Mass Cologne Sex Attack: 1,000 Attackers

German police in the city of Cologne have finally admitted that the mass sex attack on German girls near the city’s famous cathedral on New Year’s Eve involved at least 1,000 nonwhite invaders, that at least one rape occurred, that the crowd hurled incendiary devices at the German public and the police—and that they were made up of recently arrived Arabic-speaking “refugees.”


The controlled media in Germany prevaricated for days before reporting the racial nature of the attacks, and some even went out of their way to deny that the nonwhites involved were “refugees” at all. However, the weight of witnesses, video material, and social media revelations have forced the Lügenpresse (the “lying press,” as they are known in Germany) to finally admit the truth.

The New Observer, on the other hand, reported on the attacks straight away, and was the first to point out that the perpetrators were invaders from the Middle East and North Africa—all allowed into Germany by the open borders immigration and “refugee” policies of successive German and western European governments.

According to a new report in the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper, the crowd of attackers was at least 1,000 strong. The extent of the violence was unprecedented, and police quoted by that newspaper said they were “shocked,” and had never experienced anything like it before.

“It is a crime of a whole new dimension,” Cologne Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers was quoted as saying, adding that it was an “intolerable state of affairs that in the middle of the city such offenses can be committed.”

The trouble started when drunken brawls broke out between gangs in a 2,000-strong crowd of nonwhite invaders—North Africans and Middle Easterners, but all Arabic speaking—in front of the main Cologne railway station, a police spokesman said. The crowd also fired incendiary devices—which were probably fireworks—into groups of passing Germans “for fun.”

The police were called in, but only about 150 officers were available at the time, and were hopelessly outnumbered by the invaders, who reacted by shooting fireworks at the policemen as well.

After several clashes, about 1,000 of the nonwhites headed off toward the railway station entrance, where the mass sexual attacks took place. Police chief Albers confirmed that at least one German girl had been raped during the violence. At least 90 other girls had come forward to report sexual assaults, while another 60 had reported thefts of bags, cell phones, and purses.

The North Rhine Westphalia chairman of the official Police Union (Gewerkschaft der Polizei, GdP), Arnold Plickert, was quoted by the RTL news service as saying that it was “important that the incident’s background be fully investigated and the perpetrators punished consistently.” Nothing, he said, may be concealed in “elucidating the attacks, even if that should lead to results that are politically inconvenient.”

Effectively admitting that the perpetrators were “refugees,” Plickert said that “If there are refugees who have a problem integrating into our open society and respecting the civil rights and liberties of others, then we must proceed against them with all severity of the law.”

Even the German edition of the far-left Huffington Post admitted in an article that the police and the media had deliberately covered up the racial background of the perpetrators, saying that it took three days for them just to admit that the “perpetrators were a large group of North African asylum seekers.”

Furthermore, the Huffington Post article said, it was well-known in the city that “in the cathedral square, Africans control the entire drug market” and “constantly recruit new men from the asylum centers” for their work.

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  1. really, is anybody surprised?! misogynistic retrograde refuse does not all of a sudden become civilized by entering a civilized country!!! brace yourself europeans, there is a lot more where that came from!!!

    1. Those people they don’t respect their own females and they consider that women made only to obey and to deliver babies a sex machine it’s in their traditions and mentality so you will see worse than that

    1. RIP for damn sure, Stu – only 150 police officers are sent to deal with over 1,000 invaders shooting fireworks at them and not a single shot was even fired … WTF are they waiting for? The only language that those primitive tribal creaters and camel traders can possibly understand is ruthless treatment by police force and unconditional enforcement of the already EXISTING laws by courts including instatnt mass deportations!

  2. The German state as a whole completely lost its control of this mess already last fall. The longer they wait with usuing some radical force the more severe consequences they are going to have to face in the near future. Germany is unfortuantely run by a stubborn idiot and a bloody overachiever. Merkel is an ex-commie youth activist who clearly is willing to sink the ship than rather admit her own mistake – sad and tragic!

