Merkel Flying in 1,000 Invaders Per Month

The Angela Merkel regime will start flying 1,000 nonwhite invaders every month into Germany as of November via specially chartered flights from Italy and Greece, it has been revealed.

The invaders are part of the European Union “deal” to redistribute the invaders who landed in the southern European nations out among EU member states.


According to a statement issued by Merkel’s Interior Minister, Thomas de Maizière, the initial plans were to “collect” 500 invaders from Greece and Italy each month and place them in a “transit camp” in Erding, near Munich.

De Maizière said that the invaders had all already applied for “asylum” in Italy and Greece, and all of them will “have a very good chance of recognition as refugees in Germany.” He said that these selected “refugees” all claim to be Eritrean, Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, and Somalian nationals.

With all the plans now in place, he said, the Federal Government will start flying in 1,000 invaders every month from November onward.

The invaders will be “picked up and will travel by charter flights to Germany, and accommodated centrally in Erding for up to 72 hours,” De Maizière said, adding that in this way the Federal Government intends to bring at least 40,000 more “asylum seekers” to Germany.

The invaders will go through an “accelerated and success-promising asylum procedure” once they land, he added.

The move follows the EU decision to move 160,000 invaders pretending to be asylum seekers on from Greece and Italy into other EU member states.

This plan has however encountered opposition from the Eastern European member states of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland, who have all refused to accept these quotas.

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  1. Angela Merkel is two-faced.

    The silly old cow tells the public that she is backtracking on ‘open borders’, yet the old bag is, in reality, doubling down on third world immigration into Germany.

    Brexit was right.

    1. I am really hoping, and i’m pretty sure, our trumpenfuehrer has someone influential reading this quality site, taking all this in, for future “chats” with the decrepit old witch.

  2. There’s me having to scrimp and save for two years on a pension, before I can afford a holiday, after having paid taxes all my life and these third worlders get everything for nothing!

  3. Just who is funding Merkel`s latest literal flights of foreign fancy ?
    Astronomical figures are being quoted about how much the UK would have to stump up if we want to throw off the EU shackles.
    Merkel no doubt hopes a stupendous UK fine would either deter us from leaving or allow her to recover the costs of her colossal cock-up. Merkel wins whichever way.

  4. So the UK is now expected to fund this action as well?
    Brexit now! No more funds & that whole charade will collapse in a heap within 6 months.
    Do iit immediately.

  5. These invaders don’t want to go to former eastern european countries the benefits aren’t generous enough, they want to select the wealthiest countries with good family reunion packages, so its goodbye to German, Sweden and France as we know them they will be invaded and none of these invaders wants to work, Merkel thought she was getting a new work force what a deluded politician she has turned out to be.

  6. I don’t think the German people will be at all happy with this. She is looking at an election soon and she is not going about collecting votes in her favour. Why the f… sake is she is charge? She is unbelievably stupid.

    1. The reason Merkel is in charge, even though she has no position within Brussels apart from being head honcho of Germany, ie. similar to Hollande in France and May here, is because that is the destination of the EU, towards becoming the great EUSSR, the 4th Reich, ie. the new German Super State. They are hoping you won’t notice until it is too late to extricate ourselves. The Euro is geared to enrich Germany. It is all a massive stitch-up. Germany lost two world wars and were then prevented from re-arming so are taking over by political and economic means and have very nearly succeeded. What they don’t seem to have factored in is the unintended consequences of their actions, such as when they enrich themselves by making the interest rates of the Euro suit the German economy they in turn bankrupt poorer EU countries and it is Germany which has to bail them out if they want to preserve the Euro. And also why migrants will always go to Germany no matter how Merkel tries to distribute them elsewhere around the EU. The EU will fight tooth and nail to keep UK inside and contributing towards their vanity project with nothing coming our way in return. Forget EU grants, that is just our own money (UK taxpayers) being used to bribe us. The EU does nothing good for us that we cannot do perfectly well ourselves at far less cost both in money, pettifogging regulations and red tape.

      1. A ridiculous comment. Merkel is a ‘former’ Stasi. The Germans were trying to STOP the spread of Bolshevism. That’s why American hero General Patton said “we defeated the wrong enemy”.

        Hitler removed Germany from the League of Nations, declared only those with German blood could become citizens, kicked out the international bankers and the Frankfurt School, so it’s very unlikely the Germans were planning a mixed-race internationalist union ruled over by Goldman Sachs.

        Strong homogeneous countries like Germany and America are the biggest threat to the Jewish-led Bolshevik New World Order which is why they have come under the most attack.

    2. I think Germans will vote her because she is using the muslims to ”attack” France and UK. Germans are not very smart people.

      1. I’m afraid you’re incorrect. I live in Germany and every single person I know, including all my neighbours will be voting for the AfD next year.

  7. 1000 invaders a month? You think we believe that? It’s more like 1000 every HOUR here in Germany. I still can’t believe this. Like a bad dream I’ll wake up out of, but I can’t.
    If you just run the numbers, you’ll see it’s grossly underestimated. When they 1st said the invaders will cost Germany 6 billion a year, I called BS and said 29 billion. I was wrong. The real figure turned out to be 28 billion. THAT THEY ADMITTED TO. Now you have the new budget proposal where BAMF gets 60 billion as a ceiling. So they have all this money for the Fluchtlinge but don’t have 15 billion to bail out the flagship bank, Deutsche Bank?
    I also found out what’s really going on in Bautzen by making friends with a kid there. I don’t normally know anything about what goes on in eastern Germany, but my source told me that there are NO neo-Nazis in Bautzen. The action that was taken against the invaders was by local bodybuilders and athletes who kicked their asses big time. The police have officially adopted a position of sitting on their hands, as he says. Mind you, he’s only 16, but he lives there and knows the people involved. Basically it was a reaction against the invaders occupying the central square, the Fussgangerzone (pedestrian zone), getting drunk, robbing people, throwing the cobblestones at passers-by, and trying to sexually opress women passers-by. It is PERFECTLY UNDERSTANDABLE that the people reacted. I appreciate his candidness when he said that I as a Czech should move back and defend MY country just as he’s defending his. I fully agree, but until such time as I can sell this house and do that, I will defend Germany to the best of my ability as if it were my own country because I LIVE HERE. We’re all Europeans, and like I’ve said all over the web: we have to unite against the invasion and temporarily forget our emnities. After we kick them out we can all start fighting again, but for now, this poses an IMMINENT THREAT to our culture.
    This is RED ALERT to everybody because although now you don’t have the hordes of invaders WALKING accross our countries, no, instead you have them flown in. I’ve heard that they started doing this way back in 2015. So no, this isn’t anything new.

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