Mass Sex Attacks in Stuttgart, Hamburg

Swarms of nonwhite “refugee” invaders have engaged in mass sex attacks in Hamburg and Stuttgart over New Year’s Eve, it has emerged, reinforcing a pattern set by the 1000-strong attack mob in Cologne.


News of the nonwhite sex attacks in Hamburg and Stuttgart have been grudgingly reported by the controlled media after alternative news sources (such as the New Observer) and mass social media coverage forced the lügenpresse (“lying press”) to admit the mass attacks in Cologne, four days after they took place.

The Bild newspaper in Germany—one of the foremost media promoters of the “refugee” invasion of Germany—today admitted that “groups of young foreigners (probably North Africans)” occurred around midnight on the Hans-Albers-Platz and Grosse Freiheit cross street.

The Bild said the attack “was just like the attack at the Cologne central station” and titled their article “Sex-pack go women-hunting in Hamburg” (Sex-Meute auf  Frauen-Jagd in Hamburg).


The Bild said that the “North Africans banded together in groups, harassed young women verbally calling them ‘bitch,’ and shouting ‘Fikki Fikki.’

Then the victims were cornered, robbed, and sexually assaulted, the Bild continued. “The women were sexually assaulted on the breasts and in the groin area.”

According to the article, mobile phones and wallets were stolen. Police confirmed that all the victims were girls aged between 18 and 24 years old. Others avoided the mass attacks by “fleeing in panic to the bouncers outside party clubs and pubs.”

A 17-year-old named Denise told the Bild that “the girls were chased like cattle. I am stunned that such a thing is even possible in Hamburg. I am now afraid to even go into the neighborhood.”

Other women posted up accounts on social media about how the nonwhite invader “refugees” had grabbed them under their skirts in the street. If they resisted, their arms were grabbed and they were threatened.

The attacks took place in many other streets of Hamburg as well, the Bild concluded.

Meanwhile, from Stuttgart comes a heavily-censored report of violent sexual attacks on women at a New Year’s Eve party in the city.

According to the Unser Tirol newspaper, women were attacked in two separate incidents by “troublemakers with an immigrant background” and “15 Mediterranean men with an Arabic appearance.”

The paper said the situation had “escalated” when the young girls refused the sexual advances made by the nonwhites. Their male partners—heavily outnumbered by the “refugees fleeing violence” were then savagely beaten, with one having to be admitted to the hospital with severe lacerations to the face.

According to the paper, bouncers then “accompanied the troublemakers with an immigrant background to the door of the premises,” but they waited outside for the German girls to emerge.

When they did, the unsuspecting whites were “cruelly beaten” by the nonwhite mob. One of the victims was beaten so badly that she suffered a broken nose and several cuts to the face, and had to undergo an emergency surgical procedure at the local hospital.


One of the victims of the Stuttgart attack. (Photo from Facebook).

“According to the victim’s father, the offenders were men with immigrant backgrounds,” the paper added.

Other incidents downtown involved a swarm of “Mediterranean men with Arabic appearance” robbing and sexually assaulting white girls, the report concluded.

When taken together with the other incidents in Cologne and Hamburg, a clear pattern is emerging: the mass nonwhite invasion has quickly turned into a typical Third World criminal free-for-all.

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      1. shot and killed with a bullet sad times. They were carrying out serious assaults on innocent people under those cicumstances it is permissible to open fire on the perptrators to protect the life of the inocent.

      2. You mean, there is not one country in whole Europe where you can buy a gun? Also, even a knife will do it..

      1. Thats funny. Europe is on the brink of nationalistic upheaval, and you think Trump is the last sensible voice in the west? Thanks for the laugh. I needed that ^0^

        1. I’m with Bruce. The Donald certainly doesn’t come over as an academic type,
          but he does come over as a patriot and I think would have the same sort
          of impact as Ronald Reagan, who, for mine was the last decent American
          president whom the Americans seem to be proud of. Who would you
          recommend? Hilary? All she did as secretary of state was screw up, time and
          again. Don’t think either The USA or the western world can manage any more
          Clinton’s or Bush’s ,so, what’s alternative?

          1. All said and done, there in no great choice internationally. I’m not impressed by any of them but I regard Nigel Farage as the closest one to exercise common sense.