    1. I fear this is the work of agents who seek to profit of the fall of the Eurozone they are exploiting the situation in hopes to profit. The Euro will hold and will out preform in the future.

      1. Check with Soros vel. Schwatz – this conniving and repulsive Jew already tried that successfuly with the Bank of England back in 1992 Black Wednesday when he profited over £1 billion by short selling sterling.

    2. Well, when we break up a big fight over here ,we use a fire truck the water will take the fire out of them, if there is a law passed about crowd attacks, like rape add a die to that water and load them up and send them and their famileys back where they came from, it will not take long to fix this problem, your jails will be full for a while,best results .

  3. Just when I think things can`t possibly get any worse another unbelievably revolting `incident` occurs to convince me otherwise.
    A huge crowd of invader scum launch mass sex attacks on women.
    Police are “Shocked”. and say it`s ” Intolerable” ????????
    Too bloody right it is !!
    If there`s any justice in this festering EU swamp they should all be hung, drawn and quartered.



    1. “If there`s any justice in this festering EU swamp they should all be hung, drawn and quartered” – interesting you should say that. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall any European leader said publically that Merkel should be held accountable for endangering people in the whole continent with her grotesquely irresponsible policy!
      What’s surprisng that majority of Germans seem to be in a “sleep mode” 🙂

      1. Exactly, my sister lives in Germany and tells me she does not see it the way I see it (how many different interpretations could there be), does not want to discuss it either! In one german town they can now shout for Friday prayer (noise pollution) for normal people. Imagine, that they sent ear plugs to residents in close proximity. Get rid of these prolific breeders in any way possible, a final solution sounds perfect to me. Thought I never say this, but extreme times…. and the government is not in your camp!!!

      2. What I actually meant to say:
        what`s needed is a mediaeval method of dealing with hordes of migrants with a mediaeval mindset.

  4. why are they not kicking these people out of Europe even if they have come from a war torn country they do not deserve to receive any help from us what is wrong with that b-l-o-o-d-y woman Merkel.

  5. This will start a civil war that spreads across Europe and North America. I would not want to be a politician. Root for the natives of Europe. Sorry we can’t be with you this time around but we will be with you in spirit. Be careful Canada, BE READY!!!

    1. You could be right about some major unrest in Europe but how can possibly the current mess in Germany affect North America?

      1. Because our leaders are following Europe’s example. The Attorney General and Congress are trying to pass a law to make any negative speech against Muslims a hate crime. Our Democratic leaders want open boarders and threaten that any opposition will give ISIS propaganda to use for recruiting terrorists against the West. Our leaders are foolish and think that extremism will just go away if you are kind and giving. They are moral elitist who ignore the will of the people (even when some of the people are Muslims who worry about extremism rising in the West).

        1. Well, on the other hand, the previous Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, introduced Bill C-24 which gives the government the power to strip a Canadian of citizenship for the terrorist cowards. The new kid may try to reverse it, but as of now it’s still the law!
          Anyhow, I still can’t see how the current mess in Germany can affect North America. If anything it gives even more ammunition to Trump 🙂

  6. “It was well-known in the city that in the cathedral square, Africans control the entire drug market and constantly recruit new men from the asylum centers for their work” – lovely!
    So Merkel has hoped they would come to Germany to become broom pushers but instead they prefer to be drug pushers … great plan, indeed – the Arab tsunami in Germany created by Angie “headcase” Merkel 🙂

    Talking about tsunami: just after after 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster triggered by an earthquake on the Pacific (quite frequent occurance, btw!) Merkel decided that Germany was to shut all nuclear reactors by 2022 and switch to natural gas power plants instead – isn’t that grotesque?
    Mind you Merkel got her PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Leipzig back during the commie days. Her dissertation was on “the reactions of hydrocarbons” and that’s as close as it gets when you consider burning natural gas even if it was piped from Russia by Gazprom’s pipeline called Nord Stream. And here’s a very interesting nugget: former Chancellor of Germany (directly before Merkel), Gerhard Schröder, is the chairman of the board of Nord Stream AG, after having been hired as a global manager by investment bank Rothschild!

