      If we want something we`re bloody well going to get it…. OR ELSE !!

  4. You know we have a Kommunist Govt when shinola like this happens. And I hear Obummer is fast tracking the invasion by North Africans and so called “Syrian Refugees”. They should all go to the Negev Desert (lots of empty land) and help the Jews to make it bloom. Then they can all be friends forever !

  5. None of us can Choose Our parents, and we ‘Are-who-we-Are’. O.K., I’m Caucasian, and I DON’T HAVE AN OUNCE OF ANY FORM OF GUILT.—-Why Should I?????—-HOWEVER, The Idea of BEING-FORCED To Accommodate people who one might NOT Want to Have Living in Their Rental-Property, or Next-Door, REALLY SUCKS.—Nobody in their Right-Mind, would Move-to-Harlem, if they had the ‘WAYS & MEANS’ To Stay 500 Miles Away, or at Least on 5th. Ave. Across From Central-Park. You Know what I’m Saying.—And Boo-Hoo, if Any-one thinks I’m Racist, because I’m NOT. (There Happens to be some Multiculturalism in My Family) But That Doesn’t Mean I want to ‘Shuck & Jive’ with ‘Inner-City Homey’s’ that I have Zero in common with.———GET OUT FAST,—Your Property Values are Dropping as you Read this.—Good Luck,—-I’ve been Long-Gone, Long-Time-Ago. I Saw This Coming Over 35 years ago.

  6. You are living under tyrants, Americans. No government should have the power to deliberately and maliciously destroy paceful neighbourhoods.

  7. the US is becomming a communist country.
    Stealing from some to give it to some other
    Cutting the fruit trees to make enough space for thorns to grow

  8. “…..lauded by Hispanic HUD Secretary Julián Castro…..”

    It doesn’t surprise me one f-ing bit to see this communist wetback’s name associated with this plan. And yes, he and his brother are both communists. Their mother is as red as can be and they are both a couple of mama’s boys, making them fellow travelers at the very least.

    We in San Antonio thought that when he got ‘promoted’ by Obama it’d be the last we’d hear about him, as HUD is usually where political careers go to die (as happened to Henry Cisneros, another former mayor of S.A.).

    Residents of Balto County, get out now before your property values plummet, and please don’t hold this la raza mama’s boy against us. We didn’t want him inflicted on anyone.

      1. Simply another Dem/Leb/Leftie ploy to buy minority votes.

        Dem/Leb/Lefties loved to cry ‘old white men’ about the Republican Party, until they finally took a good look at their candidates. (Imagine the collective “Oh shit.”)

        I’m praying to every make-believe skydaddy that this inveterate criminal isn’t elected. The only consolation is, if she does win the WH, Castro will effectively be neutered.

        When was the last time a VP had any appreciable affect on policy?

  9. Time to move. HUD will flood the area with undesirables and criminals. A peaceful place to raise a family will become a ghetto paid for by our tax dollars.

  10. I live in Westchester County NY. Due to (intentional) dishonesty by the previous Dem. administration, a fair-housing group sued and that Dem. administration signed a consent agreement something like what’s being imposed on Baltimore County.

    We are building the required housing units according to schedule. I think that some of the leftist wet-dream projections have not come to pass, because we do have protection based on Home Rule. The County signed the agreement, but the Towns have to permit the construction. The Towns are not a party to the agreement and are not subordinate legally to the County. Therefore the Towns could have just sat there and done nothing. There was a big publicity blitz about our “obligation” to build this housing, and most of the Towns fell into line, but legally I don’t see why they had to.

    HUD has tried very hard to prove we have racially discriminatory zoning here, so they could attack zoning directly, but we’ve been winning in court on this issue.

    We’re not far from the end of the 7 year term of this agreement, so we may escape with limited damage. But we were supposedly a “test case” so HUD has probably found ways to be more coercive this time in Baltimore County MD. HUD learned to mandate the 3 bedroom units, which they didn’t do to us and tried to add in later. And I hope Balt. Co. has home rule, otherwise their zoning is probably at risk and oversight will be intrusive at all levels.

    Maybe a new president will make HUD reverse course on this. Here’s hoping.

    1. I lived in Ansonia, Connecticut, and years ago, they built a low income housing project called Olsen Drive. Of course, it became crime infested and the police spent the majority of their time there. Oddly enough, the crime didn’t extend past their housing project. You generally don’t see them walking the streets as they tend to stay put in their enclave. In fact, you NEVER saw them outside of Olsen Drive as they are cowards when they are vastly outnumbered. What you have to watch out for is when towns try to disperse them throughout the town by purchasing them individual homes. They end up creating “pocket ghettos” as they never maintain the home or property and let it fall in extreme disrepair with tons of garbage infesting the yards. This happened in West Haven, CT.

  11. Well it has been some time since the ghetto moved into Baltimore County and what has happened…huge crime increase, trash all over the streets, white marsh mall/Towson mall are both disgusting now. Perry Hall does not even feel like my hometown anymore. All I see are a bunch of thugs ruining it all. Sad but I can see why a lot of people are leaving Maryland. The government keeps raising the cost of living so there is more money to house these thugs. People worked hard for their homes and to live in an area that was safe. If you want to live here you should earn it and not feel like you are entitled to it.

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