Mass Brawl, Shootings by “Fleeing Violence” Afghans and Eritreans in Calais

Hundreds of Afghans and Eritreans—who claim to be “fleeing violence” in their home countries—have engaged in a mass brawl with each other in Calais, France, in which at least five have been shot and dozens have been injured, the La Voix du Nord newspaper has reported.

According to that newspaper, “several hundreds” of the nonwhite invaders fought pitched battles with each other near the hospital in Calais, in the industrial area of ??Dunes at the pro-invasion food distribution center on the Rue des Verrotières, at the Route de Gravelines , and in Marck, in the Transmarck area.

Witnesses described what they called “urban guerilla scenes” in the city, with “police cars, medical emergency vehicles, and riot police roaming the streets with screaming sirens.”

The fighting follows “tensions between the African and Afghan communities, related to territorial struggles,” the Voix du Nord continued.

At least twenty-one were wounded, and five were shot. Of thise, four are undergoing emergency treatment and one is “between life and death.”

French Minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb said after carrying out an in situ inspection in Calais said that the shootings were a “a degree of violence never before known,”  and were “exceptionally serious .”

Earlier this month, French President Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister Theresa May signed a treaty to speed up the processing of migrants in Calais which will see the processing time for these violent Third Worlders sped up to one month before being allowed into Britain.

The latest outbreak of violence in Calais—one of a long list going back years—dramatically illustrates the danger of letting these fake “refugees” into Europe at all. They are not “fleeing violence” but actually bringing it with them, and if allowed to continue with their mass invasion of Europe, will inevitably turn the European continent into replicas of their home nations.

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  1. So, the Afghan and Africans are fighting over French territory, eh? Too bad there is no government in that country willing to defend it

  2. Remember, these are the people we NEED to work hard at the jobs whites won’t do and pay tax to support us us in our old age… isn’t that so liberals?

  3. Very well planned and ppl like Theresa May, Hussein Obammy et al, are puppets to the Soros billions and its aspiration to destroy White locals who drive real democracy.

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