  7. This is direct result of massive immigration. It is squarely Merkel’s responsibility.

    Merkel is out of her mind and should be removed from office intermediately.

    The German people must rise otherwise, again, will follow their leaders on a catastrophic path.

    The thousands, perhaps millions of, mostly leftist Germans and do gooders who support Merkel’s actions have lost their minds also.

    The sex assaults are just the beginning. Soon this sick suicidal nuts will start to kill German Jews on German soil and Germans in general.

    Merkel is kaput and if not kicked out soon will Germany be kaput and will create a European catastrophe.

    All Moslem illegals must be sent back to Moslem countries. All legal Moslem residents must be given economic incentives to leave. All Moslems who are European nationals must also be encouraged with generous economic incentives to emigrate to Moslem countries and the countries who accept them also assisted economically.

    Only Moslems carefully investigated individually can be allowed to remain.

    1. But that will go against the NWO they are planning…bring the countries to their knees then they can rule with impunity as in the past…!!!

      1. The only problem with that is that once you bring a country, or more accurately a population to its knees, you have millions of people who have nothing to lose, massive crime, violent unrest, and in the end civil war. Unless they really are prepared to shoot masses of their own people (or give the order to, then expect police and soldiers to carry out their command) then it couldn’t work.

        1. Stu you can depend on Merkel to give the orders to mass execute Germans. She hates them and
          her sanity is questionable.

          1. Just like the British ‘leaders’ Herman, they have a cold contempt for their own people, and want to fill the country with foreigners. Cameron our invertebrate Prime Minister said publicly that “There are too many white faces in Britain today” (I’m struggling to see them through all the coloured ones myself), and that he would be eager “to see a Muslim Prime Minster in the near future”.

            Then if you come north to my own Scotland, we have our very own communist version of Merkel in charge in the shape of Sturgeon…a fanatical woman (allegedly, but I have my doubts) who would open the floodgates for everyone who wanted to comen here, just like Merkel, but then given that she and her SNP executive husband enjoy a shared income of £300,000 per year, I don’t think the ‘refugees’ would be living next door to them.!

  8. ” Unlimited, National, General Strikes ” all across the whole of the European Union. Total Shutdown.
    The system needs to be quickly shut down and ” rebooted !” before it disintegrates.

  9. Is it any wonder why far right groups are growing ever stronger in Germany…HA…good luck to them as they seem to be the only ones willing to take these people on.

      1. Another nail in the German democracy coffin. Eventually Germany will be like 1960’s East Germany thanks to Machiavellian Marxist Merkel.

    1. I agree Stu. I just find it a pity that we in the UK are so complacent. We’ll moan about it but very little will be done even after they take our money, jobs, houses, lives…………………..

      1. Yes, and when we get the chance for real change, i.e. UKIP, the sheeple just vote for the same old traitors yet again.

        The trouble with people in Britain is this…they think only of what they can gain for themselves in the coming 5 years, and never think about what life might be like for their children, and grandchildren decades down the line.

        1. Spare a thought for the poor sods living in certain areas where some `gent` arrives at the polling booth bearing a bag stuffed full of votes and nothing is said. We know it`s yet another foregone conclusion – Labour`s in again.
          I don`t care if `it`s their culture`…. this is the UK and practices such as this are wide open to cheating.
          Factor in the shifting of electoral boundaries plus our undemocratic FPTP and sadly it`s no wonder that many voters are thoroughly disillusioned and have stopped voting altogether.
          I vote UKIP, by the way. Sadly they can`t win as our local large numbers of turkeys don`t vote for Christmas.

          1. I don’t vote because I’m in a super-safe Scottish Nasty (communist) Party constituency, so it’s pointless even bothering while almost half of Scots are so deluded.

            I’ll register only for the EU referendum.

