Mass Poverty in Calgary as Nonwhite Numbers Rocket

The huge increase in nonwhite numbers in Calgary, Canada, has caused the number of “underprivileged Muslim families” to reach 10,000, up from just 167 in 2007, according to the Muslim Families Network Society (MFNS).

It is unknown how many individuals this involves, but presuming an average of four per household, this implies a minimum of 40,000 persons.

A report in the Calgary Herald on the latest MFNS’s “biannual halal food and clothing drive” revealed that there was a “high demand for food and Islamic clothing for Muslim families in Calgary, with numbers doubling” since the mass importation of fakers pretending to be refugees last year.

The MFNS served “7,000 underprivileged families in 2016,” and this year, the number was expected to “jump to more than 10,000.”

MFNS spokesman Toks Bakinson said that they were “forecasting the same thing for 2017 because the situation hasn’t changed—the economy isn’t any better.”

“One of our biggest challenges is we’re a halal food bank. There’s not a lot of food banks like that in Calgary, and we’re finding it hard to find those items and they’re significantly more expensive.”

Each family approved at the drive left with basic food items such as sugar, rice, and flour, as well as whatever donated clothes they wanted to take. Even before 1 p.m., Bakinson said they ran out of toothpaste and soap to give out.

Launched in 2007 to serve just 167 families, the event has grown into a biannual affair (last year a third drive was held after the first influx of Syrian refugees arrived in Calgary), with one drive held around Easter and another on Ramadan, which Bakinson said falls on June 11 this year.

According to the MFNS website, that organization’s mission is to be “a non-profit organization that is working tirelessly to enhance the physical, social, and spiritual well being of individuals and families in Calgary and area by providing education and awareness, poverty relief and social supports based on Islamic principles and values.”

The organization claims that 13 percent of “Albertans” use their food bank, and that 42 percent of that number are “children and youth.”

Furthermore, the “newly arrived Syrian families comprise more than 50 percent of children and youth,” the MFNS said, adding that these young people have “major gaps in their education, not to mention language and cultural barriers that need to be addressed through guidance and mentorship.”

To counteract this “gap,” the MFNS offers programs for the “youth”: the “Learn and Live Qur’an Program” aimed at ages 5 and up, which runs every Saturday from September to June.

This program offers “a balanced understanding of Islam and explain how it all fits into the western narrative.” The curriculum “includes Qur’an, Sunnah (teachings of the Prophet Mohammad Peace be upon Him), Tajweed (the science of correct recitation of the Qur’an), Tafseer (exegesis of the Qur’an), Memorization, Islamic studies, and Islamic History.”

Meanwhile, the poverty levels in Calgary—once one of Canada’s most prosperous cities—continues to skyrocket as the Third World invasion increases.

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  1. “Major gaps in their education” – in other words, as with the vast majority of Third World “migrants” from the Muslim world and black Africa, they are low IQ and unskilled. Most definitely not the professionals of tomorrow, as liberals like to claim, the doctors and engineers of the future. The most likely scenario is that they and their (multiple) descendants are and will continue to be a drain on the economy and a strain on medical and public services. But then, in Trudeau’s bright new multicultural world, they put an end to that unwanted too-white, too-Christian, educated society that liberals seem to hate so much, and are determined to “diversify” and “enrich” through mass unchecked Third World immigration.

    1. Exactly right Rog. The whole idea globally by the NWO is to exterminate the pesky, democracy loving locals and truck in the low IQ third worlds , who they hope will be manageable. We can only hope they will be uncontrollable and make straight for the dictators palaces with their shiny new implements.

  2. I hope a few of those Syrians are from the Death Squads that rounded up homosexuals and killed them back in the old country. Unleash a few of those people on Canada’s open gay community and see if multiculturalism truly works.

  3. Isn’t genocide a crime? Only white nations are targeted for this enforced ‘enrichment’. Nobody demands that Japan or Korea be similarly ‘enriched’. Just today I read that Japan’s population is declining and the young aren’t breeding yet still they won’t accept migrants as a solution to their demographic problems. Good on them.

  4. that pic just looks nasty, glad I don’t live in Canuckledraggerstan. Imagine them pooping all that raisin bran and stealing your oxygen ~~~ Gross.

  5. Gone, by the sound of it, is the dear old Calgary I knew and came to in 1968.

    FGS, they voted in NDP, and a moslem mayor–and re-elected him! Whatever happened to the ‘bible belt?’ It seems to have become the koran belt! Not long on history, Albertans, or they’d know moslems have always been the enemy!

  6. Don’t say the leftie elite ‘have no sense of humour’. Forcing the local, white working class to feed the enemy and help them multiply on our wage, must the epitome of irony.

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