Merkel Admits: “We’ve Lost Control”

German chancellor Angela Merkel has formally admitted that her government—and the European Union (EU)—have lost control of the nonwhite invasion situation, as tens of thousands of Germans flock to join private street defense organizations in the face of the ongoing mass nonwhite refugee-crime wave sweeping the country.


Speaking before a meeting of German business leaders in Mainz, near Frankfurt, today, Merkel admitted for the first time that Europe was now “vulnerable” because of the nonwhite invasion.

“Now all of a sudden we are facing the challenge that refugees are coming to Europe and we are vulnerable, as we see, because we do not yet have the order, the control, that we would like to have,” she told her audience.

Doubtless she was referring not only to the fact that the nonwhite hordes are engaged in massive criminal rampages throughout all parts of Germany, but also because of the increasing militancy of the popular resistance among ordinary Germans.

After the most recent anti-invasion rally in Leipzig, for example, when communist thugs attacked the peaceful Pediga one-year-anniversary rally in the city, about two hundred German militants took up the challenge and, for the very first time, gave the city’s infamous communists a taste of their own medicine.

After storming a bar frequented by the communists, the militants then moved on to attack nonwhite invaders in the Connewitz district. Several kebab shops were damaged in the ongoing fighting with the communists and their “immigrant” supporters.

The unexpected counterreaction came after a similar series of attacks in Cologne on Sunday evening, when German patriots set about attacking invaders in revenge for the mass sex attacks on New Year’s Eve. This was followed just two days later by a spontaneous self-defense action of Austrian civilians in a Vienna railway station against a refugee-robber gang.

The controlled media, desperate to try and distort this sudden surge in militancy, has started to give publicity to what it claims are “vigilante” groups being formed all over Germany to “protect German women.”

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For example, the English-language Deutsche Welle news service has given great prominence to a group in Dusseldorf which, it suggests, is organized to somehow fight the invasion.

In reality, anybody looking closely at that—and similar organizations given prominence by the controlled media in Germany and elsewhere—would see that these “vigilante” organizations are led by nonwhite “immigrants”—with the leader of the Dusseldorf group being the native Iranian, Tofigh Hamid.

An article about the new “Dusseldorf vigilante” published in the Bild newspaper, even went as far as to quote one of the Dusseldorf participants as saying that Germans “are in the minority” in the group.

It is clear that organizations such as these—which are given great prominence by the controlled media—are little more than weak propaganda efforts to try and persuade Germans that “not all refugees are bad” and thereby to try and counteract the real rising German militancy.

In reality, there are a number of real German street organizations being formed, where real resistance against the invasion is being formalized. In Saxony, for example, the “FTL / 360” group has already been linked to what the media has called “xenophobic incidents,” while in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the “Vigilante Güstrow” has a National Democratic Party representative as one of its leaders.

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  1. Not we Angela, YOU lost control . You’ve lost something alright. If you really care resign !
    For the people, do it for the people.

    1. we are behind the german people in this,we have had enough,time to oust all these leaders, so called, and their media puppets…Time to go on the offensive against these invaders,,…. for our wives and daughters.The german people can show europe the way…get rid of them all and especially your controlled police leaders and govt media..

      1. If the German people make life intolerable for the economic migrants they will hopefully want to leave and those on the way might turn back.

    2. Angela Mereke should step down immediately for allowing mass immigrants into Germany without proper readiness of infrastructures to cope situation.
      That go same with other European countries for sticking their necks for the axes.

    3. If you lose control then you abandon ship pronto.
      Pray that the U.K. will vote for the return of her sovereignty.
      Pray that Europe will rid itself of the all powerful, corrupt and dictatorial E.U. regime and get back to being best friends and trading partners with one another!

      1. A day or so ago, the BBC announced that Merkel had said that only dialogue with her European leader counterparts and sharing the “Refugee” burden, would the so-called “Refugee” crisis be resolved. Pity she did not consider this “dialogue” unilaterally before singularly beckoning all the worlds waifs and strays to come to Germany last year………….

