Media Blacks Out Jewish Lobby-EU Report

A two-week-old academic report detailing the Jewish lobby’s extensive influence in the European Union has been completely blacked out by the controlled media.

The report, titled “The Israel Lobby and the European Union,” details how the international Jewish lobby has “persuaded European law-makers to refrain from sanctioning Israel over its human rights abuses,” among many other things.


Researched and written lobby-page1by Public Interest Investigations and Spinwatch and published by EuroPal Forum, it explores a “number of Israel lobby groups in the European Union, the power they wield, and the dubious sources that fund them, while also uncovering the secretive transatlantic networks behind them,” according to an official press release.

The report’s authors are listed as Professor David Miller from the Department of Social and Policy Sciences at the University of Bath, England; Sarah Marusek (a PhD in social science from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University), and currently a post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Religion Studies at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa; and David Cronin, an Irish journalist living in Brussels.

From the backgrounds of the three authors, it is clear that they have sympathies toward the Palestinian cause—and that they were motivated to compile the report in an attempt to understand why the EU always appears to support Israel.

The authors are careful to state that although their report details exactly how the Jewish lobby affects all aspects of EU policy, this does not mean “that all Jews” are involved in what it calls a “matrix of relationships within the Israel lobby.”

The authors also state that they do not support the “theory that the Zionists ‘control’ Western governments”—but they then produce nearly 80 pages of referenced points proving exactly that.

This is, of course, the reason why the paper has been ignored, even though it was released on May 13 at the EU offices in Brussels and in London.

According to the official press statement, the paper “uncovers the matrix of relationships within the Israel lobby—a social movement that overlaps considerably with the transatlantic Islamophobia industry.”

The report says that “Western politicians’ acquiescence to the Israeli narrative is made possible partly because there is a significant international network of groups dedicated to preserving the notion that ‘a democratic Israel is merely acting in self-defense against Palestinian rocket fire’.

“These groups often work together or are aligned and many have close connections with the Israeli government and its diplomats. Collectively, they make up what is often known as the Israel lobby.”

The first chapter discusses how populist parties in Europe have latched onto an anti-Muslim ideology which finds a natural ally in the state of Israel. These organizations include the “Friends of Israel” lobbies within almost all major European political parties.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)—one of the largest suppliers of weapons to the

Israeli military—is revealed to be one of the major financial sponsors of the EU-wide “European Friends of Israel” organization, along with a host of other prominent Jews living in Europe and America.

The second chapter details how the Jewish lobby has “entrenched itself in Brussels” through the creation of a network of organizations whose full-time job it is to continually lobby and influence EU policy, in exactly the same way that the American Israel Political Action Committee (APIAC) goes to work in Washington DC.

These organizations include the American Jewish Committee’s Transatlantic Institute, the Israel Allies Foundation, the Europe Israel Press Association, the European Foundation for Democracy, the European Coalition for Israel, the European Leadership Network, the Jewish News One, the European Jewish Parliament, and the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Centre.

All of these organizations, the report reveals, run effective propaganda campaigns to counter any negative publicity resulting from Israel’s suppression of the Palestinians, no matter how bloody and violent it may be.

The report “identifies where pro-Israel groups receive their funding and how some of their donors have facilitated Israel’s illegal colonization of the West Bank, including east Jerusalem; examines how the lobby has persuaded European law-makers to refrain from sanctioning Israel over its human rights abuses; and analyzes how Israel’s supporters have been trying to undermine grassroots campaigning for justice in Palestine,” the report’s press release continues.

The report also examines EU-Israel trade relations, looking at key points in recent history such as Israel’s wars on Gaza and EU reactions to them. “Perhaps the timeliest chapters in this report are the ones that deal with the issue of criminalizing resistance and silencing dissent,” the press statement continued.

“The Israel lobby in both the US and the EU has had considerable success in this arena. Lobby groups in the EU have used the closure of respected Muslim charities in the US to strengthen their call for European countries to classify Palestinian and Arab non-violent resistance to Israeli aggression as criminal.”

