Merkel: EU “Must take Muslims”

The refusal of some European Union countries to accept Muslim refugees is “unacceptable” and all of them must take in Muslims, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced.

Merkel also announced new plans for quotas to divide the nonwhite invaders throughout the EU bloc.


“That’s not right at all that some countries say: ‘generally speaking, we don’t want to have Muslims in our countries,’” Merkel told German public television channel ARD.

She also announced a new “quota system” for taking in the invaders, and said that “everyone must do their part,” and that “a common solution must be found.”

Speaking at an “Open Day” at her Chancellery in Berlin last Sunday, Merkel said that all EU Member States had to agree to the “refugee distribution program”—and that no one can be allowed to opt out.

In contrast to this position, Hungary and some Visegrad countries (Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia) seek to either have no “refugees,” or to get the EU to provide border guards for other EU countries on the border frontlines.

The Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten reported that Merkel was presented with these demands at her recent meeting with representatives from Visegrad nations in Warsaw.

In March this year, Slovak President Robert Fico vowed that he would “never bring even a single Muslim” into his country.

Fico said that jihadists “masquerading as refugees” could infiltrate the European Union, and has said his government would be “monitoring every Muslim.”

Last week, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said, “We don’t have a large Muslim community here, and, to be honest, we don’t want a large Muslim community to form here, given the problems we’re seeing [in the rest of Europe].”

Speaking to the Pravo newspaper, Sobotka said that his views “diverged” from Merkel’s on the topic.

“It’s not possible to have the same approach as Germany last year, namely to authorize the influx of a huge number of people without any oversight,” he said.

Last month, Czech President Milos Zeman said he opposed taking in any migrants at all and described Merkel’s policy as “absurd.”

Merkel’s demand that all the EU Member States absorb Muslims puts her therefore completely at odds with the Eastern European nations.

The two sides are set for a showdown next month, when an EU summit takes place on the topic.

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  1. If the MPs of these countries grew spines and told Merkel to do one! Stop making excuses. You work for the people of your own countries, not Merkel.

    1. Yes.

      It’s perfectly possible for them to work in unison and bring the EU to a state of paralysis by blocking all further initiatives – remember that ‘qualified majority voting’ – itself profoundly undemocratic and destroying of sovereignty – is the rule in the EU.

      But I doubt if they have the courage or wisdom to do this.

      1. Jonathan, if I’m very much mistaken, its now a case of Germany, ‘calling the tune’ on every subject connected to the EU. Could it be that this was the Grand Plan devised for the EU all those decades ago?

  2. Visegrad = Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia

    I’m glad that government changed in Poland last year, otherwise we’d have already some of them here. Europe and Christmas should be WHITE.

  3. Bezerkel merkel PhD. The old hag
    is just plain poop piled higher and deeper. She is no leader and is
    essentially slowly destroying Europe
    Her new motto should be “I screwed up”
    She is in need of some serious mental care.

  4. Who the hell does this woman think she is to tell sovereign nations what they have to do. If you guys across the pond don’t get control of this situation the 4th reich is on its way.

    1. We here in New England are ready to aim and fire. Should this shit come here where I live, our blacks and whites will fight back. Now that would be a chimp out to end all others. Pure chaos. I can only imagine what would happen.

  5. She also announced a new “quota system” for taking in the invaders, and said that “everyone must do their part,” and that “a common solution must be found.”

    The common solution is bloody obvious!

    What right does Merkel have to dictate to other countries what their immigration policies should be?? This woman is clearly power mad and her diktats are ‘unacceptable’

    1. The common solution is to kick their sorry, unwanted asses back to the self-created hellholes they came from. The vast majority of the low IQ black Africans arriving by the thousand in Southern Europe will have their sights set on Calais and on to Britain. What we are supposed to do with them if they make it in? How exactly did the dregs of the Third World become our problem?

      We don’t need them and we don’t want them. What’s so difficult for our politicians to understand?

      1. Except some idiots…I include my aged mother amongst them, say they are the white man’s burden and suffered because of Colonialism.
        Mind you, after my vehement response she’s never said anything similar…I my hearing at least.

    2. Hey Merkel and Hillary! Let your new pets loose in an American ghetto. Mayhem ensues and our guys have questionable weapons to say the least. Wow, I can’t believe I just said that. Roll Cameras!

  6. I had read a few years ago that Ms Merkel was part-Jewish and a former E. German Communist. That would explain quite a bit.

