Media Ignores Jews’ Hate Rally

The West’s media—under orders to censor any news of Jewish supremacism—has refused to publicize this week’s massive hate rally attended by thousands of Jews in Tel Aviv which called for all Arabs to be killed.

The Western media’s blackout is in marked contrast to their blanket coverage of the tiniest example of what it calls “white racism.”


The Tel Aviv rally—organized to support an Israeli soldier who murdered a wounded Palestinian by shooting him in the head as the victim lay on his back—was marked by chants and banners calling for mass murder.

The rally took place on Tuesday evening, April 19, in Tel Aviv’s Yitzhak Rabin Square, and the many thousands of Jews in the crowd were, according to reports in the Israeli media, baying for blood.


One Jewish reporter, Dan Cohen, tweeted that many in the crowd chanted, “Death to Arabs,” a frequently heard rallying cry at anti-Palestinian demonstrations.


Ahmed Tibi, a Palestinian lawmaker in Israel’s parliament, posted an image of a sign displayed at the rally reading, “Kill them all.”

Several Israeli pop icons were also scheduled to entertain the rally-goers, including singers Moshik Afia, Maor Edri, and Amos Elgali, as well as rapper Subliminal, the Israeli news service Ynet reported.


Ynet also reported that the “protesters waved support signs and flags, some wrapping the Israeli flag around themselves. Many called for Azaria’s release, while some made racist jeers.”

In addition, Ynet reported, among the slogans chanted by rally attendees were “Elor the Hero,” “Terrorists shouldn’t be neutralized—they should be killed,” and “Kill or be killed.”

The rally was organized by Sharon Gal, an Israeli journalist and former lawmaker, and was addressed by the parents of the soldier, named as Elor Azaria.


The controlled media’s hypocrisy in refusing to give coverage to the Jewish hate fest rally can best be revealed by positing the following theoretical situation:

What would happen if thousands of whites gathered in any city around the world—Berlin, London, Paris, Washington, Toronto, Adelaide, or anywhere—and chanted “death to Arabs” (or “death to blacks,” or “death to Jews”), and held up banners reading “Kill them all”?

In such a situation, the controlled media would be all over such an event, and it would be carried on every TV news broadcast, day and night, and in every newspaper, for weeks on end.

The Anti-Defamation League and all other Jewish organizations would issue “shock and horror” statements, condemn the “evil racists” and demand state action.

However, because it is Jews, in Israel, behaving like this, the controlled media simply ignores it—as does the ADL and all the other Jewish Supremacist lobbies around the world.


* The original incident, which took place on March 24, is in itself instructive of the nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The town of Hebron is located deep inside sovereign Palestinian territory, and contains an illegal Jewish settlement with some 500 radical Jews who aim to expel all the Palestinians from the West Bank.

Although the Jewish settlement is illegal, is still officially protected by the Israeli army.

As a result, Hebron has been the scene of repeated clashes between Palestinians forcibly objecting to the illegal Jewish colonization of their land, and the settlers (and the Israeli army).

Since October 2015, Palestinian attackers have killed at least 29 Israelis in stabbing and shooting incidents, and the Israeli army has killed at least 206 Palestinians, including protesters, bystanders, and attackers.

Of that total, at least 57 were from the Hebron area.

The latest incident—which sparked the Tel Aviv rally—took place when a Palestinian, identified as Abed al Fatah a-Sharif, and one of his friends, attacked an Israeli army patrol in the Tel Rumeida district of Hebron.

The two Palestinians wounded an Israeli soldier by stabbing him in the back. Both Palestinians were however quickly shot by the other soldiers.

As the still alive a-Sharif lay sprawled in the road, only moving his head, the Israeli soldier stepped forward and shot him in the head, execution style.

The shooting was filmed by a bystander and quickly spread on the Internet.


Above: Azeria in court–charged with “manslaughter.”

As a result of the film’s emergence, the Israeli soldier was arrested and charged with murder—but after a public outcry in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for “leniency”—and the charge was downgraded to manslaughter.

A second video, released shortly afterward, shows the Israeli executioner then shaking hands with one of the illegal settlers in Hebron, named as US-born Baruch Marzel.

Marzel is a former leader of the Kach party, which was so extreme that it was banned in Israel after another of its members, the US-born medical doctor Baruch Goldstein, gunned down 29 Palestinians at Hebron’s Ibrahimi mosque in 1994.

Below: The second video to emerge, showing Marzel shaking Azeria’s hand after the execution.