      2. Donald Trump’s extremism is the acceptable kind. He might sound insane, but there’s absolute sense in his so-called madness. Go for it Donald. You have backbone.

    1. the photo is wrong it was from other insindent protect your children islamic fascists out of europe the governments and the police are with the rapists

  1. Wake up Europe, get rid of them while you still have the ability to do so. We Europeans in South Africa have been dealing with these people for centuries, what is happening here was forced on us by outsiders and liberal communists inside the country, we can no longer control our destiny, we are outnumbered as they breed like flies. but Europeans in Europe still can control their destiny, for now, but time is running out very quickly.

      1. We can’t get true figures out of the government, they lie all the time, but it is estimated that over 80 000 whites have been killed in 20 years, all by blacks. If whites have murdered 5 blacks in that time I will be surprised.

      2. 50 a day from what I read somewhere here earlier. I left SA because whites are being done away with and now Europe and the rest of the west will follow suite.

      1. nah man. The Dutch did bought the land from the native Hottentots. Then the Brits took over the land and the Boers did travel to empty land. The other blacks did migrate from Zimbabwe. true story

  2. In such cases vengeance is especially sweet! All young German men should make the lives of these Arab scum worse then hell – ASAP … Germans can’t simply count on their government to protect them anymore!

      1. I bet eventually they will when things get out of hands. It almost looks like the police is under orders to stay back and do nothing – that only spells havoc for the future big time!

  3. I wonder when some independent lawyers with enough cojones are going to file a class action lawsuit against Merkel claiming huge compensation from her for these victims. Whether it is admissable in the neo-commie Germany or not is another story but just shear publicity and the usual media frenzy surrounding the case would be important enough!

    1. Interesting thought – to address the legal aspect. Here in the UK we have the criminal offence of, ‘Joint Venture’ (“JV”). The current Government are reviewing it with a view to possibly withdrawing it from the Statute Book as many people have deep concerns. I don’t know about German Law but those German contributors to this news medium may care to research the possibilities of JV existing as a criminal offence in that country.
      Essentially, ‘Joint Venture’ ropes in to a crime those ‘joint participants’ outside of the commonly known, ‘aiding and abetting’ as direct participants in a crime. An example of JV at work, can exampled to involve situations such as the driver of a crime getaway car where the driver had no idea whatsoever of the crime. He/she may have just volunteered to drive the car as a favour to one or more of the actual criminals. As such, its application is harsh. I have asked my UK Member of Parliament whether it can be applied to the ex-PM, Tony Blair (who fully opened up the immigration floodgates) if it can be demonstrated evidentially that a serious crime has been committed by an immigrant who he and his Government permitted to reside in the UK.
      It seems to me that, as such, JV can apply to Merkel in regard the subject matter of this news posting.
      In the absence of any easily discernible remedy to deal with these deranged Liberal Globalists like Treason, JV may fit the bill.
      Any thoughts?

      1. The whole matter is clearly in terriotories which I’m not too familiar simply because I’m not a lawyer. What I suggested is merely a publicity stunt which could be staged to get public attention.
        However, in the past varoius politicians were brought to the international tribunals for their decisions which caused very serious and sometimes tragic consequences. IMHO opinion Merkel “invitation” easily can be classified as a terrible mistake which unfortunately she stubbornly denies!

        Many German people most likely wonder why it took her several days to even admit what happend in Cologne has to be dealt with. Meanwile we still haven’t heard anything from her puppets in Brussels like Schulz or Juncker who were deeply involved in spraeding the idea of “open door policy” all along. It’s just another example that UE is just a pathetic and costly farse!

      2. Wish you luck with that Grah.W. Without trying to be a wet blanket politicians are notoriously difficult to prosecute ,it would come out as something like ‘just doing my job’. And of course they’d be defended by the best barrister that taxpayers money can buy.

        1. Still subject to the criminal law in the UK though: Taking a prosecution rests with the CPS – ‘whether or not the matter is within the public interest’ would do.

  4. I’m trying to get my daughters to watch these videos and take this seriously, but they have been so brainwashed by the leberal left-wing British education establishment that they just think I’m being racist.;

    I won’t give up trying as long as there’s breath in my lungs.!

        1. Wrong,it was actually a case of “rent a crowd” who were paid to do the welcoming by the German government! Check it out.

