Merkel: Invaders Still Welcome

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she will not back down from her open doors pro-nonwhite invasion policy even after the populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) scored well in the weekend’s state elections.

“The federal government will stay its refugee policy course, fully determined, at home and abroad,” a Merkel spokesman, Steffen Seibert, told a news briefing after the results were announced.

Seibert said Merkel would continue to pursue a strategy of working to bolster the security of the EU’s external borders and cooperating with Turkey to reduce refugee flows.


In her official reaction to the results, Merkel said that it had been a “terrible day for the CDU” (her party, the Christian Democratic Union), but that she remains convinced of her policy.

She also said that she was “committed to a European-wide solution to the refugee problem,” and that it should be possible in this way to “reduce the number of refugees coming to Germany.”

Of course, what she means by this is that other European nations should take even more of the nonwhite invaders, and in that way “relieve” Germany of the burden, rather than actually halting the invasion.

She also spoke about the “fear of another religion, [and the] fear of Islam” as being a driver in the increased AfD vote.

She also said that the time had come to “face” the AfD, dismissing them as “an expression of protest behavior against the high number of refugees.”

* Austria’s Freedom Party hailed the AfD’s success as a win against the “EU juggernaut.”

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  1. l hope you don’t mind me posting this but l think it is important for us all to have a reminder that this is not a main stream media site… it is privately funded and in order to keep a free press and help it grow perhaps those that can would consider a small (or not so small) donation towards the expenses.

    Just to let you know…that l am NOT a member of the staff of this online newspaper nor do l know anybody involved in this site at even the remotest level. l’m just concerned because as far as l know this is the only unbiased news available – and if ever we need to read the truth then surely it is now !!

    1. She is in no position to offer a European-wide solution, she is chancellor of Germany. The rest of the EU should be challenging her on this, if the don’t, they are proving that the EU is a German fiefdom, nothing more nothing less.

        1. Wishful thoughts but her efforts to rule Europe through the club called the European Union have not gone unnoticed.She is definitely the unelected Empress of Europe.

      1. You are wrong Michael. Merkel is just a puppet on
        a string. The forerunner institutions of the EU were
        established by american pressure. The founding fathers
        of the European Economic Union Robert Schumann
        and Jean Monnet were both stooges of the US govern-
        ment. The Americans thought that their domination
        of West Europe would be better safeguarded by in-
        fluencing one organisation than by having to tackle nu-
        merous states. Who can believe that educated gentlemen
        like Francois Hollande or David Cameron would voluntarily
        grovel before an uncouth character like Merkel.Merkel ?

      2. Merkel can afford to say that she is not backing down, as Eastern Europe has shut the gates. She should be grateful that the work she was supposed to do, and thus forced admit and to back down, has been done for her by Hungary, Macedonia etc.

        Regardless though of what she says, she is being turned, bit by bit, to avoid humiliating the chancellor’s position.

      3. Germany is a Zionist fiefdom,has been since the fall of the Reich!

        She is a life long Communist who converses with Putin in fluent Russian.

        Sad to see Germans willingly voting for this obvious plant who is determined to destroy Germany!

        1. @ Drexler ….Not just Germany but all of Europe.
          This evil cabal intend to impose their ideological hegemony across Europe by fair means or foul.
          No prizes for guessing which of the two options won out !

  2. No surprise there! As long as the evil beetch is still breathing, Merkel will continue the importation of Allah Aliens. The Agenda, people, the Agenda. . .that’s what it is all about for subversive, anti-white, anti-Christian Trash like the Kraut Frau. Turn your OWN menschen into the minority, and the New World Order Traitors will break out the bubbly, and sing and dance to celebrate the death of your country. Oh, Merkel will be the happiest PoS if that day ever becomes reality!. . .

    1. Merkel is no pure Kraut. She is at least half or quarter Polish.
      Her father, a protestant parson, germanized his name
      to Kassner and emigrated from West Germany to the GDR
      where he became known as the Red Kassner and belonged
      to the privileged elite of the country. Merkel’s loyalty
      was to the Soviet Union and is now to the United States
      and Israel. She did explicitly make loyalty to Israel “raison
      d’etat” for Germany.

  3. The message is loud & clear Frau Merkel.

    Whatever happens next, will be on your shoulders& it will not be very pleasant. I hope the British are watching very closely and they realise thatthiswhat life will be if they do not get out of the EU

    The most obvious evidence that you must leave the EU is the fact that the most useless President that the USA has ever seen has nothing better to do, not even a game of golf, than to interfere in British politics. There is a definite pattern in world affairs & that is that the Socialists having been on the march for so long are now meeting resistance. They are not happy and will do anything to stop opposition from the conservatives. It will get more dangerous.

    1. Voters to Merkel: “Stop the immigrants”
      Merkel to voters: “Over my dead body”
      Voters to Merkel: “That can be arranged”

    2. You insist on perpetuating the confusion that most Americans seem to have concerning Marxism/Communism with socialism.
      It has been explained to you before on here Graham.

      1. Possibly the confusion arises because many of those who march under the `socialist` banner are covert
        An awful lot of young people seem afflicted — maybe lack of experience of life?

      2. Please explain this to me, as I try to tell American friends and I get shouted down. even my own brother is brainwashed, he yells at me, then slams the phone down!

  4. islam has tried to invade europe before, nothing but backwardness and misery. remember the battle of vienna, battle of tours, portugal, spain. it is a numbers game, they breed like rabbits, oppress women, and pray too much. more work, less breeding, maybe they would not always need handouts from civilized countries.

    1. Different Europe now unfortunately, where the main man is an old woman who is besseching all and sundry to lower the drawbridge and give succour to uor would be murderers!