  7. She invited them into her country she and she alone is responsible. For them stand tall and proud we will never be invaded on the falsehoods of one stupid woman this is our life our time we will live our lives as we want take your dictorship and shove it where the sun don’t shine !!!!! Never mind the migrant crisis watch the people rise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

    1. I tell you that almost every German I had met during the years was a leftist or at least CDU/SPD/FDP/GRUENE/DIELINKE sympathetic.
      “Right wingers are a problem was the common denominator.”
      I think it’s unfair to give all the fault Merkel, because if the people had have been strong, united and in solidarity with each other (true Volksgemeinschaft/ community spirit) and would have looked out for poorer countrymen then she couldn’t have had invited all the invaders.
      The problem is that too many Germans have become materialists and superficial and the constant worries about their good image to the “international community” have made them weak. By following the holocaust cult and “refugees welcome” slogans these “Germans” want to show that they are better then their other countrymen , for example “Assi”(contemptuous expression for being unemployed) NPD voters.
      NPD = nationalist party (has people who are jew wise)

      So all the people who voted election after election for Merkel or any of these other parties I have mentioned above should admit – if they have some brains left – that they have chosen their own butcher.
      I feel bad for the true Germans that have still maintained their mystic roots or found back to their roots cutting through the brainwashing layers and then acted accordingly in honor for their ancestors.
      (not participating in lies, making videos adn publishing them on a platform or supporting when possible sites like TNO, helping like minded trustworthy countrymen etc,..)

      It should also be noted that many Germans (and still do) have given Adolf Hitler the fault for almost everything for what happened during the second world war and the loss of Germany in that battle round.
      But Adolf Hitler had a vision that went beyond what many could see.

      Also the Germans had suffered probably the worst propaganda against them as planned by the Jewish/masonic Mafia. But it wouldn’t have worked weren’t it not for the so called “German resistance fighters” who betrayed during the war Wehrmacht and SS soldier on the supplement and front line. After the war these people were put into power again as town mayors, editors of newspapers and television and so on. That’s crucial to understand why the situation in the FRG is today like that.
      Even within the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht were traitors who where responsible for the deaths of millions. Exactly these characterless people are being hailed as heroes in the FRG although their goals were purely egoistic or hadn’t understood the greater picture albeit Adolf Hitler explaining openly on the radio and public meetings why they are fighting. That’s the reason why most of the Germans soldiers and people back then fought until the end and beyond.

      Anyway MERKel will be a chancellor who will go down in history as the public face of having initiated officially the beginning of the end of the FRG.
      Quite interesting that MERKEL’S name contains MERK , translated into English it could be translated like this:
      German English
      merken =to notice, to remember
      Interesting word play.
      And Merkel as the public executor on behalf of the kabbalists and banksters is doing exactly that.
      Now she will be remembered.
      Let’s hope that more and more people will truly see through the layers of deceit, if possible as much as they can. Only strong and critical people can form a new and better system.
      The true power comes form understanding the cosmos and the human (mass) psyche.

    2. Hate to say this, but…if Hillary goes on, then watch the ghettos explode when they find out that these useless, non English speaking idiots are getting preference over them. Dat gonna be gud.

  8. Europe substitution of a population
    Is an interesting article.

    If you haven’t read
    Project white genocide the dark agenda of Count Coudenhave Kalergi,

    You will appreciate the explanation of what his behind Merkel’s actions. She has won the Charlemagne prize twice for being such a good European…

  9. She is in for a big surprise. Central European countries will leave the EU rather than take in these most undesirable of Third World escapees. And after the attacks in Belgium and France, I think the peoples of those countries will have something to say to any of their politicians who suggests bringing in any more Muslims to add to those already there.

    1. I hope you’re right, willg. I do hope that Poland and the other Visegrad countries tell Merkel to bugger off and that there’s no way they are going to accept muslims as immigrants.

  10. I personally think Merkel is literally insane! Something is not right there, and I am amazed that Germans are allowing this chaos to continue. The Koran is a book of hatred of all so-called unbelievers, as is the Haddith. There is no tolerance of other religions, and the stated goal of Islam is to abolish all other religions. I am sure there are many nice and peace-loving Muslims. But what of their descendants? Remember, the Nazis were actually a small part of the German population, but look what they did! Radical Imams are also a small part of the Muslim population, but they appear to be in control, and who among peace-loving Muslims are going to oppose them. There will be terrible bloodshed if Merkel’s insanity is not stopped!

    1. Merkel has serious brain problems. So does her gal pal here in the USA. There is really something seriously wrong with both of them, and there is something more going on, usually involving money, insider deals and corruption. Having a soft heart for a stray cat or dog, who will be forever thankful for their rescue and repay you in kind is not what these “refugees” are all about. They are like bad dogs and feral cats. Good bye.

  11. There is going to be a lot more talk & hopefully action on the collapse of the EU.

    Austria will hopefully get the conservative government they need and leave the EU. This will encourage others like Poland, Hungary to make the right noises as well.

    Europe has less than 2 years to save itself. After that time span it’ll all turn to shit!

  12. The common solution should be for Europe to raise hell at the US and demand we stop the bombing in Syria. Then band together with Russia and exterminate ISIS. Have the refugees return to their country and try to rebuild.

  13. Brexit was right.

    Britons who voted for brexit should be immensely proud of their vote – just ignore the enormous welter of propaganda from the BBC and the lying press trying to sow the seeds of doubt in the public mind.

  14. She wants to wipe off christians. She is the whore of babelon. Christian countries must unite to get rid of her. She is extremely dangerous.