“The report also deals with the tactic employed by supporters of Israel of accusing its critics of anti-Semitism. This is very relevant to the recent Labour anti-Semitism row which has led to many debates regarding the blurring of the line between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist or what is referred to as ‘new anti-Semitism.’”

“The Israel lobby is incredibly strong and wields a great amount of power in politics today,” the press statement adds.

It is therefore little wonder that the controlled media has ignored the report and its conclusions.

The complete report can be downloaded here.

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      1. Everybody, especially Ukippers and Britain Firsters, Daily Express and Mail readers should read Morgoths article. It completely debunks the EU is 4th Reich nonsense.

      2. I think you are missing the point. The NSDAP of Germany party NEVER referred to themselves as NAZIs. The only evil Nazi’s I know of are the AshkeNAZIS.

        1. Justagirl. I tried to post the link to an article on Justiceforgermans website that deals with this very subject and to back up my previous response to you. However the comment will not present.

          The term nazi was invented by the Jew Konrad Heiden.
          Search for:
          Justice for Germans. Exposing the “nazi” epithet, who started it, why, how and who benefits.

          I think you will find it an illuminating read.

          1. Oh Richard, baby, Please don’t do this! You know how I hate it when we quarrel! I take it all back sweetheart. Your were right! We should listen to Konrad. He probably knows best. (The Jews always do. They’re so much smarter than we are.) And if you want to spell National as Nazional (!) in German that’s fine too honey, only please baby, please come back home. We can work this out. I’m just so worried sick about you. I’ve even got your favorite meal right here waiting for you. It’s Jew – Oops! I mean it’s stew. I love you baby!

    1. The Germans were of a far higher class of people than the Jews are. The Jews were kicked out 109 times prior to Hitler’s rise to power. The reason the Germans hated Jews was because 1) the Jews brought America into the first world war o the side of Britain to destroy Germany so the Jews could get Palestine 2) Jews were in control of the financial, media and entertainment industry that was ripping the Germans off and pushing degeneracy and filth onto them (sound familiar here the rest of the West?) and 3) Jews were behind the creation, financing and pushing of communism in the USSR…an ideology that killed 100 million European white Christians (Russians, Ukrainians, Polish, etc)

    2. What? Three thumbs down already? Oy vey! I must have struck a noy-ve among our AshkeNAZI friends. Butthurt!!!!!

        1. Thank you for defending White Nationalism. I am thrilled to see this. HOWEVER, I would like to explain my position property, which clearly I did not do to start with. 1) Hitler’s Nationalist Party was the called the NSDAP Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei 2) He never called his party the NAZI party. None of its members ever referred to themselves as Nazis. 3) NAZI is a term invented by Jews and used to defame the NSDAP and equate it with evil. 4) I refuse to fall into the Jew trick of using language to subvert the true meaning of things, and consequently I refuse to refer to the NSDAP as the Nazi Party or equate it with evil. 5) The only evil group called Nazis that I know of are the AshkeNAZIs. It’s right there in their name for Pete’s sake!!!! Last word on the subject. Danke fuer die Aufmerksamkeit und jetzt Schluss damit!

          1. Yes, yes I already know all that. However in the public mind, Nazi is how you will be refered to.
            Far from being a shortened version of ashkenazi, nazi is actually the shoertened version of the German word Nazional, as Sozi was of Sozialist.
            It really has no connection to Ashkenazi at all.

        1. If you don’t want to be likened to a jew then you might consider not calling yourself a Nazi (as in AshkeNAZI). In my opinion you are falling into their trap, but perhaps you disagree and that’s fine Blanche. We’re still on the same side, right? Please see my answer to James (above).

  1. Excellent article. Along those same lines, you can read about how the “Israel Lobby” controls the United States from Stephen Walt, a professor at Harvard, who was blasted for stating the truth in his book, “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.”

    1. I think the report must be on the same lines. I don’t think I’d heard of ‘Spinwatch’, but its bread and butter articles are the usual tosh about Jews, Corbyn, Muslim friends etc etc with no mention of serious issues. Maybe someone decided the report is a mistake, and they are just ignoring it.

  2. “At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas of which it is assumed that all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to say this, that or the other, but it is “not done” to say it… Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in the high-brow periodicals.” ~ George Orwell.

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