          1. No, it couldn’t happen in such democracy like Germany which apparently is so outraged with the coup d’état which supposingly took place in Poland lately. At least that’s what this uneducated ex-alcoholic Jewish-leftist-lunatic Schulz has been trying to imply for weeks now! Being such a pathetic Merkel’s puppet, this wacko is clearly barking up the wrong tree 🙂

    1. I have shown this to my sons – they are disgusted. They can see past all the censorship, the careful editing and lies.

      1. That’s the very video I’ve emailed the link to my daughter at university Josef, but so far she “Hasn’t got time”. Bloody students think they know everything before they’ve even experienced life I’m afraid.!

    2. Hi, I’m originally a brit but have been in OZ for 22 years, so it’s 7:05 am here, and I’m reading the online Oz newspapers, you know what stands out like the proverbial? The lack of coverage of anything to do with the social re-engineering of Europe by mass migration. There was a small article in which mentioned Cologne, no Hamburg, no Stuttgart, allowed to leave comment? Absolutely not. So I wrote my comments under an article about the UN sanctioning N. Korea, on the basis that the UN are not fit for purpose, and that their main self appointed task seems to be the repopulation of Europe by moslems. I DARED them to publish, but I won’t hold my breath. My point is would it be worth while publishing the names of newspapers around the Globe who have gone selectively deaf and dumb on this topic, A sort of name and shame?

      1. You have it in your last sentence: “…..publishing the names of newspapers around the Globe……”. In what cooperative newspapers?

        1. I was thinking of this one, Breitbart, RT, anywhere that will publish the truth. The way things are developing, we will have to be the conscience of this age, the resistance of this age, and conceivably, the fighters of this age.

  5. This is why their woman have to dress head to toe in black sheets , because these disgusting sex offenders think that this behaviour is okay..? Thankgoodness it has finally reached the controlled media, hopefully others will start enquiring about what is going on, and coming to a town near you soon…..,

      1. Yes Kol, but they’re just brilliant at brainwashing kids now, all the leftist ideals drummed into them 5 days per week.
        Taught about every other culture in the world but their own, completely changed days to when I went to school from the mid ’70s to mid ’80s.

        1. Believe me, I know what you’re saying – eg. in Norway they brought it to a complete extreme, but I still say that parents should give their kids the real outlook on the world and people call it the human touch) while school should focus ONLY on teaching them skills needed in their future professional lifes.
          I honestly don’t know how I would react if my kid told me that school teachers, who are paid from my taxes btw, bring some sick influence on my kid. I really don’t!

  6. For God sake Germany. The whole world knows these crimes have been happening. You are
    not fooling anyone with the censorship. It’s time to grow a spine and protect women.Time to
    restore civil liberties. It’s time.

    “The justice minister warned against linking the crimes to the issue of migrants and refugees”.

    1. Sweden has had it’s head in the sand for a long time, or at least it’s media has. It’s time we demanded, not asked, Western Governments to stop covering up these appalling incidents, the pro-immigrationists, of whom I’m decidedly not one of, are actually shooting themselves in the foot by their policies, and the politicians are loosing any credibility they may have once had.

      1. Losing credibility yes (what little any of them ever had), but they still hold all the power, mainly because the same sheep vote for the same parties at every election.

        1. Same sheep indeed! Real problem is, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, you always only get a politician.

          I’m sure the UK elections are rigged, there’ve 2 elections since I returned to the UK and both seem to have suspicious outcomes, with “mislaid” ballot boxes and “late” postal votes. Assuming a “good” turnout for the May election of about 40 million, UKIP got 10% of the vote. That should have got them around 65 seats. They got 1!

          1. That is the disgusting way that the UK system works Robert. The (Communist) Scottish Nasty Party get 1.5 million votes, and 56 seats, UKIP get almost 4 million votes and 1 seat, and even that supposedly UKIP politician I wouldn’t trust in the slightest. He defected from the Tories with the intention of bringing Farage down, and he’s proved it several times now by publicly objecting to things Farage says.

            Even if it risked losing the single seat, I wish he’d go back to the Tories, trigger a by-election, and see if his constituents still trust a man who defected, then returned to his old party. A proven liar and cheat who cannot be trusted representing UKIP.

  7. That’s what they get for welcoming savages. Either they wake up and do some serious ethnic cleansing or they get destroyed.