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  1. Jews and moslimes are nothing but trouble – always wanting to drag everyone else into their conflicts.
    Just let `em at each other big time and be done with it.
    Stuff the lot of them !

    1. Wrong, the war is between Israelis and Arabs and it has not been long. only since Great Britain decided that the land belongs to the Jews fleeing Germany and Europe in WW2.

      Jews have been living in the Arab and Muslim countries since ages and they have been saved by Muslims in several occasions .. Read about the Ottoman saving of Jews in Spain in the 1492…

  2. I don’t see the problem, let their hate boil over and kill each other. Then we can peacefully extract all their oil and let the remainders of them be nomadic camel jockeys.

  3. they are down in the gutter already, the can not go any farther down. Soon their angry god will kill them by the thousands like he did in the old days.

  4. I have a theory. Perhaps the main reason behind the non-white invasion of Europe is to get whites to hate arabs and africans. That way when Israel says they want to evict arabs, Europeans will say “Yes that’s a good idea, please go ahead – we want to do the same!”.
    This may sound far-fetched, but consider the Zionist/Jewish elite lay plans decades in advance, and a Jew-only state would be their dream come true.

    1. Nothing far fetched as it is much worse. War is now the goal, Yes, to be blamed on us of course. Sway publc opinion enough to agree with them, all the while our military is used for Israel’s battles. Mass migration into the nations of people they hate because they believe ‘we’ are bombing them. White Afrikaaner farmers being displaced and murdered, by blacks apparently ‘liberated’ from oppression are blacks in the communist areas in North Africa, thanks to Marxist Mandella. This Kurdish movement which is praised for it’s ‘western values’ is actually Communist. Replace proletariat and burgoise with all the various victimhood groups and white man. History is distorted and agitators are trotted out to incite hatred while we are brainwashed with collective racial guilt for our ‘sins’. Hence the socially acceptable ‘positive discrimination’ As we become aware and begin to stand up, the ‘phobias’ and ‘isms’ have no power over us and I believe they are starting to feel the first sense of fear, (remember Germany 1933?) Their lies are being exposed and their Kalergi plan has not worked, it is being rejected actively and subconciously. Nature trumps nurture, particularly when the latter is in violation of the former. Multiculturalism is rejected even by non white imports, that is why these ghettoes appear.
      ”The most precious possession you have in this world is your own people”
      ~A. Hitler
      They were expecting white women to fall prey to feminism and be an easy lay for non whites or homosexual, while the men became weak, marginalized and when a viable minority, physically exterminated, Thus no more white race, no resistance to the jew which has hated and feared us for at least two thousand years. There will be no Katyn Forest for us, but this ‘international clique’ fancies to achieve what they have done twice already, to make Europe and Britain the theatre for WWIII
      due to ‘nationalism’ and ‘racism’ future history books will say if we lose because our defeat will be genocide

      Your suspicions and theory is well founded. The truth is unpleasent but crucial knowledge for darker times ahead.

  5. March 30 1856 the Treaty of Paris was signed between Great Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire, Sardinia and Russia and Article XXII states “there shall be no interference in their Internal Affairs”
    Sometime this norm mentioned in many treaties and expanded to include the rights to have their own schools and other institutions in their own territories must be used to limit the rights of brigands and incursions by foreigners to pillage the public purse and citizens of their assets and recognise the right of that type of person to go back to their own country consistent with Article 13.2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights even if the incursion happened maybe a thousand years or more ago.

  6. That ‘Kill Them All’ placard would certainly result in a jail sentence – probably exceeding a year – if it was exhibited in public, or indeed even in private, – by a British nationalist.
    Also, the strength of that slogan would probably cause massive TV and press exposure.

    1. So true, the double standard that is being exhibited by some of the most powerful people who lord over us is totally criminal but obviously predictable.

  7. So you can take their oil? At what cost? Your already doing so. You took their oil, illegally, when you invaded Iraq. The world will not last forever. Muslims (not moslimes, to the illiterate person above.) do not hate whites or Christians. Every evil that is going on in the world is because of the Jews. Read up on your history. If Muslims have blood on their hands, so do Christians. Who is funding and brainwashing these people to perform these terrorist attacks? When an attack happens, Muslims are also killed. Many non-Muslims are more than happy, living in the Middle East, but u won’t see that. How come the US and other armies, not managed to defeat ISIS? Who trained bin laden and the taliban? It wasn’t the Muslims. The Jews hate you all and us.

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