Merkel Buys another Two Weeks of Political Life

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reached a last-minute compromise to grant her another two-week extension to save her ruling coalition—and her own political career—this week, by persuading Interior Minister Horst Seehofer to agree to wait for an upcoming EU summit before imposing new border controls.

Seehofer, interior minister and leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister party to her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has threatened to impose border controls in Bavaria—the main crossing point for invaders into Germany—and turn back anyone without valid identification papers.

Such a policy goes directly against existing EU “freedom of movement” policies and Merkel’s own “open borders” to invaders ideology which has flooded Germany with over two million nonwhites since 2015.

The crisis was set for a showdown on Monday this week, but Merkel has now persuaded Seehofer to agree to wait for a European summit at the end of the month, so that a new bloc-wide asylum reform could be agreed before he unilaterally imposed his border control proposal.

When she announced the “deal” at a press conference, Merkel said there would however be “no automatism” in shutting borders to the flood of fake asylum-seekers after the EU summit—a phrase, which the Deutsche Welle news service “effectively gave herself another deadline extension.”

At the same time, Seehofer told a separate press conference in Munich that he wanted to start turning invaders back at the border if EU talks failed to produce results.

If Seehofer were to impose border controls unilaterally using his authority as interior minister, Merkel could overrule him using her constitutional power as chancellor.

But that would likely lead to Seehofer’s resignation, a collapse of the government coalition, and new elections, in which Merkel would be unlikely to survive.

In an article published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Seehofer said that he “must have the right to turn people away” in cases where they do not have a right to enter under European law.

He also called on the EU summit produce resolutions “that recognize Germany’s burdens in migration policy, that guarantee an effective protection of the EU’s external borders and a fair distribution of people with residency rights, as well as a speedy return of people without residency rights.”

Seehofer is only making these moves now—after years of acquiescence to the invasion of Germany—because he faces a stiff challenge from the anti-invasion Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party in Bavaria’s state election in October.

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  1. Dirty politics again, Merkel is hoping to get the rest of the EU on her side to stop this man from doing what most of Germany wants anyway. In every war there has been ‘collateral damage’, but the war against the draining of Africa’s nations has not even started. The UN is totally inept, they should remove every country that is losing their nationals to Europe. They should put effective Border controls on their own country, but of course they will want the Western World to pay them more.

  2. This pathetic Old Bag is headed for the dustbin of History.The worse leader Germany has ever had.This rotten bag has single handedly tried to destroy not just Germany but Europe as well…..Alternative For Germany NOW! Merkel RAUS! and take all your invaders with you……

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