Media Ignores Turkey Border Violence

The controlled media has blacked out numerous violations of international refugee laws by Turkey—even though its border guards have killed Syrians and it is building a rocket resistant concrete wall along its entire border with Syria.


News of the Turkish violations of international law have been issued by the “Human Rights Watch” (HRW) organization, but have been ignored by the media as part of their instructions to portray that country in a friendly light.

According to the HRW report, Turkish border guards regularly shoot and beat Syrian “asylum seekers” trying to reach Turkey, actions which “result in deaths and serious injuries.”

The HRW report said that during March and April 2016, Turkish border guards used violence against Syrian “asylum seekers and smugglers, killing five people, including a child, and seriously injuring 14 others, according to victims, witnesses, and Syrian locals.”

Officially, Turkey maintains the country has an “open-door policy” for Syrian refugees—despite its ongoing building of a new border wall.

Turkey has also directly supported Syrian “rebels” fighting the government in Damascus.

In so doing, the Turkish government has, like many Western European governments and the U.S. administration, aligned itself with the radical Islamists fomenting the war in Syria.

This support for the Western intervention in Syria against the Syrian government is the main reason why the controlled media refuses to publish news hostile to the Turkish government, even when it contains news of their favorite topic du jour, the Third World “refugee” invasion.

 “While senior Turkish officials claim they are welcoming Syrian refugees with open borders and open arms, their border guards are killing and beating them,” Gerry Simpson, senior refugee researcher at Human Rights Watch, said in an official statement.

In April 2016, HRW reported that Turkish border guards enforcing Turkey’s one-year-old border closure had shot at Syrians escaping Aleppo, and that Turkish border guards had blocked thousands of fleeing displaced persons after their camps near the border had been hit by artillery fire.

Then, HW said, Turkish border guards in the nearby watchtowers used loudspeakers to announce in Arabic that no one should approach the border and that anyone who did would be shot.

As of early April, Turkey had completed a third of its 911-kilometer rocket-resistant concrete wall along its border with Syria and was working to fortify the rest of its border.

Of course, if any European country adopted such measures, the controlled media would give it negative publicity, along with commentary about how “evil,” “racist,” and “xenophobic” such actions would be.

However, because it is Turkey behaving in this fashion, the controlled media has hardly bothered to even make mention of the new HRW report.

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  1. So, Turkey can build a wall without any comment whatsoever from the MSM but a Trump led USA is criticised for calling to build its own wall?
    Let’s see if the Clinton dingbat mentions anything!

  2. With Merkel`s head so far up Erdogan`s ass to keep him sweet, she chooses to ignore Turkey`s infringement of other “Human Rights.”

  3. Note all the negative media around the Hungarian and Bulgarian border fences.

    Also note the media refer to migrants in Calas, Paris etc as ‘UK bound’ refugees, when they are in fact illegal migrants in France who should be made to claim asylum under international law.

  4. Note all the negative media around the Hungarian and Bulgarian border fences.

    Also note the media refer to mig-rants in Calas, Paris etc as ‘UK bound’ ref ugrees, when they are in fact ille gal mig-rants in France who should be made to claim asylum under international law.

  5. So ISIS was a gimmick (not to say people weren’t killing people) to make the world think millions needed rescuing from some massive war while the west would supply and use the Kurds to do the drudgery… then what?

    ISIS was largely confined to just Iraq and Syria, areas covering those regions. Why were people fleeing North Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and areas in the middle east where IS didn’t have holdings? WTF?

    Oh great, now the Kurds have their own country and by default for some reason they have equal rights for women (convenient) so the whole world cheers them on because of this and that IS is dying.

    That’s nice and all that, but do people not remember Iraq and Afghanistan? When the US began massacring Iraqis everyone cheered. We were really convinced that we were liberating a bunch of poor, brutalized people. Then the Hippie Resurrection came and convinced everyone that Bush was a prick and wars are always stupid. Obama came in and the hippies vanished. 14 years, what a waste! Afghanistan, same thing, a waste of lives and money for a cause that meant nothing.

    But what comes next for Islam? How badly did the west underestimate the nations there? Why was the Kurdish nation created in this time? Do the leaders of the Islamic nations use terror groups as a front to bide time for their real agenda while the western world sinks into economic despair, ignorance, degeneracy, and cultural instability?

    What will the next caliphate be like!?

  6. A big thank you and well done to all the staff and writers at the New Observer for bringing us such accurate and up to date news which is truthful and uncensored. Your site is fantastic, like a breeze of fresh air compared to the other phoney mainstream news media. Keep up the tremendous work, Aye you all have a happy and successful New Year.

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