  8. How dare our so called leaders stand by and allow these these vile attacks. why wasn’t this headline news. why arent’t merkel, junker and any one else denoucing these people with the loudest voice? they are traitors this is really starting to p-i-s-s me off why are these people still in Europe, for the first time in my life I feel I’m a racist. Here in England the looney left are still bleating on about taking more here are they deaf ,daft, stupid and blind

    1. Exactly so Greeny, and now `refugees` and `rights` charities have joined with the ArchNumptie of Canterbury and his mates to ramp up the pressure on Cameron.
      Strange how accommodation and benefits are ready and waiting for these invaders but `unavailable` for our own.

      1. It was only a couple of years back the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, asserted there was a place for Sharia law in the UK legal system………………..

    2. Denouncing them? they are still defending them. Merkel in particular is proving that her membership of the NWO and her pet refugee project are far more important to her than the multiple rapes and beating up of her own citizenry. It occurs to me that civil insurrection gets closer by the day, and if Germany is first cab off the rank, it will be totally Merkel’s fault. If it does happen I sincerely hope the outcome is the demise of the EU, the demise of social re-engineering projects by former EU countries, and at the minimum a considerable number of politicians jailed for life for treason.

      1. Well said! Unrest in Germany which leads to collapse of this Brussel’s “fawlty tower” – that’s meets with my prediction for 2016, btw!

        1. I hope you’re right Kol, I’d like to still be around to see this dictatorship fall apart.

          I wonder what part of the world the deposed Merkel, Juncker, Tusk et al will seek sanctuary when it does.?

          1. Stu, I’m quite sure and in my opinion it’s a no brainer: as unfortunate as it might be, but incidents like the one in Cologne are just bound to happen. There is simply not enough police forces in Germany to prevent it even if they wanted and I’m actually starting to doubt that and these primitive camel traders know that!
            She will never admit she made a terrible mistake which is a given – not as much that she would have to step down but she is just way too stubborn to do so – I know her type. She will be FORCED to step down by her party buddies which will lead to an “earthquake” in Brussels. And this is my prediction for 20016 🙂

          2. The really sad thing Kol is this…I don’t believe that Merkel or any of her allies actually think they made a mistake. Merkel especially is a megalomaniac, and she’s out of control.
            She’s been out of control within the EU for a long time, but this crisis has really brought it to the attention of the world.

          3. “I don’t believe that Merkel or any of her allies actually think they made a mistake”

            Stu, it’s just a matter of pure semantics: whether they do or they don’t (myself I believe they do, but they are too stubborn and/or arrogant to admit it) the result is still the same – bloody Europe-wide mess on the unprecedented scale!

          4. I can’t disagree with that Kol, but I think Merkel is like Tony Blair, a man who still completely believes that he was right to take us into Iraq, and no matter how many millions have suffered, and will continue to suffer because of that illegal war (including all those suffering from the Iraqi faction of this invasion), that man will still believe that history will judge him to have done the right thing. He seems to be the only one who can’t see the truth.!

            I just sense that Merkel is a very similar personality…her way is the only way, her truth is the only truth, and anyone who disagrees is wrong, an almost Messianic self-belief which is very dangerous for everyone else.

          5. Stu, we don’t know what Tony Blair really believes – we only can hear what he says. I hope you are not that naive to buy bullshit that any politician would try to sell you, eh?

            The “headcase” Merkel is a parfect example of a typical squarehead I came across many times before with “my way or the highway” attitude. I don’t know if it’s only me but she doesn’t strike me as a woman. IMHO she is a man in a woman-resembling “package” 🙂

          6. Merkel, Sepp Blatter: what’s the difference? Both firmly believe they are right despite everyone else seeing otherwise.

          7. The odious, money grubbing pro-EU creature Branson has Necker Island in the Caribbean, I’m sure he’d host them, for a pretty penny. Then take a picture of Merkel in a bikini, circulate amongst the world’s moslems and tell them “this is your chief virgin”. The number of Jihadists would drop like a stone, the number of Franciscan and other orders would go through the roof, and Angela would be beatified. How good would that be?

  9. Why the media call them “non-white”, “men with immigrant background”, “Mediterranean men with Arabic appearance”, “troublemakers with an immigrant background”, “refugees fleeing violence”…THEY ARE MUSLIMS JIHADIST INVADERS.