  10. Even if I were 150vs1000, I would still fight! Sorry but beeing outnumbered in such situation is no excuse!
    Germany, what happened to You?!
    It’s planned. Look what Czech Republic President told about all of this few days ago.


  11. What is also sickening, is the fact that governments including our own, try to hide these things from us, died and abetted by some of the press, and all of the bbc.
    These cave dwellers are allowed to get away with murder, whilst the full force of the law is mounted on a person dropping a f. At end, or feeding ducks.
    Whilst we are misgoverned by the type of politician that jumps through hoops at Merkels command, the country will continue its downward spiral. Cameron is just carrying on where Blair and Brown led.

  12. Not suprised at all,only thing that suprised me is why are Germans letting this happen in their own homeland.Germans and Swedes should all move to mid east and take their loved muslims with them.Rest of the Europe wants to live in peace.

  13. Welcome to Jurassic Park everyone.
    A real life adventure playground ; admission is free to all.
    No Rules and Regulations tolerated.
    The thrills and spills are just round the corner from you ; for the moment.
    We are planning even more new attractions in the coming weeks.
    No one will be disappointed. RRRroll up, roll up all the fun of the ”circus”.
    Jurassic Park is here and now.
    More Jurassic invaders coming just for you….. very soon.

  14. Some European politicians are ready to kill Europe just for lower wages in favor of the bosses who pay them and for creating fear among millions of Europeans. Most probably they will be kicked off by Europeans at the end when nationalists will take over the continent

  15. Those who work for the lying press and all others who cover up the truth and/or promote this invasion are truly abnormal and corrupt human beings. They are deeply immoral and should not be in positions of responsibility. There is truly something psychologically wrong with them.

  16. This massive, blatant incident is, of course, just the most obvious tip of the iceberg. Moreover, such behavior (at least behind the scenes) was and is ENTIRELY PREDICTABLE for anyone with half a brain. Merkel and the other politicians and media, who did or should have known that sh-t like this would happen, and who have been actively covering it up, must be SEVERELY punished. New Nuremberg trials must take place to prosecute their genocidal perfidy and treason.

  17. This invasion, facilitated by truly abnormal politicians and others, will have to be completely reversed. Every single “refugee” will need to be removed from Germany and Europe. And all of the Muslims and other non-Europeans who have been burdening Germany and Europe for decades, even generations, will need to be removed and repatriated to their regions of origin. The situation is unsustainable and should be dealt with as soon and as humanely but firmly as possible. Real, sane leadership is required in Europe.

    1. Totally agree, Kartikeya but it looks like we may have passed the tipping point. Hope I`m wrong, but with increasingly draconian laws slanted in `their` favour rather than ours I worry that we`re already totally screwed.
      We know what needs to happen but with our loonie liberal politicians making laws that favour all “others” and loonie liberal judges taking loonie liberalism even further the indigenous are on a hiding to nothing.
      We`ll be asking forgiveness for breathing at this rate.

    2. USA here. It is about a “New World Order”.If you can get your hands on Video by Denish D’Souza called 2016 your eyes will be opened to plans to make USA and other countries into “Progressive” shite holes. The real Actors are Soros,Obama along with other World Leaders.It is a Cancer we must cure.

  18. Hi, what is shocking the most in this case is that police was completely passive and there is no excuse for that. I don care that they in the police seen such a thing for the first time and are shocked. That is their job, that is what they are trained for and paid for so did they serve the nation or they serve something else? Even if the goatfkrs were 1000 with knives and police was only 150 do they have the guns or not, did they use it or not? How many assaulters were caught? Did they set the id of all those individuals? Because the answer is NO, NO and ZERO action that means that the police IS covering the goatfkrs against possible reaction of the native germans…and concerning the fact this information is blocked and no existing in the liemedia worldwide that is the true perspective of what is going on. The police IS protecting the goatfckrs (what I saw once in Dresden) because the goverment’s plan is to facilitate the takover of the country by those neandertals simply because the native europeans via internet etc started to see the global plot of social manipulation. The same applies for GB, France and Belgum, Sweden and Norway. The elites need those primitives to bring chaos, to bring all of us to the middle age, to manipulate millions (of them and us by the force of the neadertals) by only few ajatollahs etc. which might be more efficient and saves the elites unseen behind the curtain for next 1000 years. Matrix reactivation. Cheers.