    1. Hi Victor, I’ve watched her on TV while she was attending the mourning service at munich after the terror attack. Everybody was praying. Now how do you hold your hands when talking to god? My mother said:”look at her hands! Look at her hands!” Merkel held her hands in that mansonic triangle. Im not really supersticious, but this gave me cold shivers.

  15. Do not listen to this treasonous old woman she,and she alone , invited them in and caused all the ensuing rapes,robberies etc.For gods sake germany deal with this woman and all her supporters before you are finished for good….terry

  16. Merkel’s demands that other nations MUST TAKE IN MUSLIMS will be backed 100% by Juncker threatening to impose sanctions, cut of money supplies in order to get their way. Belgium is supporting a fast-track formation of the Super State now that we’ve voted to come out. Hopefully. there will be no single market to worry about because the Eastern countries and some smaller ones will be wanting out.
    Any one like me that has worked in the Middle East would know what level of lies they are capable of producing. Don’t forget they got rid of their papers, the men of 17-35 are spineless traitors to the Muslim World because they not only don’t want to work, they don’t abide by the Koran, they drink and gamble, rape and pillage.

  17. Big mother is watching you. She hasn’t got it yet, that the DDR is history. Her dream is a brainwashed united Europe under muttis spell. Don’t ask me, why germans can’t get rid of her. I don’t understand it. German society is still pretty biased against women in leading positions, usually. But for mutti not a single man with a spine is in sight to kick her a..

  18. Adolf Hitler looks better and better, doesn’t he? Angela Merkel has become what Hitler is only accused of being — a German dictator forcing his ideas on the people that the people don’t want. Hitler persuaded, he didn’t dictate. And he wanted to build up the GERMAN people, not make them disappear. Time to speak the truth.

    1. Yes Merkel has an agreement with Saudi Arabia.
      The agreement is in accordance with the ongoing but secret, bi-annual Euro-Arab-Dialogue, which has been conducted every year since the so-called OPEC crisis in 1973.
      Oil producing nations doubled the price of crude at the time and only agreed further supplies in exchange for technical help and this pre-arranged exodus from the middle-east into Europe.
      One of the first facilitations by Uk government was removal of Christian teaching and morning assembly at schools, this would have caused friction for the Jew and Christian hating muslim influx.

  19. Ms. Merkel obviously believes she is the Queen of Europe and has absolute, dictatorial powers. Grow your spine, Europe, and kick Queenie out of power and into jail where she belongs.

  20. It doesn’t matter what Merkel wants, these migrants don’t want to go to many of the EU countries because they are too poor and the migrants don’t see any benefit for themselves. They want to go to Germany and Sweden and UK if they can manage it. What will stop them doing exactly that once they are within the Schwengen zone. Thank God we voted for Brexit and we were never a part of the Schwengen agreement.

    1. Totally agreed! The leaders need to be taken out, or like Hillary who is above the law and will not be put in prison, Merkel will be the cause of so much human misery and directly responsible for the deaths of many! Except for context, how is she any different than Hitler? She too will be entitled to suffer the agony of perpetual hell! The master puppeteers are also insane! There must be a revolution, and it is not a revolution but a restoration of sanity! But how do we become united in action?

  21. Frau Merkel est une catastrophe, c’est par elle qu’à commencer l’Union Européenne, elle a entraîné rapidement Hollande puis les autres pays qui en font partie dont certains étaient réticents, cette ex- communiste née en RDA veut mettre l’Europe à feu et à sang, j’ai lu récemment que 50% des Allemands voudraient la réélire pour un quatrième mandat, j’espère que cette fanatique ne sera plus réélue.

  22. No everyone does not need to take in these “refugees” Merkel decided on her own to suspend immigration laws and let them in , she has no right to tell all other countries they have to take their fair share.Absoultly no right. I am confident she and Brussels will blackmail the eastern Euopean countries into doing it, f they are smart they will leave the EU , it will cost them more than they will ever lose.

  23. Just who does Merkel think she is? God Almighty? People are absolutely sick of this former East German Communist Stasi agent & her Jew nation-wrecking cronies who control the EU & our White nations. Lies & Hypocrisy has always been their stock-in-trade & of course, while in Israel Merkel thanked the Jews for allowing her to address the Knesset in her native tongue – Hebrew. The Jews Lies & Hypocrisy is never more on show than when this anti-White Jew clique attempt to bully & persecute our White nations in order to flood our White nations with yet more Third World invaders – but mums the word when it comes to racist supremacist anti-immigration Israel & Saudi Arabia who should be taking in these invaders who have more in common with them than we White Europeans have. Merkel’s deliberate Third World invasion by any other name is still White genocide and these Jew nation-wreckers need to be stopped in their tracks before we become hated minorities in our own White nations. For that is the path we are now taking.

    1. Sadly, we (white people) are already hated in our own countries… Anything against muslim invasion is RACIST! Our biggest enemy, are the mainstream media, the leftwing extrememists and the islamophile politicians!!!
      The next step will be civilwar…!

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