UPDATED: Melbourne Car Ramming Terrorist Claimed to be a “Muslim Kurd”

The perpetrator of the car ramming terrorist attack carried out in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday, January 20,  claimed he was a “Muslim Kurd” on Facebook, but has now been positively identified as a mixed-race person with a Greek father and a Tongan mother.

Dimitrious Gargasoulas, also known as James “Jimmy” Gargasoulas. claimed on Facebook that his his racial origin in a post on Facebook where he said that he was “greek islamic kurdish” [sic].

In other Internet profiles on dating sites, Gargasoulas claimed he was half Tongan and half-Greek. This has now been confirmed with the news that his mother is a Tongan, and his father is a Greek.

Gargasoulas’s parents, left, Chris, and right, Emily.

Whatever the case, Gargasoulas had just been arrested the weekend before for a number of violent offences, including assault and car theft.

Only six days before the attack, Gargasoulas wrote on his Facebook site that “I’ll take you all out just me you need a army to take me and so far you have presented half a army of useless wait until you see mine” [sic].

The car ramming attack is the latest in a number of similar incidents, all proposed and encouraged by ISIS in a recent issue of its magazine Rumiyah. Other prominent such attacks have taken place in Nice, France, and Berlin, Germany.

The controlled media immediately activated its usual excuse of “mental health issues” to try and hide the fact that the attack was similar to the other Islamist terrorist incidents, with the Daily Mail and the Australian both claiming that Gargasoulas had a history of mental health issues and that he was only “wearing red underpants” at the time of his arrest.

In reality, Gargasoulas was fully clothed when he carried out the attack, and pictures of him in his underwear show clearly that his clothes had been cut off him by medical teams attending to him after police had opened fire to stop his terrorist attack.

Above: The Daily Mail (and many other controlled media outlets) carried the report that Gargasoulas was “only wearing red underpants” during the attack. In reality, as can be seen from the picture of Gargasoulas driving the car (above) and in the Daily Mail’s very next picture, he was fully clothed and had had his clothes cut off by medial teams attending his wounds. The claim of only wearing red underpants is part of the controlled media’s continuous attempts at trying to explain nonwhite terrorism by ascribing it to “mental illness.”

Victoria’s police chief commissioner Graham Ashton was also quick off the mark to deny that there was any terrorist link to the attack, even though the suspect had not even been questioned and was still in the hospital when the denial was made.

“We know a fair bit about the driver’s background and the incident is not related to any counter-terrorism or terror-related activity. There’s an extensive family violence history. He’s come to our attention many times in the past,” commissioner Ashton said.

It is still too early to say if Gargasoulas is just a lunatic, or if he was inspired by ISIS’s demand that Muslims carry out such attacks. It is however very likely that the attack is the result of a combination of both influences.

Gargasoulas’s mother comes from a part of the world where the average IQ is between 85 and 90, officially classified on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale as “dull” to borderline deficiency.

Furthermore, scientific studies (“IQ and mental disorder in young men, Mortensen et al, The British Journal of Psychiatry, Oct 2005, v. 1) have shown a clear link between low IQ and schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

This would also explain the appeal of Islam and radical Islam to large numbers of individuals who fall within that IQ group, as it could well be argued that only the mentally ill would carry out the sorts of atrocities for which ISIS and related groups have become infamous.

Whatever turns out to be Gargasoulas’s motivation—and the truth will emerge in time—the fact remains that he is a perfect example of the dangers posed by mass Third World immigration into the First World.

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  1. It’s a moral duty of people who understand the issues to try to tell people that junk like The Australian tells lies, deliberately. Do your best to get their circulations down.

  2. Why was he not arrested after posting that on Facebook? Comments of a lesser threat are removed but then again, FB ‘seems’ to support the invasion!

  3. No matter what the cost to Australian people the invasion supported by the local Jews and those in government. What do Australians think of it all,? they dont think at all about anything of real consequence but their cricket and foot ball.

  4. I was following this incident online (I live in Melbourne) and posters on a Melbourne news forum claimed Gargasoulas was playing Islamic music on his car stereo and yelling “Allah Akbar”. Even if he is mentally ill, it is yet again evidence of the failure of migration to the west from third world countries, a weak court system as he was bailed by a pathetic magistrate/judge only days ago, and a press that will cover up the truth of who he actually is and what took place.

    1. His Lawyer will tell the court he was mentally unfit but in reality he was a person with a low IQ who couldn’t handle his drugs. You don’t see drunk drivers getting off do you?

  5. the australian gov are mentally sick just like all the one;s they keep covering up that are supposed to be mentally ill like them.you are a disgrace to your people. australian people.not so called mentally ill foreigners

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