    PS. Oh just forgotten that the elites in shot time will remain the only pure white homonides on Earth- Isis Re EL have just banned interracial marriages. All the others will be mixed by force with neandertals or will die.

    1. Couldn’t agree more – that’s an excellent argument you presented above! Splendid! Are you a lawyer by any chance?

      1. Thanks:) unfortunatelly no I am not a lawyer. With 3 diplomas and 3 languages (English is not my mother tongue) I am unemployed white woman.

        1. I wouldn’t say “unfortunately” about not being a lawyer Kassandra, they’re the biggest bunch of parasitic bottom feeders after the savages currently invading Europe.
          The only ‘quality’ which must be innate in you to become a lawyer, is possessing no conscience.
          I do hope you find a career which suits you in the near future.

          I do hope the moderators allow this one through 🙂

  19. “Drunk”?!?! Arabs and North African men do this crap sober in the Middle East! Their same local excuses are that they are not “muslim” and do nothing about them; these savage arab animals have their common excuses anywhere to rape anything with at least 2 legs is, “They are Not Muslim!”
    Answer for you Europeans, GUNS. Women can’t defend against these coward nighttime dog packs unless they are Ronda Rousey or have Guns. Unlike the incompetent female mayor, women can’t afford Armed bodyguards, let alone the 150:1000 policemen to protect them.

    1. Hey, we are talking madness here – they bring hundreds of thousand so grotesquely backwards illeterate idiots and they have no clue what to do about their behaviour? What’s going on?

      Check this out but sit first:
      “A court in Somalia’s capital has handed down six-month jail sentences to a 19-year-old alleged rape victim and the journalist who interviewed her after convicting them on defamation charges brought by the accused”
      This is the kind of environment those savages are coming from. They allow them (completely UNCHECKED) striaght into welfare queues at German unemployment offices!
      Stupid is as stupid does 🙂

  20. Invanders rape women with police officers watching, commit bunch of other crimes in front of them, then go away. Police chef needs to go to jail, then his boss, then Merkel

  21. I’m here in Germany on holiday (from America) with my German born wife. She is stunned by not only the outrageousness of this terrible event but even more so by the majority of locals we’ve spoken with that 1) don’t want to discuss it and 2) believe that this will work itself out and just go away. The asylum seekers and immigrants will integrate, they believe and there’s even plans to have mandatory German language courses AND German culture classes. That’s the solution! “Germany will not survive this, I guarantee it, they are too passive and too tolerant- qualities that will continue to be exploited here and I predict that the retraining will actually be the Germans learning a new language and culture.”

    America, take note as this will indeed happen on our shores as well. Keep that bleeding heart open and keep hoping for the best. The perfect recipe for disaster

    1. “Germany will not survive this, I guarantee it, they are too passive and too tolerant- qualities that will continue to be exploited here” – bingo!
      Haven’t read such a straight-to-the-point opinion in the looong time. I think you’re right on the money with your assessment. This is often the case with someone who is looking from outside and yet who’s observant enough!
      Germans are not the trend setters – they are just the followers.

  22. the german patriots are waiting,they weren,t disbanded and will rise again all thanks to merkel and co and will take back their country

    1. They’re taking their time about it are they not.!

      Burning down empty buildings planned for use to house the invaders is hardly what I’d call “taking back their country” …at what point are they going to actually take real action.? How many rapes and attacks will it take.?

      I’m afraid I have my doubts about their numbers, the damage is done, and Germany and Western Europe are finished. Only the Eastern countries resisting Merkel’s insanity stand any chance now.