    1. My concern with this is; Is it being orchestrated by politicians for a political outcome. My first instinct is, no, can’t be what are they going to gain, my second instinct is..cynicism, they’ve worked an angle that even I can’t see yet. If they had their must have European military force, I’d understand it, but surely all of these young heathy looking moslems cannot have undertaken military training, can they? Look at Germany on New Years Eve, appears to be coordinated, not something I’d expect from random immigrants, newly arrived.

      1. “Is it being orchestrated by politicians for a political outcome”

        So who is going to gain and what’s to be gaind due to this invasion? Could you be more specific?

        1. As I said Kol, I’m still trying to work out how the politicians are going to benefit from this, but there must be a benefit. The sub-humans didn’t just suddenly rise up en-mass, this has to have been coordinated. In order to create a backlash? Who knows, the outshot of that might be the imposition of Martial law. That’s about the best I can come up with until something else happens which casts more light. What I am totally certain of is that this didn’t just happen spontaneously.

          1. Saudi Arabia have been pouring billions of Dollars into spreading their kind of Islam throughout the World – Wahhabism. This is an extreme form of Islam on what Isis have founded their cult and it is from a country, KSA, which recently offered to pay for 200 mosques in Germany to accommodate the so-called “Refugees” spiritual needs yet not themselves welcome in the same Refugees. KSA annually funds so-called “Charities” in the UK and the construction of more and more and more Mosques. If you are looking for conspiracy, look no further.

        2. Search ‘Globalism’ / ‘Globalist’ / ‘Liberal Policies’ and see who and what organisations are named in that category then you will get the picture.

          1. Ironically, as it seemed to me, I worked in Saudi in the 80’s, maintaining and running
            electronics for the Saudi Air force, civil and military, and also training the Saudi’s in
            carrying out the same function. The brightest student I had, on the surface an extremely
            likeable young man would dog my every move. He was convinced I’d make a good
            moslem. At the time it was US$10,000 a pop, just for uttering a few words in Arabic.
            Despite being a non-committed Christian, I hadn’t thought much about religion in years, but I couldn’t do it, and explained that for a Christian it would be apostasy. After that he pretty
            much left me alone, but that’s the measure of these people, he was genuine, dyed in the
            wool, what you are seeing in Europe is moslems of convenience, apparently those carrying
            out these outrages were inebriated, as are many of them, often. I’m sure western politicians
            are well aware of this, but they have their own agenda to push, namely the downfall of
            white, indigenous Europe.

    2. Don`t worry, Merkel says if we all play deaf, dumb and blind everything will be OK [and we`ll be overrun.]
      Merkel says to ignore the last bit.

  10. wake up germany, fight back, Now is the right time for ” BLUT UND FEUER ”
    Protect your way of life and drive the scum out.

    1. I’m hoping that the free people of Europe can get together on this issue of self survival. The EU created the Schengen zone, which is currently falling apart, but that shouldn’t stop decent Europeans getting together for mutual support, and that would definitely scupper the politicians, they think everything is going to plan, so throw a spanner in the works, there aren’t too many brave politicians out there and those that are, are our allies.

    1. As the English military would say, ‘AWOL’ (Absent without leave). I use the military context as I cannot see the Germans taking much more without fighting back. One also has to think that dear Angela is somewhat of a sandwich short of a picnic, her megalomania seems to have overtaken any pretence of common sense, perhaps due to her east German background and her success in uniting Germany.

      1. “her success in uniting Germany”???
        Mike, she has fvck all to do with unification of Germany, my friend. Check her biography and you’d be shocked – twisted and career oriented bitch!

      2. Mike , unbelievably she is predicted to win the next election in Sept, Schultz is close behind but they say he is worse as he is a former Brussels man. I don’t see the German people to upset about what is going on, polls say (if you can believe them) that the German people don’t see the invasion as a real problem. It is becoming harder and harder to feel sorry for them they seem willing to allow this takeover of their country.Sadly as the muslims gain political power their liberal way of life will come to a halt, and they will have no one but themselves to blame.

  11. Why are we surprised at this type of behaviour? When the ‘refugee’ invasion started in Germany, the men were given a heroes welcome. Some women even offering ‘free kisses’. I knew then this was a big, big mistake, as this fawning behaviour would be totally misinterpreted.

