ANC Members Kill Each Other in “Election”

Hundreds of ANC officials in South Africa have been murdered by fellow party members during campaigning for elected positions in a situation which one provincial leader has described as a “a stampede to lead”—but which is in fact just a typically Third World phenomenon of a violent struggle to gain access to the public purse for personal profit.

The funeral of former ANC Youth Leader Magaqa

As recently reported in the far left Guardian newspaper, the murder of ANC rising star Sindiso Magaqa in KwaZulu Natal (KZN) is “symptomatic of wider problem as political corruption scandals take their toll” in South Africa.

According to that report, Magaqa, a former leader of the ANC’s youth wing, was gunned down in a machine gun attack—one of more than 80 such murders in KZN alone. All the victims have been ANC members.

The murders were “a phenomenon within the ANC”, Senzo Mchunu, former ANC Premier of KZN, was quoted as saying.

Xolani Dube, a researcher at the Xubera Institute in Durban, the biggest city in KZN, told the Guardian that the deaths are the result of “feuds, resources and tradition. These are corruption killings, not political killings,” Dube said.

According to the Guardian—a newspaper known for its extreme anti-white bias and pro-ANC positions of previous years—Ministers in the South African government are “embroiled in scandals. Provincial officials face allegations of graft. But there are problems at a grass roots level too. The office of the public protector, a powerful national ombudsman, and the Hawks, an elite police team, are now investigating the fraud allegations.”

The murders are so rampant that the KZN government even set up a “commission” to investigate the killings.

This commission has “heard repeated testimony that political killings are related to local competition over official posts and patronage. These bring status, cash and influence, all rare commodities in an area with deep social problems and few jobs,” the report added.

Only a handful of police inquiries into the several hundred political killings in KZN over the last several years have ended with an arrest, let alone a conviction, the Guardian added.

Another report in South Africa’s News24 service quoted the Premier of the Mpumalanga province, David Mabuza, as saying that the rash of murders “was a stampede for positions.”

He added that this “stampede”–going right from the top down to the local level–was caused by people seeing leadership as a path to privilege.

“Members of the ANC are being killed left, right and center. That tells you that there is a stampede to lead,” he said.

* In two week’s time, the current president of South Africa, the scandal-ridden and often comical president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, will step down and the ANC will elect his successor. Currently the two front runners to succeed Zuma are current  Deputy President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa, and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, a former cabinet minister—and one of Jacob Zuma’s six wives.

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  1. I had known for some time that every ANC member of parliament was taking bribes, but I was shocked to read here how the party had degenerated into a mafia.

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