  23. Best wishes to our German cousins. Welcome to my world. The barbarians have been allowed to turn England into a sewer. Breaks my heart. My home town is now a no-go zone for the few whiteys left. Merkel should be tried with freedom.

  24. Merkel is “shocked”. Germans are “shocked”. Really???
    Not one conservative or just ‘not leftist’ in the U.S. or Europe are “shocked”.

    Any sane person saw this from the get-go.

    All these Marxist mental-case liberal loons are either trying to endanger our citizens and destroy our countries from within and without, or they’re this ditsy-doodle-brain-addled. They’re afraid some grumpy young person will scream ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobe’, as if that thought-police-suppression-deflection tactic hasn’t been played into the dirt. Either way, they have to go.

    Put the drugs down, turn off the television & let the sanity back in.

    Stop letting in hordes of Middle Eastern/North African/Muslim young male thugs with nothing to do.
    You want them? Take them into your homes. Don’t inflict them on us. You want to commit suicide, leave the rest of us out of it!

    To quote Fidel Castro, who the left loves:

    We don’t want them!
    We don’t need them!

  25. Round them up and send them back wherever they belong……regardless who they are. Being in Europe does not mean you can go wherever you please and taKE OVER LIKE YOU OWN THE PLACE. Go rape your own people in your own country if you are sex maniacs.

  26. I am from Czech and tell : God save the Germany and EUROPE.

    First of all this is the beginning of the new order and the rules that us in Europe are waiting due to the arrival of people, which do not understand the european values because they are different and mental backwardness.

  27. It must be obvious that the warped ideology and perverted dogma of the left-wing, politically-correct cretins holding power in Germany is more important than the safety and well-being of their own citizens. I thought politicians in the UK were treacherous, irresponsible half-wits, but their German counterparts appear to be even worse – unless they just can’t admit they’ve made a catastrophic mistake by encouraging such unprecedented levels of migration, of course.

    1. The recently elected mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, is one stubborn pro-refugee Jewish bitch – she was stabbed diuring her campaign last October and most likely that was the decisive foctor in her victory.

      I guess her campaign team spoke too soon when they announced “a new start for Cologne” just after her win 🙂

      1. So when she was stabbed it was a “racist, political attack”, but these poor girls in Cologne and elsewhere were themselves to blame for being attacked.!

  28. Perfect example what is happening in Germany and all over the EU.Coverment,police and the “lying press” is trying to cover muslim crimes.Online formums German women were saying that police were there but they just didn’t do anyhing to help them as the muslims were assaulting them.Merkel has made a grave mistake and is doing all she can to hide the mayheim muslims are creating in Germany and all over the EU.We the people are the ones that will pay the prize of our leaders failed desisions of this muslim invasion,since this is invasion and anybody who can’t see it,must be insane.

  29. Arap europe? They invaders claimed their religeon protect women, but women are mere tools for men’s sexual gratification and reproduction. They wouldnt allow any form of freedom in their countries yet they want freedom from european countries. They wouldnt allow other religeons in their countries, yet they want to pollute others space wth their prayers. They preach hate,yet the want love. Their religeon breed terror yet they claimed its peaceful. As long as europe have them, europe will never forget sleep.

  30. Religion of peace [tm] multiculturalism [tm] sponsored by the mother of refugees and her liberalism left, self considered as god’s gift to Germany, soon to be a wasteland.

  31. I am living in South Africa….for years the world blame us for racism!! Do you now understand!! But wait….lets give it another 20 years..they will infiltrate your cities…have 15 babies before age 25… take your jobs…take your farms…your businesses and murder you!! Rape your daughters and steal your belongings change your religion and your language and if you try to protect yourself you will be called a racist!! But still we are alone in our fight here in South Africa….alone against a savage world of racism!!

    1. Nicolene South Africa has been lost to the communist ANC. It’s time to leave for somewhere other than Europe. I met South Africans in the 1990’s who had left. Why do you stay ?