  12. Francois Bozize was toppled from power by Muslim Seleka rebels after months of looting, rape and killing, do you know the end of that story? The Commission under the charter of the ECHR will probably ensure that there is a successful conclusion in violation of Treaties, Conventions, Declarations, Covenants and Statutes of the UN and the ethnic cleansing of Germany for the Muslim invaders is a success.

  13. Islam should be banned throughout Europe urgently because he preaches GENOCIDE:

    Koran 47: 4 “When you meet the unbelievers, hurt their necks”

  14. And for decades we in South Africa was and still is bombarded with the “apartheid” word. See here the Homo Naledi (blacks) blame everything on the white man as soon as their severely limited IQ of minus 3 does not yield any results. White farmers are being murdered like flies. Not even the UN cares what is happening here. The ANC is blocking these articles so that the people cannot get any wiser. Now the country is facing its worst drought ever in our history. The masses simply walks over our unprotected borders and then present false qualifications and receiving tens of thousands rands of salary only to live in the invention of the white man. Drive in the invention of the white man. Eat the food of the white man and then go out and rape the white race. Europe wake up! The aliens have come to destroy your heritage. Just look at Africa (the continent of the ape) and see where it all started.

      1. You think so ? Here they get massrapes with until 10 – 15 Muslims.
        The german press and TV wont show it, but we get internet and facebook.
        Now the gov works together with facebook to remove all that postings fast.
        Mark Zuckerberg help the german gov.
        They also changed our laws til 01.01.2016
        Now its forbidden to talk bad over our government and the Islam.
        You get 6 months until 5 years of jail.
        But we don’t care.
        Early we will get civil war to get our democracy back.

  15. How about Europe and North America only let women and children in – if they must let anyone in at all – and tell the men to stay behind? If the men truly cared about their families, they would abide, and if they don’t, they get shot, because they’re clearly contemptible cowards who only care about themselves; much like the men in this article.

    1. That couldn`t work, Tooth, as husbands/fathers can join them at some point. We`d soon be back to square one and endlessly paying out big time for the privilege .
      Sorry, I`ve no sympathy whatsoever for any of them. Islam is a warped and poisonous ideology, totally unable to progress – still stuck way back in some long ago century, Importing these brainwashed individuals en masse will mean willingly signing our own death warrants at some point in the near future.

  16. I se that the Fugly mayor of Cologne has now decided that we don’t know if these people were immigrants, they could be visitors from anywhere. She’s now going to issue guidelines as to how females (she wouldn’t count) disport themselves in their own country. Sound familiar? We have to change in order for our guests to feel at home. Well they certainly made themselves at home on New Years Eve. I hope this bitch has protection because if one of mine had been hurt, I’d be roaming Cologne with a length of good hemp. The breaking point must be imminent by now.

    1. One of the Police leaders opent hims mouth and told that they got the documents from 15 refugees who was there involved. But the politics take that documents under top secret. They wont show to the germans that all that rapes was from refugees. Daily we get hundreds of sexual crimes now. From a 3 (three) years old girl until the 88 years old granny this muslims rape all.

      1. The BBC just yesterday reported (Surprise, surprise!) on this matter. Only problem is they referred to North African criminal gangs being responsible and there being no evidence to support the contention that “Refugees” were responsible…………………………….
        The BBC, the most trusted broadcaster worldwide? No No No!
        And by the way, I’m sure the assaulted females would feel that the attacks on them were kinda ok now, knowing that refugees were not involved!

      2. 4pm here in UK. Fri 8 Jan. BBC has just announced a German police chief has `stepped down.
        Was he pushed or is he finally as sickened as we are ?
        Hope he opens his mouth soon and sings like the canary in the coalmine to tell all.

        1. Needless to say, very brief coverage here in the UK by the “Worlds Most Trusted Broadcaster”, the BBC who completely ignored the widespread rapes and sexual assaults perpetrated by these savage, mostly Muslim “refugees”, throughout Europe.
          The fact is, back where these third-worlders come from, rape and sexual assault is rife and therefore the norm. Look at the figures from. for example, Cairo and Mumbai.
          It is reckless to expect the normal civilised people of Europe (including the UK for the moment) to be subjected to the cultural religious differences these animals bring with them.
          We in the UK are used to Muslim men abusing teenage girls. It must be now dozens of them that have been imprisoned. If this behaviour is the norm for Muslims, it should be for the Government to ship them back to their country of origin. If born in the UK, ship them back to their ethnic familial home.

