Merkel: “Invaders will Go Home”

In the clearest sign yet of her detachment from reality, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has claimed that the vast majority of nonwhite invaders who have poured into Germany at her request will “go home” all by themselves.


Speaking before a Christian Democratic Party meeting in Baden-Württemberg, just prior to state elections there this coming weekend, Merkel claimed that “3,000 Iraqis were already going back [from Germany] every month as their towns were liberated from IS [the Islamic State].”

The claim that 3,000 Iraqis are going back every month is, of course, highly dubious, as there is currently only one flight per week from Berlin to Baghdad, transporting one hundred and fifty “returning refugees” each time. This means that the “returnees” are at most six hundred per month—presuming that none are actually walking back.

Even if, however, Merkel’s claim of 3,000 per month is correct, this is still no more than a drop in the bucket of the invasion, which last year had reached up to 10,000 per day coming into Germany.

Furthermore, according to the German government’s own statistics, in the month of February 2016, a total of 67,797 “asylum applications” were lodged with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). This dwarfs Merkel’s vaunted “3,000 per month” returnees.

In addition, the BAMF “reviewed” the applications of 51,528 persons during February 2016, and granted “asylum” to 33,516 of them—some 65 percent of all applicants. In addition, 270 persons received “subsidiary protection” and 287 persons “protection from deportation.”

Finally, the BAMF’s own figures show that a total of 314,000 Iraqis made “asylum applications” in Germany during 2015.


Merkel’s delusional claims echo her comments made at the end of January this year at a Neubrandberg meeting of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, where she admitted that “only a small number” of the invaders were “entitled to asylum in the classical definition,” and that she expected the majority “currently residing in Germany to return to their home countries.”

She said at that meeting that “most refugees” were being given “temporary protection” which was “initially limited to three years.”

“We expect that, if again there is peace in Syria and if the IS in Iraq is defeated, that they will return back to their homeland with the knowledge [education] that they have acquired from us [to rebuild their countries].”

Merkel referred to a project launched by the Interior and Foreign Ministries to “train Syrians in disaster relief organization.”

This knowledge, she said, would “help them rebuild their country.”

“Not every refugee is here to stay,” Merkel continued. “Many want to live in their homes with their families again.”

Merkel’s delusion—apparently shared by her party—is therefore that the “asylum seekers” are all bona fide “refugees” from the war in Syria—even though their own figures show that those claiming to be Syrians are an absolute minority of those coming into Germany.

The Greek government, for its part, is on record as saying that more than 90 percent of the invaders are bogus refugees.

In fact, as pointed out and known by all sane observers, there are in fact no genuine asylum seekers at all in Europe, because each and every one of them has left a safe third country to reach Europe.

It is therefore safe to assert that every single “asylum seeker” who has come to Europe is bogus—and have acted in bad faith from the very beginning.

Merkel’s claim that the hordes of nonwhite invaders, who have lied their way into Europe, are going to all peacefully “go home” once the Russian air force and the Syrian government has crushed IS, is an indication that she is either impossibly stupid, or very evil.

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  1. Dream on Frau Merkel, in time, you & your party will be voted out of office & hopefully replaced by saner politicians (I hope)

    1. From what I see of the way the general European thinks & behaves Merkel is actually right wing & they would in all probability vote in a real left wing party.

      I’ve given up on Scandinavia & Europe (EU) is already a lost cause. The people just do not seem to care, there is no passion for survival and will go slowly, quietly to the their end.

      I think there is a glimmer of hope in UK. People are passionate about leaving the EU. They will then have a chance of saving UK from the worst of the current crisis.

      1. When the Federal Republic of Germany was established in
        1949 Dr. Adenauer and Dr. Schuhmacher, the leaders of
        the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats respective-
        ly, agreed on preventing the emergence of genuinely right- or
        left-wing parties. The Social Democrats could finally not honor
        this agreement and watched with equanimity the rise of the Greens
        and the Left. Now Merkel has overtaken the Social Democrats
        on the left and governs with the support of the political riffraff.
        Before the breakdown of the Soviet Union the United States
        would quickly have finished with this adventurism by regime change.
        But now the superpower looks benevolontly on the destruction or
        weakening of Europe. And the Social Democrats have become
        but an appendage of the Christian Democrats.

