Merkel Backs Down over Internal Party “Dispute” to Stay in Power

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed down in her election-engineered fake “dispute” with her Bavarian coalition party partner in order to stay in power, agreeing to the building of “transit centers” on the German southern border to turn back “refugees” who have lodged asylum claims in other European countries.

Merkel at the latest meeting of the Europäische Rat  (European Council) meeting in Brussels.

The “concession”—which of course means absolutely nothing and will not in the slightest manner stop the mass Third World invasion of Europe—is political posturing adopted by the Bavarian Christian Socialist Union (CSU) party in that state which faces a stiff electoral challenge from the anti-invasion Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party in upcoming elections.

The CSU has been complicit all along with Merkel’s planned invasion of Germany and has only now started to pretend to oppose the fake refugee influx out of fear of the AfD, and not for any genuine desire to protect Germany.

Making the announcement of the “breakthrough” on Wednesday, Merkel told the German parliament that her government will serve its full four-year term, and that the CSU would not quit as they had earlier threatened.

Merkel does however still need to secure support from her far left Socialist Democrat of Germany(SPD) junior coalition partners for the move—something which although not guaranteed, is highly likely because they too know that the gesture is meaningless.

At the supposed “transit centers,” nonwhite invaders already registered elsewhere in the European Union and not entitled to settle in Germany could be turned back, according to the agreement.

Merkel said the “refugees” will be held for a maximum of 48 hours at the transit centers, an apparent attempt to allay SPD concerns, adding that the 48-hour limit was mandated by the German constitution.

* Earlier, Merkel brokered a nonsense “migrant deal” with other European Union leaders in Brussels which claimed that “closed reception centers” would be established for invaders within the EU, and that EU countries willing to establish the centers would process all “asylum seekers” on their territory.

Of course, no European states have yet volunteered to set up such processing centers, and two—France and Austria—have already specifically rejected the idea, with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz telling media that his nation was not a first state of entry country unless the invaders “arrived by parachute.”

The nonsense deal also proposes setting up screening facilities to determine the genuineness of “asylum” claims in countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The plan involves bribing those states with large amounts of cash in order to allow such centers to be setup.

Once again, this proposal is idiotic, not only because there are no genuine “asylum seekers” (but only nonwhites fleeing their self-created economic and social home states), but also because many of the target states have also already rejected the idea.

The EU deal also agreed to pay another €3 billion ($3.497 billion) to Turkey in the second installment of the 2016 compensation deal for that country’s pledge to stem the invasion of Europe from its shores.

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  1. Communists never ever ‘capitulate’ or give in to democracy etc. They never stop , scheming , lying and cheating. Merkel has been very clever in tricking the dumb, into thinking she has changed. I smell the stink of consultation with the lethal commies – Soros and Obama in this. They were the ones who launched Mutta M’s open invitation borders to the entire third world. They will continue with their invasion plan until white Europe is finished. Anyway, Africa has been promised ( and halfway fallen ) to the Chi coms, so it must be emptied of its third world inhabitants , one way or another. That’s really why Gaddhafi, who was locking down the Nth Africa ports against a tsunami of African ‘wanderers’, had to be destroyed by Clinton.

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