Massive Police Presence Quells Dutch anti-Invasion Protesters

A massive presence of Dutch riot police prevented a second riot in Holland over yet another planned invader center, this time in the district of Overvecht in the city of Utrecht, on January 11.


The meeting, called by the local authority to “discuss” their plans to build an “asylum reception center” in an old office block in Overvecht, was swamped by a crowd of more than 500 hostile residents.

Only the presence of a large riot police unit—called up in the wake of the serious riot in Geldermalsen in December 2015—prevented a full-scale disturbance.

There were however a series of smaller physical fights with a motley group of invader supporters—consisting of communist thugs and local Moroccans who support the invasion. The far larger crowd of Dutch people came off best in these clashes, which were all stopped by police intervention.


What makes the protest even more ironic is that the locals have been spurred into action after years of voting for some of the most extremist left wing parties in Holland.

Overvecht falls under a local authority which consists of a coalition between several leftist parties, namely the Green Left, the Labor Party, the liberal-social Democrats 66 (D66), and even the extremist Socialist Party, which emerged from a Maoist communist movement in the 1970s.


As local news service RTV Utrecht reported, the meeting proceeded with great tension in the air as angry locals filled the hall to capacity—and then filled the street outside as well.

Only direct neighbors of the planned invader center were granted access to the inside of the meeting, upon presentation of an invitation and an identity document.

According to RTV Utrecht, “residents voiced their displeasure” about the planned center.

“There will be abuse, robberies, and burglaries,” one of the crowd told the meeting inside the hall. “My daughter will not be able to walk on the street, and we cannot allow it to happen here.”

When a representative from the “Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers” (COA) said that a “refugee shelter” does not cause any deterioration in neighborhood security, he was shouted down with loud jeers and boos, with many shouting “Liars, look to Cologne!”

The Volkskrant newspaper reported that other residents warned of sex attacks “as had happened in Cologne” over the New Year, and that those events had definitely turned the local people against the idea of establishing an asylum center in the town.

A 44-year-old mother was quoted as saying that she and her daughter were “now afraid of asylum seekers because of what happened in Germany.”

Resistance to the plan grew quickly after the announcement last Friday. A Facebook page, Zeg Nee tegen azc overvecht (“Say no to asylum center Overvecht”), grew rapidly to over 4,000 members, and was the primary organizer behind the large hostile crowd at the meeting.

After the angry meeting, even the local leftist party leaders started expressing their doubts about establishing the invader center in Overvecht, another RTV Utrecht report said. Only the D66 party caucus still expressed itself in favor of the center, but even then with the proviso that the local community not be forced to pay for part of it, as was in the original proposal.

Labour Party councilor Bouchra Dibi—herself a nonwhite invader who has long established herself in Holland—issued a press release after the meeting saying that her party “now finds it unwise to shelter refugees in Overvecht.”

In a statement on her party’s website, Dibi said that “Overvecht is a neighborhood that has to deal with many different problems, including high youth unemployment, poverty and pollution, all of which produce many tensions. Therefore, we think it unwise to place an emergency shelter in an area that is already the focus of much attention.”

Another meeting is planned for later this month, and opponents of the invader center are reportedly preparing another larger demonstration for that gathering as well.

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  1. Don’t they get it yet – the people don’t want any invaders, and if they don’t start listening to the people then there is going to be more bloodshed than Europe has seen since the 1940s.!

    1. Everybody gets it, except the politicians, who also get it, but unfortunately it’s against their agenda’s which are distinctly not indigenous European friendly. We’re being lead down the river Stu, and we’re going to have to fight, wherever, and whenever, someone makes a patriotic stance. If that means secret meetings, or whatever I don’t know, I’m hoping some British patriot, maybe an Army Colonel makes a stance, if not, you’re Cameron’s cannon fodder, and believe me, it will come to that. He’s already given away his country, now wishes to totally obliterate it with taking a ‘blood oath, with Merkel, Hollande, and, oh yes that creature he ‘Valiantly fought against, Juncker.

    1. Yep, keep them moving on back to where they came from, the East, and once there, they can live as normal, or actually abnormal. Got to feel sorry for the females, but they need a reverse chastity belt, a real nutcracker suite.

  2. Copyright free lie
    The asylum seekers here are different from the German variety which have been
    known for raping,robbing as well as terrorism.

    “A 44-year-old mother was quoted as saying that she and her daughter were “now afraid of asylum seekers because of what happened in Germany.”

  3. To be fair on the left, the European idea was based on some sort of reaction to industrialism, with the potential for vast inequalities which weren’t based on skill or talent. This of course was perverted by Jewish ‘thinkers’ such as Marx, for their own ends. As, no doubt, many of these Dutch people have come to understand.

