Merkel Agrees to Take Italy’s Invaders

The Angela Merkel government will take in thousands of invaders currently in Italy—even those who are obviously not “refugees” in any sense of the word.

The invaders—who illegally entered Italy by boat—will start being transferred directly from September this year at the rate of “hundreds” per month..


Only Syrians, Eritreans, and Iraqis qualify for the relocation program, meaning the majority of invaders from Africa will not be “eligible for relocation.”

German foreign minister Thomas de Maiziere, speaking at a summit in Rimini, apologized to Italy because Germany had not taken in all of the invaders from Italy that it said it would, and that this oversight would be corrected.

According to the latest data, some 3,915 Eritreans, 787 Syrians, and 686 Iraqis reached Italy in the first seven months of 2016.

The “arrangement” was announced by Italy’s Interior Minister Angelino Alfano, who said that an agreement had been reached this week to start moving “hundreds” every month.

The plan is an attempt to restart the European Commission’s stalled 2015 “relocation program” which was designed to move the mass Third World invaders into other European Union member states away from the invasion beaches of Italy and Greece.

Under the original scheme, up to 40,000 invaders were to be “relocated” from Italy, but so far only a few hundred have been flown out with many EU Member States reluctant to take them in.

“Up until now, the relocation has been a real flop,” Alfano told la Repubblica TV.

“(But) today we have heard that from September hundreds of refugees will be able to go each month to Germany. If things go well with Germany, we think they will also go well with other countries,” he added.

“We must remember that Germany already took in more than one million migrants in 2015. If it also takes in some of our (refugees) … the message will be extremely strong, because if Germany can do it, then so can all those who have not put in the huge effort that Germany already has,” Alfano said.

He said that the system “was based on the two pillars of solidarity and responsibility,” adding Italy had done its part including fingerprinting all the nonwhites who had arrived in Italy, taking all the requested countermeasures, and setting up hotspots to identity and register the invaders.

“We were supposed to receive solidarity (from EU partners) in exchange, which would mean an equal distribution of refugees from Italy across Europe. Yet, this has not occurred,” he said.

The 40,000 figure was based on the invasion levels of 2014, and since then, the numbers of Africans invading Italy has increased dramatically.

Official estimates are that at least 420,000 invaders have landed in Italy since the start of 2014.

Many of the ultra-low IQ African invaders have already moved north to the richer pickings of the northwestern European welfare states, but a recent crackdown on border crossings north has caused a huge “backlog” in Italy.

Restarting the “relocation” program is bound to heighten tensions with those Eastern European nations which have already declared their opposition to the notion.

The Hungarian government in particular has already started legal proceedings against the European Commission in Brussels to get the edict overturned, and Germany’s unilateral decision to proceed with the plan is a deliberate provocation in this regard.

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  1. Italy’s Interior Minister Angelino Alfano, said that an agreement had been reached this week to start moving “hundreds” every month. Alfano, none of the EU countries asked to be invaded by third world trash who have different cultures and don’t abide by laws! How many have you got in your house? Do you live in a immigrant area?

    1. I agree that Angelino Alfano should show what a good person he is and offer his hous(es) to “refugees.” Expenses and care-taking has to be paid for and done by his family.

    2. By taking them in and distributing them to Germany will just encourage more to come. Rescuing mobs from the Mediterranean is acting as a ferry service. When will those in charge come up with some way to discourage migrants who don’t belong in countries of Christian basis? Low IQ Africans? Well those in charge in the EU don’t score well either. Pot and kettle spring to mind.

      1. Jail is too good for the evil NWO Whore! She’s single-handedly destroying White, Christian Europe and she’s still breathing?. . .

    1. She is a psychopath. Like a serial killer, she know exactly what she is doing and she knows it is wrong but she is determined to do it.

  2. Brexit was right.

    Rest assured, if Britain remained in the EU, a massive proportion of those frauds ‘relocated’ to Germany would have made their way to the UK.

  3. Italy has problems enough with economic collapse, and now that earthquake.

    The frauds are only making things far worse for Italy.

  4. “Only Syrians, Eritreans and Iraqis”. Is that a direct request from the young German girls then? Nah, thought not. The only preference is for non of that rapist mob to set foot on German soil. Germany will need liberating by foreign military force at this rate, whether from inside or outside of Europe.

    1. Yup – it’ll be Vienna 1683 all over again, and soon. We’ll have to go in there and mop up once more before the mess spills east onto our soil. Can’t have 50 years of peace and quiet without some German moron screwing it all up for everybody around them.

  5. It defies comprehension. That evil bitch destroys a whole continent. Now even more will come. There is no end in sight!

    1. Catch 22, then mad Merkel should get herself a island,I know she can affort one, put all her invaders there and live with them so she finally is happy. We sure need to get rid of that insane woman before she does more harm.

  6. No expenditure is questioned. Wasting money, polluting the environment go along as usual until everything breaks down.
    Legal proceedings will not change anything, because even if the Hungarian Government wins. What are they going to do even if they win a verdict?
    Apart from protecting their own territory? Who is going to execute a possible verdict? The UN with troops from China and Brazil?
    Unlikely as the UN is pro immigration into European countries.
    Probably Russia some might say. Unlikely too, as the Chabad Lubavitch and their tribesmen have a strong grip over the country’s economy.
    Unless their is a plan to wipe out Germany ( and the rest of Western Europe) completely off the map by instigating with the help of fake asylum seekers the fast breakdown of western Europe. And when there is chaos ruling, then the Kreml on orders of World Jewry might move into Western Europe as liberators to restore order.
    But anyway that’s pure speculation.
    The whole situation points out how absurd the the so called EU legal system is. It has no meaning at all. Only power counts and if someone doesn’t have it. Bad luck.
    Change will happen when a dedicated group of people with a strong cosmovision get together and are starting to fight back. These must be people with a profound understanding in human psychology, politics, warfare, and a higher objective for the future.
    Something that the democratic Jewish masonic feminist capitalcommunist states can’t offer.

  7. Doesn’t matter how Merkel thinks she is going to share these invaders out with the rest of the EU, they won’t go or settle in countries with poor benefits, housing or family reunion packages, the vast majority are economic refugees only after a better life for nothing.

  8. Italy provides a taxi service: Libya to Italy…….so they must want them.

    Merkel says she’ll take thousands. This is her way of distributing them around Europe. She doesn’t register or fingerprint them. Most have no passports or fake……and then they just disappear to where they want to go. I would refute Merkel’s caring Germany ……….as she has lost half of those she took in. No registering and hasn’t a clue where they are.

  9. Send all the nonwhites to soros’s many
    many homes. Include george clooneys,
    angelina jolie pitts, bezerkel merkels,
    jug head junckers, odummas future
    home. Include all of hymiewoods leftist
    liberals etc,etc. This is a cancer being
    brought to all of Europe.

  10. You might want to read

    Project white genocide: the dark agenda of Count Coudenhave Kalergi


    Europe: the substitution of a population

  11. I think Merkel is Soros love child or else mistress. Someone with PHD should have extensive research on those people before inviting them into the country. She shamed not only her country but all PHDs in her country.

  12. Why r the loyal people of Germany allowing this!!!! Do not try too ease ur conscious !!!!!! For ur misdemeanours in the past merkel !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will not sit by and watch u destroy our country’s invited um u keep um u AV betrayed ur country hang ur head in shame genuine people of Deutschland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!! Save ur country!!!!!!!!

    1. The BBC just reported that Merkel`s popularity with the German people has dropped `a little` since the `refugee` crisis.
      .I`m amazed the hag is still alive let alone still in office .

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