        Every day we see these pathetic people parade themselves about as so-called, “World Leaders”. What sort of idiot would announce that all in sundry is welcome to come to Germany and take up residence? For one, I do not want this particular idiot (amongst the rest of them) to have any say in my life if the UK remains in the EU. The UK has it in their referendum vote to bring the EU to an end. Amen to that!! (I’m so sorry if I have offended any Muslim or PC fundamentalist in using the word “Amen”)

    4. You are right !!!!- I hope in Canada because we see the trouble in Europe and our leaders will take the advice before its to late and say ;;: We’ve Lost Control

  2. Quote; “because we do not yet have the order, the control, that we would like to have”

    Very carefully phrased, still trying to delude people that they will have the order and control at some point.

    1. I always thought she’s the type that likes to be in “control” ” but how can you lose something that you never had? 🙂

    1. Hi there Flashy, to answer your question, the European brain has been moved to the left by successive politicians, and the MSM, so that everyone who doesn’t invite these invaders with open arms, and in the case of the females, open legs, are far right extremists. The politicians have most of the apathetic locked up in their own dreams of being ‘Britain’s got idiocy’ or some such, and the keepers of the Europe we all used to once hold dear, are pretty much all ex-eastern bloc, they’ve seen the downside. Time for revolution, and a change of some sovereign laws, in Britain, the death penalty needs to be brought back, firstly for treason, but also hate crimes against the indigenous, and immediate deportation for any would be immigrant who commits any crime. Pipe dream? Certainly but you’ve got to start somewhere, and kicking Cameron and his cabinet into the street would be a major start.

      1. Canada Moves to Strip Citizenship From 10 Terrorists

        “Last week, the government successfully revoked the citizenship of the terrorist at the centre of a foiled 2006 bomb plot by members of the so-called Toronto 18, and is doing the same to at least nine other people convicted of terrorist offenses in Canada”
        The recently implemented, and widely condemned, “Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act,” also known as Bill C-24, allows the government to revoke Canadian citizenship from convicted terrorists, spies, enemy combatants, and those who have lied on their immigration applications. The law specifically applies to “dual citizens”.

        1. Unfortunately, the Vice article quoted here was from before the Paris attacks, and from before Canada elected a new PM. Canada’s new PM is as bad as they come, for trying to dumb-down the populace with easy answers. 🙁

      2. Well said and explained Mike,death penalty must be brought back with the re-introduction of “madame guillotine”and Merkel and followers should be the first to taste it!
        The new world order,run by few muslim capitalists,must be stopped now,people must learn that politicians and football are to be put aside,whereas freedom for the people by eliminating muslim invasion is of top priority!

  3. Angela is sufficiently unattractive for an Afghan abduction over her open borders. That means she will not have a LIFE OF HELL IN AN AFGHAN HAREM. How many children are missing in Germany?

  4. Merkel is so stupid she thinks her filthy PC propaganda worked for the masses.

    Welcome to the real world, Merkel. The people never believed any of that crap. No matter that you and your traitorous henchmen called them every name under the sun – raaacist, xenophobe, redneck – they just smouldered with anger and resentment as being abused for the most natural thing in the world – loving their own people and their own country.

    Well, Merkel, you lit a match when you invited the third world in. The smouldering has burst into a cleansing flame and I don’t fancy your chances of putting it out. Did you really think Germans would be happy to be heavily taxed to keep those ‘refugees’ for the rest of their useless criminal lives?

    You should be condemned to exile for the rest of your miserable life in some Middle Eastern or North African third world dump. Hanging is too good for you.

  5. I take it what Merkel was saying when she said “we do not yet have order, the control”.it’s Merkel,Junckers and Schultz German controlled EU Army waiting to be rolled out at a conveniently planned setup time.