    1. Jews appear to have been pre-programmed over very many years to pervert things for their own ends.
      Must be in their very DNA. The DNA that`s apparently `so special above all others` that those of us who don`t possess it will eventually be confined to future history books as ” the races of the past”.

      1. “Must be in their very DNA”
        Jay, they are repeated like mantra by parents from their childhood that in order to succeed in diaspora they must try harder and they must be better than the locals ever would be and that’s what most Jewish people have carved in their brains like the Ten Commandments – I kid you not!

  4. This is the way the French Revolution, amongst others, started.

    Merkel’s ‘let them eat cake’ attitude is insufferable.

  5. “Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers” – who are these people? Commie sickos, leftist lunatics? In any case, it’s possible to find them and to “convince” them to stay quiet – there is no other way to deal with traitors of their own race!

    Who would expect that otherwise very quiet and peaceful Dutch would stand up to their rights so united? Great example for other Western countries in Europe, indeed!

    1. I’m amazed that comments like this still exist! These people you describe are PAID and PAID A LOT, and have careers etc. Just as armies have huge back up staff who usually haven’t got a clue what they’re really doing. The media are full of people like this, hack journalists, engineers, scribblers. It’s because they are PAID. It’s that simple. Then you have to examine money, and the plain fact is money at present in most countries is controlled by Jews. There are thousands of (e.g.) British politicians who make money out of being parrots: the dead Benn, Hattersley, Jews like ‘McShane’, funded aliens like the oily Keith Vaz, barely literates like Diane Abbott with a toy degree, sexual oddities like Tatchell, hired thugs who are of course on the Jewish minimum wage. You ask: Who are these people? Those are the types. As to what to do, history may provide guides, though not official history. For example, the Hungarian Uprising.

      1. Wait – you lost me here: we started from paid “refugee lovers” in Holland and we ended up with the Hungarian Uprising not to mention the Jew part of your post 🙂

        Now seriously, how could I possibly know that some people from this “Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers” are getting paid? I can only suspect that some of them could maybe profit by providing some accomodation for them “refugees” (housing, catering, etc.) but that’s all. But by all means, tell me something more if you have that kind of knowledge.

        1. Kol I do understand your comment and I think also what Rerevisionnist is pointing out, both of you make good sensible comments now and in the past and have always for me been very informative,so if I may just give you my tuppence worth as I see it, most if not all these very vocal for the invasion people and organizations appear to be getting some money donated by the EU their main cash has been proved to have been filtered over from the ultra-wealthy Americans and other multi-billionaires, and is becoming clear the wealthy few have a singular motive that mainly involves taking the majority of the public back to the bad old days, hence their encouragement to destabilise Europe with guaranteed non-compatible aliens.

  6. I was watching Bear Grylls last night on Britains national parks and their undoubted beauty . It was a storyline of different aspects from abseiling to caving . One interesting aspect was American Signal Crayfish which had been brought over for the restaurant trade and had managed to escape and were decimating our own smaller Crayfish with a mixture of disease and aggressively killing off our own variety .
    The government as in so many cases have spent much time and money in trying to save our own animal species from the humble bee to the Red Squirrel , which I am sure you would agree is an admirable policy . All species and environments must be protected and steps do need taking to make this happen
    I would though add to this long list another species which has contributed more than any other to this world but in fifty to a hundred years will undoubtedly go the way of the Dodo unless drastic action is taken now . You may already have guessed my tongue in cheek remarks but if you missed it ; the White European .
    In the world of the future it appears it’s ok to still have Arabs , Indians , Africans , Chinese etc but not White People . A world without our inventive minds and ingenuity would be like a ship without a rudder .
    Why is the destruction of only our race deemed as necessary and why are our own politicians facilitating this with such dedication.

    1. “Why is the destruction of our race deemed as necessary” – because the elimination of races with “inventive minds and ingenuity” is necessary in order to establish the NWO.

    2. There is a UN law which, if implemented, should prevent the disappearance of our race. It is Article 8 Of The Indigenous Peoples Act. Look it up. What is needed is either an e-petition calling for its implementation, or a very good patriotic lawyer who couldchallenge the government about their treachery in it boring this law.

      1. Sheila you are correct i have seen the same thing said on other forums,why have the anti EU people not invoked this, maybe the best way would be for a good lawyer, even if donations were required,i would be more than willing, that’s how the anti Brits and anti White groups do things, only difference being they are mostly sponsored with Government grants and other wealthy people sponsoring their actions.

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