“Merkel has Opened the Gates”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has “opened the gates to refugees” and this is why thousands of Moroccans are now passing themselves off as Syrians, an editor of one of Morocco’s prominent newspapers has said.


Adil Karmouti, editor in chief of the Hibapress newspaper, as quoted in the Berliner Morgenpost, revealed that thousands of Moroccans are learning the Syrian national anthem by heart, and picking up phrases and practices which will enable them to pass themselves off as Syrians when they get to Germany.

Karmouti wrote that there are formal classes in the Moroccan city of Casablanca where would-be fraudsters learn all the tricks of passing themselves off as Syrians—aided by the fact that they, along with most of the Arab world and the Middle East, speak Arabic.

“The trick is to pass oneself more or less plausibly as a Syrian,” the Berliner Morgenpost said. “This is the first step on a long road to Europe.”

Previously the newspaper said, the most typical route for Moroccan invaders to enter Europe was to go to the Libyan coast and then set off across the Mediterranean.

As a result, they have in the past almost always landed in Spain, France, or Italy, where they have either lived illegally or claimed “asylum” even though there is no reason at all for them to make such an assertion.

“It was only when they saw hundreds of thousands of Syrians given shelter in Germany, that they changed their tactics,” Karmouti continued.

“Many Moroccans think: Chancellor Angela Merkel has opened the gates, and refugees are welcome in Germany,” he said.

Now, Moroccans just fly to Turkey—a nation for which they need no visa—and then move via the Balkan route further to Germany.

“Many Moroccans mingle in Turkey with the Syrian migrants,” Karmouti said. “They believe that in this way they will improve their chances of being recognized in Germany as refugees.”

According to the German Ministry of Internal Affairs, “only” 10,258 Moroccans and 13,883 Algerians entered Germany during 2015—figures that are clearly an underestimate given the extent of the ongoing fraudulent misrepresentation being carried out by the invaders.

The extent of the North African invasion became clear with the first analysis of the mass sex-attacks over New Year’s Eve.

Although the majority of sex attackers are from the Middle East, a significant number of the suspects were shown to be North Africans, the Berliner Morgenpost said.

The North Africans are, the German newspaper admitted, particularly prominent in robbery, shoplifting, pickpocketing, and theft offences.

In the German government, the nearly-useless parliamentarians are still “debating” what needs to be done to “speed up deportations” of those “asylum seekers” caught out in their fraud.

For some reason, they find this to be, as Ralf Jäger, the Minister of the Interior in North Rhine-Westphalia said, “an incredibly tough business.”

This “incredibly tough business” means that it takes on average fifteen months to process one asylum application—and that figure was based on the pre-2015 invasion. By now, this time lapse will be considerably longer—and well worth the invaders’ while to come to Germany to commit crime and live at the taxpayers’ expense, even if they are just deported at the end of it.

However, even being issued with a deportation notice does not mean that they leave. As the Berliner Morgenpost admitted, many of the “refugees” have deliberately destroyed their identification papers before invading Europe.

Those Middle Eastern nations which might have had the ability to reissue documents based on central registers—such as for example, Syria or Iraq—have had their infrastructures destroyed by the Western-backed “rebel-uprising” in Syria, which morphed into the ISIS monster.

Other states—such as Algeria and Morocco—won’t issue replacement documents, and simply refuse to accept any “refugees” back who the Germans might identify as their nationals.

The Berliner Morgenpost also admitted the reason these nonwhites are “fleeing” their own countries: namely, that these nations are all poverty-stricken disaster zones.

According to that newspaper, one quarter of all Algerians, for example, are living in utter squalor, and an equal number are permanently unemployed without any prospects whatsoever.

Of the 39 million Algerians, over 70 percent are under the age of 30, and almost all of them want to leave to go to Europe. One Algerian who was interviewed while trying to cross the Mediterranean explained it this way: “My life is completely negative. I am without work and without a flat. In Algeria even doctors and engineers are jobless.”

Of course, what the Berliner Morgenpost—or any of the controlled media outlets—will not admit is that the Third World disaster zones are almost all entirely self-inflicted.

Populations with an average IQ of 78 will never be able to create, maintain, or function in a First World society, and this is why majority Third World nations are always, when compared to European nations, disasters.