  32. I am English, living in a Central American paradise, where machismo lives on. If 1,000 people of “North African origin”, turned up to behave like that in a major city downtown, they would need so many ambulances! The local latinos would have taken them apart limb from limb for touching their women. The police would have been left with the debris. What is wrong? Where has instant justice gone in this world?

  33. what happened to free world?you always had an option to price or down the post,in Canada at least these days its long gone!!!!! like nobody wants to see million likes to post that banish new emigrants????sad but true-this is going to happen in Canada as its happening in Hamburg,…Colone etc ,,,give them time:)


  35. Where was all the mens during the attack? Boys, husbands? These are the children of the great germanic people? Or there was only females on the streets? And the males was at home for babysitting?
    Its so sad, that they are insulted in their home by some horny terrorists/immiigrants. God bless you Germany, I wish you a better future, maybe there is a chance to survive.

  36. Thank God Viktor Orban had the foresight, the knowledge and true patriotism to lead the way in defence of Europe. I am proud of my Hungarian homeland small though it may be. Once Hungary fought to protect Europe against these invaders when they were a much larger nation, now they are prepared to do it again even though they have no support whatsoever from the EU and have become smaller and smaller. Hungary is the example and Poland, who is like a brother nation to us has stepped up to the plate. True patriots. Both countries are staunchly Catholic and the ideals and culture is so directly opposed to Islamist thinking. Living here in Canada, we had a surge of immigrants from Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen about 10 years ago in Ontario. In my highscool, I knew many Muslim girls who’s father’s beat them, had them on lock down. Not just fathers, but their own brothers and mothers as well! The boys are allowed to party and drink. Their actions are always excusable, but Muslim woman have curfews, not allowed to talk to male friends, taken to and from school by car from their welfare dependent parents who could be working but instead are obsessed over their daughters actions. I’ve befriended so many Muslim women with the same stories of abuse. They know it’s wrong, but they brush it aside. Horrible. The liberals led by Trudeau have vowed to take in 25,000 migrants. They will all go to Ontario, settle in the Gta and neighboring areas. Close to where I live. I’m now very afraid for my little girl who is only 3 months old. What kind of future will she have and how can I protect her? I worry every day. But Hungary and Poland give me hope. They have their people’s best interest at heart and they are being condemned while the perceived “do gooders” only appear that way in the public eye. Like Merkel. They should be treated as traitors. They knew, they were warned. These attacks also took place in Tahrir square in Egypt in 2011 to natasha smith, lara Lang on and others…there was media coverage! They knew!! This to me is treason and should be punishable accordingly.
    The truth is; people are politically correct and all of us should take a stand when something is wrong, even if we look politically incorrect. It’s a stand against evil because that’s what it really comes down to in lowest terms. Good vs Evil. There is a saying: Evil triumphs because the good do nothing. We cannot feign ignorance to be “nice” when a full out invasion is occurring. We can’t stand by to see women, children (girls AND boys) be sexually abused. We didn’t progress this far to only fall backwards.
    God is good, but not their God. Hungary, Poland…we benefitted and grew with Catholicism to where we are at today. But these people, for thousands of years no progress. Still squabbles and feuds. No love and no peace between each other although they are all Muslims! They are unhappy in their Muslim countries and go to the fattest, wealthiest and happiest countries and try to force them to accept their religion, their unhappiness. We don’t want to be like Africa!

  37. Does Angela Merkel still have strong support from society? Immigrants are so ungreatful, they were kindly welcomed in Germany. I hope that German government is able to provide safety for people and maximum protection.

  38. I’m from Poland. We’re going to have 7000 Syrian refugees, only Christians. I’m confused about what has happend in Cologne and other cities. Can’t believe that those women suffered from people who received help from European country.

  39. German invitation and European problem, where is solidarity? You asked Mr. Juncker, ok what about security? Multicultural Europe is not possible, christian values and muslims? Seriously? Young men should fight for their countries, they are just cowards.

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