          1. About time the BBC had it’s bubble pricked, big time. Wonder if some right minded people
            could wander round in vehicles, blocking the Beeb’s transmission frequencies? Hell, even the brain dead couch potato’s might work out that the world is changing.

  17. Native europeans, sorry to say but you have been

    betrayal by your leaders, and you are not able to change it, it is time to fight but your men are weak and affraid, you don’t probably understand but you allready failed. Run, Whites – Australia, Poland, at least Russia there let you can survive or be a muslim slave

  18. It was not just Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart. Same thing was same time in Bielefeld, Kierspe, Frankfurt and Munic Now the german gona buy arms. Its enough ! 94% from germans dont like that muslims in germany. Just the Merkel government like to get them all in europe and germany to get cheap stupid workers. What they do daily with the germans, the government does not care. Look like we get a civil war soon.

    1. thanks for the info Wolfgang, and the MSM think they can keep a lid on this? Now, if we sit back dispassionately (difficult, I know) it is blatantly obvious that someone, somewhere is organising this. My opinion of these economic vagrants isn’t particularly high anyway, and I cannot believe that a bunch of sub-humans, recent arrivals, could coordinate this. The idea of sexual crime is millennia old, as a tried and trusted weapon of terrorism, but who is using it in this case? Is? in my opinion doubtful, I’m sure they are amongst us, but on this scale of sophistication? The big bad bogeymen the Russians, don’t think so. The NWO, consisting of UN, EU and others, would be my guess. Angela has temporarily gone to ground, but I don’t think there’s any dispute that the NWO’s idea, and ideal of replacing the indigenous European and their cultures by mass moslem immigration is happening as we speak. So, the Mayor of Cologne, probably pre-prepared, tells the born in Germany females of their country, that they must change their habits to accommodate our ‘guests’, sound familiar? In our own birthplaces, we have to continually concede ground to the invaders? I think that Merkel and co have shown their hand precipitately, but it looks like the whole of Europe will be consumed by civil disorder in short order, and if we keep conceding ‘ground’ to PC, we have lost the war without firing a shot!

      1. The BBC reported this morning that for all children taking annual State examinations, the dates of the examinations would be moved earlier to accommodate Muslims for their Ramadan celebrations starting on the 6th June………………………..

        1. Surely there can`t be much more left that they can change. All in the name of appeasement of Mo-slimes who despise us with a vengeance no matter how many hoops we`re being forced to jump through. .

          1. Banning Pork? – the bacon sandwich comes to end. Banning The Proms? Partitioned off buses – men in the front, women to rear. Completely banning Xmas cards that say, ‘Happy Christmas’. The Call to Prayer 5 times a day. Religious Police patrolling the shopping centres and smashing up stores who will not demand of their customers that they leave in good time before formal closure during Prayer time; Rounding up and imprisoning non-Muslims because they have been seen eating during the day during Ramadan. The list can go on as anyone else that lived in the focal point of the Muslim faith will attest to……………………………

    2. Wolfgang , If 94 % of Germans don’t like the muslims why not protest non stop , politicians are weaklings if huge masses were protesting what are the going to do throw 94% of the population in jail? Get real, stand up to these politicians they will back down , they have you people so cowed down it is unbelievable.

  19. So what do you expect when you invite animals in to a civilized country. We have been warning Europe about this for a while, but you all know better.

  20. Thank Merkel on the destruction of Germany, thanks to the European Union to support the Arabs and bringing them to Europe, did not want the Jews? Enjoy from Islam

  21. Americans are wondering why a country that went down in the history books as being one of the most racist countries in the world is allowing this to happen. The time to be vigilant about preserving white values was wasted on people who didn’t deserve it. Take that rage and get these people out of your country.

  22. As this matter develops further and the indignation of thinking people rises to form the majority we perhaps may see heads of the armed forces stepping in to arrest control. All the correspondents to this article know what that is called………………

    1. Yes I suspect we do, I’ve even rubbed my few brain cells together, and worked out that the events of NYE were politically orchestrated to cause a few raised hackles in Europe, and presage Military Law. I’d be quite happy to see a little benevolent Dictatorship, depending on the direction it comes from, but certainly not NATO, and, cynical as I am, I can’t see the military of any EU member going against their own citizens..yet! It looks like the political end game is very close, it’s high risk, high value. I’d love to see the situation of someone in power, acting on behalf of the Europe we’ve known and willing to tell world opinion where to get off, when they complain about a comprehensive repatriation programme. I’m probably dreaming, but the more you take on the supposedly impossible, the easier it gets!

