Media Lies: Sweden Has Not “Stopped Asylum”

Reintroduced Swedish border controls are not aimed at stopping asylum seekers entering that country—and controlled media claims to the contrary are based either on poor “mainstream journalistic” reporting, or deliberate misinformation.


Media outlets across the world—which to the largest degree rely on controlled newswire feeds (such as, for example, that provided by Associated Press) have given prominent coverage to claims that Sweden—and now Denmark—have reintroduced border controls to “halt the asylum seekers.”

The reports have all claimed that Sweden and Denmark have introduced identity checks on all those seeking entrance at their borders, with the Washington Post claiming that Sweden, “Europe’s humanitarian superpower is turning its back on refugees” (December 30, 2015).


The reality, like so much else that the controlled media reports, is completely different.

In fact, the “border controls” consist of nothing more than checks for identity documents, and have not affected the “right to asylum” in Sweden or Denmark in the slightest.

As can be read on the Swedish Migration Agency’s (SMA) own website—which publishes information in English to assist the nonwhite invasion—anyone wanting to claim asylum in Sweden is still completely free to do so, and the “border checks” have not changed this situation at all.

Under the “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the SMA website, the answer to the question “Do I need a passport to enter Sweden?” the following answer is given:

After 4 January it will be harder for you to enter Sweden if you do not have a valid passport or other identification document. Companies selling tickets for trains, buses, or ferries to Sweden must ensure that those travelling have identification documents. (The requirements do not include children travelling with a parent who has a passport or other identification document.)

Note the requirement for an “identification document”—all that means is that the “asylum seeker” must have some type of identification. If, as is likely, they have stopped at any of the official invader centers from Greece or Italy northward, they will have identifying documentation—then they are free to enter and claim asylum.


The SMA site goes on to specifically point out that the only people who will be refused entry are those who do not want to claim asylum:

Refugees who do not wish to apply for asylum in Sweden will not be granted entrance into the country. The police authority checks who has the right to be in the country. There may be legal consequences for those remaining in Sweden without seeking asylum here.

The SMA website then provides a link to a PDF leaflet from the Swedish police, issued in six different languages, which adds the following information:

Sweden has introduced temporary border controls

The Swedish Police carry out checks on persons wishing to enter Sweden from other Schengen States at some border crossing points. This does not influence the right and possibility to seek asylum.

Persons who cannot prove that they are entitled to stay in Sweden may, if they are in need of international protection, seek asylum. This is made at the Swedish Migration Agency.

Gränskontroller_liggande A4_151120.indd

In other words, it is clear from the SMA’s own website that there are still no controls over “asylum seekers” in Sweden—and that, if anything, the only “checks” being carried out are to weed out those who do not want to apply for asylum.

Despite this information being readily publicly available, the controlled media has seen fit to ignore it as if it did not exist.

The real question to be asked is why the controlled media has seen fit to lie so blatantly about something which is so easily checked up on?

Is it because the controlled media “journalists” are in fact stupid and incapable of reporting simple facts?

Or is there another motivation, a deeper, darker reason, based on a desire to deliberately misinform the public about the true extent of the nonwhite invasion?

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  1. It’s terrific that your researchers go through these online sources to check on the media. (Or: ‘the Jewish media’, to be precise). More and more power to you. I recently heard that Cameron’s supposed policy of not paying invaders for for years only applied to invaders in work! Same sort of Jewish deception, no doubt fully approved by Talmudic references.
    And let’s hope the gullible public continue to drop the junk, lying press. The BNP used to have a correspondent who reported, every month, on the percentage drop in newspaper sales (or circulation), and every month there was a satisfying few percent decline.

    1. “Same sort of Jewish deception, no doubt fully approved by Talmudic references”
      Do you suggest that Cameron is Jewish? News to me 🙂

      1. Cameron`s gg grandfather Emile Levita came from Germany to Britain 150 yrs ago.
        Descended from a 16thC Jewish scholar Elijah Levita.
        Cameron says “He`s rock solid with Israel.”

        1. I wonder what part Jewish are Sarkozy, Hollande, Schulz, Merkel, Assholeborn or German vice-Chancellor Gabriel?

  2. The Pols and the MSM are play acting, pretending to curb the invasion and promulgating crude propaganda to support that claim, propaganda so fake it insults our intelligence.

  3. So if Sweden isn’t stopping asylum, then there is clearly no level of stupidity in Sweden which they consider ‘too stupid’.

    1. Yes indeed – it’s some quite moronic game being played over there but for how long? Until they fill up even all cruise ships to the gills, I guess 🙂

  4. A managed democracy is a wonderful thing… for the managers… and its greatest strength is a ‘free press’ when ‘free’ is defined as ‘responsible’ and the managers define what is ‘irresponsible’

    Robert A Heinlein

  5. I think if Sweden actually did anything like that they would face sanctions from the E.U. and if they didn’t give way after that the country would face a barrage of NATO bombs.

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