  6. Yes, keep Germany WHITE ONLY. The other races already have a place to stay. White people are being crushed all over the planet, their civil rights taken away or ignored by police. KEEP GERMANY WHITE, IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. “Yes, keep Germany WHITE ONLY”

      Too late, Gus … at least 50 years too late!
      A lot of Turkish gastarbeiters started to arrive in Germany during the Wirtschaftswunder (“economic miracle”) of the 1960’s already.

    2. I’m afraid it’s too late to “keep” Germany white. Make Germany white again! is our only option and that’s not going to be easy. I can only visualise autonomous regions, inhabited by white Europeans, and that’s assuming the EU collapses in time to make this feasable.

  7. The matter is slowly but surely sliding inexorably toward mass sedition. How will the Globalists and Liberals react?
    How will the BBC the, “Most Trusted Broadcaster in the World” (apparently self proclaimed) broadcast their distorted view of this deepening crisis in Europe?

  8. i’m sure the solution will be more muslim outreach, education about the 5 pillars of islam and rational conversation on the superiority of sharia law. and, supporting the import of many, many more unvetted muslim men of military age. go angela.

  9. @ putupjob. Exactly….that`s the stark reality of the Merkel `dream`……our nightmare and our dystopian future if she gets her way. She can`t be allowed to win.

  10. As ‘Trump’ said “What is going on, we need to wait and find out what is really going on here before making any decisions which effect us all?” So lets spin that around and reverse psychology and say Yes, all that is currently happening in Europe & mainly Western Countries is deliberate but for a ‘Common Good’ to the ‘establishment’. In particular Europe seems to be drifting apart fracturing, splitting etc. and if they encouraged us to unite or stay together we would by all Human Nature want & demand an even quicker split. However if you give people from many different nations a common cause/goal to unite then the task is much easier to attain and that being said is the survival of the EU as way too much has been put into this ‘pet project’ – the “Refugee/Immigrant/Migrant Crisis” is just that tool to band or bond people together with a lot of Media Spin? Yes, equally what has or is and is going to happen in the near future is terrible even ghastly in terms of rapes, sexual assaults, murders, rapes, thefts & a whole lot more, not to mention all the victims caught up in all this. As the old saying goes “Sometimes you have to loose a battle to win the War” or in modern times is considered ‘collateral damage’ so a lot of what is currently going on & the victims are as sad as it is are collateral damage of course no-one will ever admit to it, anywhere. Now many of you will say I’m way off even delusional but what if I am right well it is never right to see, hear or read about the exploitation of many people especially women & kids both those already here and those coming trying to find a better life. Sure things are rough now and will probably be so for a short term but things will get back to normal or near enough with many Europeans feeling closer, stronger & more United which is the end goal! This could all have been thought up by an individual or individuals working for one of the agencies or “Think Tanks” and “Masters at what they do”. Ask yourself what would you do if you were in charge to try to sort this whole mess out without breaking to many protocols or International Laws in the process, as Compensation can be a very costly business?

    1. @ Bob Not sure what you actually meant re a solution. I may have misunderstood ….(in which case – apologies) but are you advocating adding women and children?
      Hhmm!. So not only would we have young fit males roaming at will but we`d also have the whole damn setup. Older males plus wives plus offspring.
      Then if they`re not loafing about they`re fighting each other or other countries.
      quote: “Compensation can be a very costly business?” Not half as costly as supporting huge numbers of whole families for generations to come. Add their infernal religion and our own (even earlier) demise would be assured. To be honest, I`d rather be skint and safe, (safer?) It`d be one helluva resounding NO from me.

