Mass Arrest of Armed Refugee-Invaders in Vienna

Police in Austria arrested 22 Muslims from Chechnya, who were pretending to be refugees in Vienna, and seized a machine gun and two pistols in the process.

According to a report in the Krone newspaper, a large number of the fake refugees were noticed gathering in Vienna’s Floridsdorf district, late on Friday, February 3.
Local residents noticed the group on the city’s famous Danube Island, and alerted the police, who swooped on the crowd unexpectedly.
The large crowd immediately dispersed, and the police were only able to detain 22 of them.
On the spot, thrown down in the snow, police discovered the discarded weapons, along with a large knife.
All of the arrested are “refugees” from Chechnya, living off the welfare provided by the Austrian state.
Police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger told the Krone that when his “colleagues arrived at the site, the group immediately split up. Four to five men spoke directly to the police officers and told them that they were only going for a walk or to a wedding.”
The police have, however, only been able to link one of the pistols—to one of the Chechens arrested. Another Chechen was held for an unspecified immigration offence, and police were then forced to release the remaining 20 after holding them for 48 hours.
The Austrian Interior Ministry denied that the incident was terrorist-related, saying that it was “linked to criminality among the Chechens” and a brewing violent dispute over the Chechen President Ramsan Achmatovich Kadyrov.Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka—one of those responsible for causing the mass nonwhite invasion in the first place—was indignant, telling the Krone that “It cannot be that asylum seekers, who are seeking protection in Austria and who have been given protection in Austria, should abuse the right to travel and become a threat to the population.”
“We must do everything we can to ensure that asylum seekers are not abused by criminals,” and that “rejected asylum seekers” are able to be deported more efficiently.
Meanwhile, several thousand Muslims had gathered in the city center of Vienna on February 4, to protest a proposed headscarf ban in Austria, one of the proposals being made by Austria’s “integration minister” Sebastian Kurz.
The rapidly increasing Muslim population of Vienna was dramatically reflected with the news that 25 percent (that is, 400 out of 1,600) of the soldiers who make up Vienna’s elite Guard unit (the Garde) are Muslims.
The Garde is one of Vienna’s oldest units, and is officially tasked with representing the Austrian army at all major events, and stands guard at the presidential residence at the Hofburg palace.
An army spokesman confirmed the huge increase in Muslim soldiers to the Krone newspaper, saying that the main reason for the large increase was because the unit “now only recruits from the Vienna area, where more and more Muslims are living.”
The Vienna Garde, 2017. A promotional picture released on their official website.

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