Mass March in Hungary against Gypsy Crime

A mass protest march against Gypsy crime in Hungary was the focus last weekend of a public action organized by that country’s increasingly popular Jobbik party. The march, which took place in Soroksár, District XXIII, of greater Budapest, was held to protest another brutal rape and murder of a local woman.


In Hungary—and many other European nations—“Gypsies” are not itinerant travelers (as they tend to be in Britain or Ireland) but rather nonwhites of far-off Indian descent who entered Europe by caravan sometime in the Middle Ages.

They have remained largely racially segregated from European society, but have been able to draw on the benefits offered by contact with the West to increase their numbers to become a significant minority—and a serious social problem, inflicting a large amount of crime and other ills upon society at large.

In Hungary, Gypsies formally made up 3.6 percent of the total population in the 2010 census, but that figure was based on self-identification. Other more likely estimates put them at a far higher number—about one million, or 10 percent of the population.

More than half of Hungary’s prison population is comprised of Gypsies, and around 90 percent are unemployed. As usual, whites are blamed for this situation, with liberals bleating on about “discrimination,” etc.—the typical excuse used to shift blame onto whites for nonwhite crime in all European nations. They are also now called “Roma” by the establishment.

The recent march was held to remember Kardos Krisztina, 36, a mother who was attacked, raped, and murdered on a road near Soroksár. The meeting began with a rally on the main town square, to protest the lack of protection for white Hungarians against Gypsy crime.


Although the murderer of Kardos has not yet (as of writing) been formally apprehended, her cell phone has been recovered—in the possession of a Gypsy family and five of them have been detained by police for further questioning.

At the rally, Jobbik collected signatures for a petition to boost the police presence in Soroksár and to install public lighting on many of the roads in the area, which have seen a number of Gypsy attacks.


The rally was addressed by Jobbik president Gabor Vona, Budapest Jobbik vice president Viktor Lehmann, and was chaired by George Szilagyi, Member of Parliament. All the speeches touched on the issue of public security and the fact that “criminals almost have more rights than normal people.”

“There are an increasing number of attacks on the most vulnerable: children, women and the elderly,” said Viktor Lehmann. The crowd applauded some suggestions—such as chemical castration for rapists and the death penalty for murders committed with particular acts of cruelty.

Gábor Vona said that he was not there to engage in party politics and that the rally was there for everyone to register their protest against crime.


After the speeches, rally participants took part in an hour-long march to the spot where the most recent murder occurred. The road on which the attack happened has no street lighting and is surrounded on both sides by open fields. The march ended at a patch of brushwood where the murder took place, where commemorative tea-lights and candles were lit and flowers were placed.


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