        1. Herman has probably seen her eating.
          Chancellor Kohl already complained that he
          had had to teach her using knife and fork .
          Her US protectors don’t seem to mind.

      1. Merkel is ugly inside as well as outside! She’s a lying, devious POS who knows full well that no Muzz will ever self-deport. Ain’t gonna happen! She wants the Allah Trash to stay in Germany, because she despises her own white people, and wants to reduce them to minority status.
        Patriots cannot afford to wait too long to remove the evil Frau and her collaborators, or Germany, as well as Western Europe, will be beyond saving. Time is a luxury that they don’t have. Remove the Frau now!

    2. Stupid she isn’t, evil she is. I wish what she is trying to visit onto German females were visited on her, tenfold. I fail to understand how 12.2% of the above graph can be of unknown origin. Surely you put them in a fenced enclosure or something until such a time as their memory returns?

    1. Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the 1922 pan-European movement, with the support of B’nai B’rith, the Jewish international support agency for Jewish political interests, B’nai B’rith helped push Coudenhove-Kalergi and his vile, anti-European racist ideology into the political mainstream and the top of political circles.

      The Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize is awarded to heads of state and technocrats who ruthlessly promote and extend the powers of the EU and in doing so facilitate and support continued mass-immigration into European nation states and between them in a malicious effort to “undermine national homogeneity”.

      The Judeo-Bolshevik or Communist regime (Occupied East-Germany) educated Chancellor Merkel (a Christian-Democrat) was also awarded this prize in 2010 for working against the interests of Germany, in accordance with Jewish lobbying on immigration and further economic and un-constitutional EU integration.

  2. Sure Merkel, they’re going to leave all the free support, free phones, free medical, free rent, free women to rape and return to the shitholes from which they came. You delusional cow!

      1. At least she does not risk being sexually harassed. Even a sexually starved invader would not touch this monster.

    1. When you put it like that it is a no-brainer, how any one of sound mind and even with a modicum of common sense can believe such a stupid statement. However we all know politicians especially socialists are short up top.

    2. Merkel told Germans these people were all highly trained medical doctors and engineers. Her mouthpiece Maria Böhmer: “With their kindness, their diverse culture and their warmth they are an enrichment for all of us”.

      1. If they so highly trained, how come they not even toilet trained and still don’t understand how it works. Maybe Merkel should invite as many as she can to her home, that way these salvages don’t mess up the kids play grounds and the cemeteries and Merkel can see how highly trained they are. I still cant understand how the German people voted that insane bitch in twice.

  3. She’s both:

    She’s impossibly stupid AND very evil.

    The mystery is why the German people – or their elected politicians – haven’t kicked her out of office yet.

    1. There isn’t any mystery, Jonathan. President Obama told
      his troops at Ramstein in Germany some years ago:
      “Germany is an occupied country and will stay that way.”
      The German politicians are handpicked and fall over themselves
      to fulfill the wishes of the hegemon. Merkel’s advantage over
      others is that she had a long training in obsequiousness
      in the communist part of Germany. She had only to change
      the USSR for another master. She was not in vain secretary
      for agitation and propaganda of the communist youth
      movement of the former GDR. The media are under govern-
      ment control. Statements of the cream of German constitutional
      scholars that Merkel is permanently breaking the law are not
      reported.The rise of alternative political parties is ob-
      structed by the internal intelligence services , by the menace
      of interdiction and press campaigns. But the people is waking
      up, as is being shown by the success of the new party Al-
      ternative for Germany and by demonstrations in the streets.
      This week the president of the republic was booed at and
      called a traitor when visiting a refugee camp. There is more
      to come. But it will take time and the damage to the infrastruc-
      ture of the country caused by the invasion will be enormous.

  4. Germany needs a new Department of Repatriation dynamic and ruthless and a suitable state where stateless/passport less persons can be deposited. There are African one party democracies looking for cultural enrichment – certainly enrichment. But as ever Mad Merkel is in a World of her own

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