However, the controlled media and their liberal journalists will, quite literally, commit suicide before they admit to the reality of race and racial differences.

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  1. Někdo prohlásil ,že většina emigrantů je vzdělání ekonoma ! Já se ptám ! kdo na tyhle ekonomy bude pracovat ,když potřebujeme dělnické profese ! Dodnes jsem neslyšel odbory co říkají na to ,že Evropa se pomalu stane byrokratickou líhní nemakačenků a stačí jen se prohlásit za uprchlíka co mu válka vzal všechno ! A Merkelová ? Dá mu byt a sociální dávky a beztrestnost ! To je dnešní Evropa ! Děkuji Milka Merkelova !

      1. It looks like Mika Merkelova is being short changed. Her marauder accomplices are posting off gold and silver watches, gold and silver jewellery, I-pads, laptops, cell phones, frilly panties and bra’s, wedding rings, passports and credit cards to Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Somalia, Pakistan and Syria before an audit is conducted on their loot and her share surrendered to her agents.

  2. Mid east countries are over breeding like rabbits. I’m not surprised there are no jobs for them. Clearly these countries continue to breed ‘armies’ for the explicit purpose of warfare and invasion. They have nothing to offer Europe except invasion, poverty, death and destruction. All the mid east countries have similar mass breeding occuring. So why is this mass migration allowed ? It defies logic. Angela Merkel defies logic.
    “Osama bin laden al Qaeda leader had more than 20 children by five wives.39 million Algerians, over 70 percent are under the age of 30. This populations with an average IQ of 78 will never be able to create, maintain, or function in a First World society, and this is why majority Third World nations are always, when compared to European nations, disasters.”

    1. Not so Dear Lady Angela, now diagnosed with narcissism (I’d put it down to mere megalomania and a messiah complex), is no known by her own dear Germans as Mutti Terroristesa. But unless I’m wrong, she is still the Reich chancellor! She needs deposing, followed in short order by her disciples, Cameron, Osborne, Hollande, Valls and so the list goes on. FOR GOD’s SAKE EUROPE WAKE UP!!!
      A disgusted ex-British, now proud Australian.

    2. Having worked with some of these poeple in Saudi, as a teacher and instructor, I’m actually surprised that their supposed IQ is as high as 78. The Saudi’s are a study in what is wrong with the world. When I was there 1981-1986, they were so shallow, but in their Thobes and Ghutra’s (Robes and head dress) so superior, they didn’t, conveniently, remember that a mere 60 years earlier, they were all sand dancing goat fanciers. These devout moslems treat their co-religionists like dirt, if they aren’t Saudi’s, and the best stocked personal ‘booze bar’ belonged to the Airport Director, ostensibly a moslem. I could, but won’t, bore you all day with what goes on behind their doors, But hypocrisy has the market cornered in Saudi.

  3. Why won’t the Moroccan Algerian and Tunisian governments willing to take back any of their citizens who are deported from Europe? Are they going to blackmail us for billions like Turkey?? Enough of this political correctness rubbish – deport everyone who doesnot have a genuine reason for asylum. Just coming from a poor country isnot enough. I can’t go and live in a millionaires’ house -just cos I fancy a better lifestyle. All these middle eastern and african countries need to work hard at building up their own country’s wealth and infrastructure. It doesn’t happen over night, and everyone has to work hard and fight for democracy. But if this invasion into Europe continues we’ll all be living in a corrupt dictatorship, with our standard of living detiorating by the hour. They come over expecting the streets to be paved with gold, and then s**t all over us and our way of life. Vote to leave the EU and no immigration unless you have skills to work and can speak English and respect our way of life. Don’t expect us to change to yours!

  4. “They all speak Arabic.” They might have the same written language, but the language spoken in Morocco would not be recognized as Arabic by a Syrian. But you wouldn’t expect the Europeans to know the difference.

  5. Well, maybe, it’s because young, healthy muslim men are persecuted by women and small children in the Middle East and North Africa and they’re more needy for protection.

  6. We in Australia have a number of illegal migrants surplus to our requirements.

    We are impressed with Merkel’s compassion and respectfully request she send several cruise ships to our shores to collect several thousand surplus folk to help populate her country with people more deserving of peace & prosperity than the indigenous Germans.

    Hoping for a prompt, positive response.

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