Media Ignores 9,000 Black on Black Murders Since Trayvon Martin Shooting

Anyone who doubts the vicious anti-white racism displayed by the controlled mass media in America need only consider the fact that they have ignored at least 9,000 nonwhite upon nonwhite murders which have occurred in the last year in favor of the Zimmerman/Martin case where they tried to show  ‘white racism.’

According to the FBI’s own statistics, there were 14,548 homicides in 2011. Of this number, 5,486, or 53.7 percent, of the offenders were identified as black, and another 4.077 as “unknown.”

These are "Whites" according to the FBI.
These are “Whites” according to the FBI.

Some 4,729 offenders were identified as “white”—but this figure is distorted by the fact that the FBI counts Hispanics as white.

According to the FBI’s guidance on “Race Codes”, which can be viewed here, there are only four categories, and one for “unknown.”

Category “A” is classed by the FBI as an “Asian or Pacific Islander…a person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian sub-continent or the Pacific Islands.”

Category “B” is classed by the FBI as a “Black…a person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.”

Category “I” is classed by the FBI as an “American Indian or Alaskan Native…a person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Americas and who maintains cultural identification through tribal affiliations or community recognition.”

Category “W” is classed by the FBI as a “White…a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa or Middle East.”

Category “U” is classed by the FBI as “Unknown.”

Importantly, the FBI “race code” goes on to state that “Hispanics should be entered with the race code most clearly representing the individual.”

In other words, the FBI’s own classification system includes all Hispanic crime, all Middle Eastern crime, and all North African crime, under the “White” category.

Anyone familiar with crime patterns will see that once all these nonwhite criminals are stripped out of the FBI’s statistics, the actual white American homicide rate will be tiny in comparison to the nonwhites.

The FBI says that 6,329 blacks were murdered in their 2011 statistical year, and a further 5,825 “whites.”

Given the above race “classification” system and already publicly available data on Hispanic gangs operating in America, it is highly probable that the majority of “white” murders are actually nonwhite.

Even if only half—a probably underestimate—of the “white” murders are in reality nonwhite, this would mean that well in excess of 9,000 nonwhites killed other nonwhites in America in the 2011 statistical year.

These figures are likely to have been replicated—at the very least—during the 2012 statistical year (although at time of writing, the FBI has not yet released any official figures for the period in question) which means that at least 9,000 murders have occurred since the Trayvon Martin shooting.

(Some sources claim there have been 11,106 black-on-black murders in the 513 days since the Trayvon Martin shooting.)

Whatever the actual figure, the reality is that the controlled media has focused on one particular killing—and ignored thousands and thousands of others—simply because it was an opportunity to engage in ritual anti-white hatemongering.


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  1. This is spot on! The only time the media pays any attention to any sort of murder is when they can attack white people. In this case, it’s ironic that Zimmerman wasn’t even white–but what do you expect of the filth who inhabit the major press rooms. Thank God for the internet and news sites like the New Observer!

  2. You can overcome the FBI camouflage by consulting DOJ figures. The DOJ publishes the numbers of murder, including Hispanic murders by citing percentages. The percentage of Hispanic murder for 2011 was 26% of all murders. Caucasian murders were 20%. This year, the FBI is going to finally break the ‘white’ murders into both real white AND Hispanic.

    Thus, Hispanic murders were (approximating) 3,120 while white murders were 2,400. The largest racial group in the US is whites at 64% who commit, on average, 2,400 murders a year. Hispanics at 16% of US population commit, on average, about 3,000 murders per year while Blacks, the smallest of the 3 main groups at 12.4% commit, year after year, on average 6,000 murders a year. Hope this helps.

  3. What is also very interesting, besides this article, is the fact that blacks themselves have ignored black on black (and black on white) crime. I’d say since after slavery the majority of blacks have shrugged off the actions and behavior of feral, outta control blacks as if it’s no big deal. At some point and time, these blacks did take notice to it, but it was too late to do anything about it. And it was too late reform the mentality of feral blacks. They’d been getting away with crimes for so long, it seemed as though blacks were used to it.

    Instead of doing anything about gang violence, drug activity, etc, these blacks continued blaming the white race, slavery, and racism. It was a way for them to smooth over their guilty conscious and not taking any responsibility whatsoever. It’s easier for the guilty to point the finger at the not guilty.

  4. There are White hispanics. Such as Christina Aguilera etc. Usually, they are not Mexican but Chilean, Argentine etc..

  5. Certainly quite odd that they lump all Hispanics, middle east and Africans on the White crime statistics, when it is the middle eastern Muslims, the Hispanics and the African Somalians they are flooding the country with! We will never know if mass immigration and lack of border control is causing higher crime rates enemy they will not report it accurately.

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