      1. No, I am in no way advocating adding women & kids or the elderly & sick but it is a fact that our Liberal/lefties & current Regime are, these aforementioned groups or individuals should have been given priority before the young fit males. We could say that this whole mess or disaster is not going to well for us ‘Patriots’ or ‘Indigenous People’ and something and someone somewhere needs to do something drastic to reverse this whole debacle with the approval of the Majority rather than the Minority but I don’t see that happening anytime soon – do you? In reference to the “exploitation of many people especially women & kids both those already here and those coming trying to find a better life.” I was referring to the abuses that happened in this Country at all levels and was covered up by the establishment, the many “women & kids” currently seeking asylum or safe passage are widows or in dire situations(ie fleeing abusive relationships & other things) & Christians or other faith minorities so they are the ones who should be given the Chance to a better life and hopefully blending in better, than the hordes of males we are currently getting?

      2. In regards the “Compensation…” I was merely trying to point out the disparity between our own People & Veterans and these “others” and the huge imbalance in payments or sums assured. A Vet after serving Q & C suffering terrible loses through lost limbs, body shredded to pieces & the other hidden injuries better known as PTSD/Mental Health gets what about £150K Max. but many get nowhere near that and its very hard to get accurate figures anywhere. Whilst many who want to carry out atrocities, carnage in the name of their religion or other causes including criminality get a lot more some recent pay-outs reached £1M. Correct, me if I’m wrong but should it not be the other way round as this is wholly unjustified but then again we just have to look at the ‘Do-Gooders’ currently running the show? I personally don’t think we will get a solution to all this from the current or any future establishment but it will be left to us as individuals & collectively to make the necessary changes we so desperately need. I know what I would do if I was in charge and was merely trying to get positive debate going by asking what others would do if they found themselves in charge?
        @ Jay no apology necessary as I do have thick skin nice to see there are still a few polite people around and you & others keep up the good work/comments on this site before they(Establishment) curtail “Our Freedom of Speech” – enjoy your weekend.

  11. – Create crisis
    – Tell the masses things are out of control
    – Promise solutions
    – Implement police state

    Act wisely, folks.

  12. Isn’t their objective order out chaos? White genocide is part of that “order”. Read what Barbara spectre says, getting instructions from the Talmud. It all really points to one certain group of people orchestrating this multicultural nightmare.

  13. A very good analysis. I didn’t realise these vigilante groups were manned mainly by migrants, I suspected they were AntiFA’s in the pay of the government and establishment politicians. It’s a déja-vu moment, what the Germans call “Weimarer Verhältnisse”. In other words it looks like a re-run of the 1930’s when left and right wing thugs clobbered each other in the streets. That’s why Merkel and her buddies are panicky. The 4th Reich is at hand, so to speak…

  14. Merkel has admitted these Syrian invaders with a different culture. There is no gender equality in Muslim countries. Most of the invaders are young men. They have left behind their wives and parents in their own countries. So their objective is quite transparent — to get nice jobs and to have sex with German girls (as happened in Cologne and other cities) Teenage victims have spoken of being groped between the legs, while boys ‘ran their hands’ over their bodies in the crowds . Police have now admitted to playing down the events. In the coming months, German girls can also be lured to marry Syrians which is known as love jihad and ultimately they will be forced to become Muslims. Merkel has admitted 1.1 million refugees and they will multiply within a few years. The time bomb will explode and make Germans weak to resist them as the Cologne girls felt when they were surrounded by Muslims. A new racism (einen neuen Rassismus) has erupted in Germany. This may create a new Hitler in the days to come and when Merkel’s regime is changed, the possibility of a racial warfare cannot be ruled out. If Hitler had targeted Jews, the new leader will target Muslims. Czech president Milos Zeman said that it was “practically impossible” to integrate the Muslim community into European society. Dutch anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders has handed out self-defence sprays to women fearful of what he described as “Islamic testosterone bombs”.As Wilders’ popularity soars on the back of disenchantment over immigration, Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s two-party coalition is in a slump, losing ground mainly to Wilders

  15. It seems likely that Merkel’s actions could indeed put Germany into some kind of civil war. This isn’t insanity, it is a plan for INVASION!

  16. What she means is that they’ve failed with the cover-ups and that the truth they tried to hide and the fact they tried to hide the truth has bit them on the backside.


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