      1. A weakling Europe with a collapsed birthrate. An exhausted people who will not even perpetuate their own race. Disgrace.

        1. Apologies but I`ve never got to grips with this particular argument. A declining birthrate meant and still means fewer people needing and accessing services and in the UK when the birthrate began to drop there was virtually full employment. Life was good and enjoyable.
          Then began the influx of invaders quite deliberately brought in to displace us by taking over certain jobs at very much cheaper rates which was the real reason for originally importing invaders. We lost out.
          Next came their family members quickly followed by government grants to help them settle and breed.
          Who do you think paid for all this munificence both then and now ? Certainly not those who took certain sections of our unskilled jobs at cut throat rates, sent money back home and never paid tax. That particular system was a huge fiddle ( non existent wives and children etc. ) as many of the workers admitted at the time ….. [so what`s changed?]
          Who do you think coughed up for the invading army we were forced to accept then and their umpteen kids now.
          If we weren`t having to support large broods born to non-productive people of whatever nationality to keep them sweet and voting then we wouldn`t have such an economic imbalance.
          It`s common sense that the size of the pie must always be in proportion to the numbers receiving a portion.
          The pie we had all those years ago was in proportion to the size of the population.
          How any rational person ever imagined in their wildest dreams that a pie of a certain size ever would/could continue to stretch like elastic to accommodate a rapidly burgeoning and very needy population thereby putting services under never ending and ever increasing stress was then and still is beyond me.
          If we`d run our home/business like the political shysters run the country we`d be total paupers.
          I`ve shit better stuff than the modern-day political crap that passes muster as governmental `policy` regardless of which braindead party is in power.

    2. And go around raping women! Whats up with this rape culture? Western men treat their females well, most don’t beat or rape, they are kind, and loving. Why are these islamist so hateful? No I haven’t read their manual. All they care about is hate and hurting others. WTF?

    3. They love to make their targets PAY for their own demise, it’s their way, then they can laugh about how stupid the infidel is, and how rich they’ve become for stealing from the infidel. It’s abig joke, a game to them. Shake down artists like Al Sharpton and Obummer. A real Christian wouldn’t act like that. (Well, maybe some). They deliberately fly off the handle scream and yell and intimidate infidels in order to get their way, and now want Sharia Law here in usa. Total insanity. I don’t mind helping the less fortunate, but I don’t like being lied to and stolen from. I work too hard for what little I have.

  5. Does it not astonish that these migrants come to the lands of the Infidel and not to the lands where the prophet reigns supreme surely under the hand of the prophet these lands are veritable paradises on earth? Or do they feel that the ways of the prophet are negative and they move to the lands of the infidel in order to convert to Christianity?

    1. No.They move to our lands to take the plunder, and then convert us to their way of life. Never have I seen countries so muzzled and impotent in the face of invasion, as I have witnessed over the past year. I witnessed this first hand as a tourist in Austria, and visited twice last year.The streets were drastically different in only the space of 3 months in Vienna.

    2. For Muslims to emigrate to Muslim lands serves no purpose.

      Muslim immigrants are a limited precious resource, to be used strategically for long term goals, or tactically for short term purposes.

  6. A default on the principal of Reciprocating does lead to a loss of territory. Hawaii became “Hawaiians America” when the Americans bought up everything with the Reciprocity Treaty of 1875 but that was not the earliest, In South Africa for a few goods the Hottentots sold a new Holland and now “Hottentots Holland” is infested with Dutchmen. Angela’s maraud of Germany may yield a few gold and silver watches, gold and silver jewellery, ladies silver purses, panties and bra’s laptops, tablets, cell phones, credit cards and passports etc. but it also means there will be a “Germans Arabia” occupying half of what was West Germany and they, will have eventually, the right to spend German Taxes in the German Parliament unless International Law is respected.

  7. Most of them primitive and they can offer nothing for western society. Those politician who promote their invasion are traitors.

    1. It’s crazy for Britain to want to remain in this autocracy. They will lose their voice and democracy if they remain in the European Union.

  8. To be realistic, Merkel’s confidence has not been dented because not enough people voted for the AfD. It was by no means a wipe-out. One state voted in the Green Party, who are also enthusiasts for immigration. It appears that many, or most, Germans are still in a state of denial and it will have terrible consequences for Europe.

    1. The Germans are many mice with a big fat cat looking over them. Merkel, Ergodan. There is no difference between these autocrats.

      1. And to prove it, Erdogan has taken over a Turkish newspaper so only censored news gets published.
        The pace is hotting up – you can almost hear the crack of the whip in the background getting nearer.
        Get ready to take off your fluffy mittens.
        Things are going to get rougher. We need to get tougher.

  9. Was reading the comments on this story in DW about election results. There were many comments between Germans, British, Australian and North Americans.
    It got late so I went to read more the next day. What a surprise , all the non German comments were DELETED , all the not so complementary comments by Germans DELETED. Germany is definitely NOT a democratic country. Very state controlled media. I was considering visiting Germany one day. Now after seeing this demonstration of state sponsored autocracy I now will NOT considering visiting Germany. This country is no more democratic than Russia or Turkey.

  10. You have got it,Herman. All organized criticism of the oligarchy is
    investigated by the internal intelligence services for violation
    of the constitution and the parties and groups indulging in this
    activity are disrupted by agents provocateurs. After the first suc-
    cesses won by the new party the chairman of the Social Democrats
    told the public:” We now have to bring in the intelligence service
    on them.” This is going to happen. You will soon be able to watch
    demonstrations with skinheads and the like paid by the authorities
    marching in the first rows and crying stupid political slogans which
    will justify banning the party. And Merkel has recently asked Mark
    Zuckerberg to clean Facebook of hate speech.

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