      1. Your’e in Aussie I think? I lived in Singapore when Lee Quan Yew was alive. Brilliant! a mild dictator – even flogged the US Ambassadors son for dropping litter – this is what’s needed at present.

        1. Hi again Grah, is that Graham? Lee Quan Yew was a little before my time, not that I’m pleading youth, but I’d have been elsewhere. Worked in Singers for the best part of a year, had my 50th, briefly in Raffles, too damned expensive, with or without peanut shells. I enjoyed it with my wife, food great, entertainment good and I picked up an ‘honorary’ position advising a restaurant on Australian wine! I’m a Yorkshireman wine is Tetley’s isn’t it?
          Yes Singapore is great, but very sterile, I remarked to the wife that if all the traffic lights stayed on red for three months, they’d be picking up skeletons.

      2. You can’t see the military of any EU country going against its own citizens? You better think twice, the German police have been covering up “refugee” crime for along time now and continue to do it , on orders from the politicians. Look at the Swedish police who gave an interview about the crime , they were threatened with their pensions and then they recanted.

    2. So relieved to learn that recent events and the outcome weren`t [ahem] engineered. Wouldn`t want that, would we ?
      After all, such a thing could lead to `chaos` which might require [ahem] `a certain amount of control to restore `Order.`
      Completely for our own good`, you understand!

  23. Time for some mass deportations. Look at what these savages get up to when still a tiny minority. Wait till they have enough numbers and Europe will become a living hell.

  24. I have enjoyed reading the posts here from the other side of the Atlantic. We are somewhat removed from the mass mobs I’ve seen posted in videos from Europe. Our current leadership in America is attempting the same thing here with mass importation of Muslim refugees. I only hope we can come to our senses here and learn from the disaster that is taking hold in Europe. The rape situation is alarming. They speak to their plans publicly, have no qualms about preaching murder,rape, domination of societies by sharia, and still people deny the very reality of the religion. Scary times indeed

    1. Patrick, I’m what you’d call a Limey, but from the other side of the Pacific, down under. It’s way past time our countries had some decent politicians who actually cared about their countries. With a little concerted will power, how long would it take to put this threat back into their box? Including movement and logistics, 6 weeks?

    2. The problem is Patrick, either the political classes are grossly naive to the point of recklessness or they deceive themselves in the belief that they can control the Muslim. Islam has been at war with itself since 780 (or thereabouts) yes, the YEAR 780. It is also at war with anyone that stands in the way of that continuing internal war whether in the long or short term. However, it is good at spreading death and destruction as a result of that continuing war. Islam has effectively ‘stood still’ over the centuries apart from the Saudi’s introducing Wahhabism in the 17 Century on which the continuing savagery from Isis is founded.
      Anybody that has dealt with the Muslim in the Middle East would, no doubt agree, its akin to trying to herd a dozen fighting cats.
      Tell me what political movement or party worldwide has a membership which prays 4/5 times a day to their Leader and I’ll consider that movement to have a chance of influencing Islam.
      Meanwhile, the crass ill informed Statesmen and Women (the latter will inevitably be short-lived when the Muslim gains dominant numbers within the next 2/3 decades).
      Let’s face it, the transformation and seeding of Europe by Islam and the US is well under way

      1. Grah, they do actually have one point of vulnerability, if you mention that four letter word ‘work’, it immediately becomes prayer time, so a few emplaced westerners willing ot take a chance get themselves in a supervisory position and use the four letter word whilst the drones are on station, and…..

        1. That’s a good point Mike. Politicians, UN, UNHCR and all the rest of the co-conspirator Globalist haven’t yet realised that, as in the adage, the pace of the many must match the pace of slowest, when we eventually get dragged down to the third-worlders workman like practices and inefficiencies there will be no excess money left over for their generous salaries and fulfilling their Utopian dreams.

          1. Until we reach a point where the west starts overthrowing it’s traitorous politicians we’re merely treading water. The Globalist that you mention can only be stopped in their tracks, by patriots in positions of power. Unfortunately scum like Merkel and Cameron are fooling enough fools to protect their status quo. What I’d give for something in writing.

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