Merkel Stumbles—Thanks to AfD

The sudden collapse of German government coalition talks over the weekend—which might cause Angela Merkel’s downfall—is entirely due to the fact that the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party took at least 40 percent of Merkel’s vote in the last elections, a fact which denied her a governing majority in the Bundestag, which in turn was a direct result of the decision to allow the mass fake refugee invasion of Germany.

The September election saw the AfD take 12.6 percent of the vote, an increase of 7.9 percentage points. Merkel’s party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Socialist Union (CSU) took 32.9 percent, down 8.6 percentage points, and the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD)—Merkel’s former coalition partners—took 20.5 percent of the vote, down 5.2 percentage points.

Exit polls showed that the AfD took two-thirds of the SPD vote, and 40 percent of the CDU/CSU vote. This gave the AfD 94 seats in the Bundestag (up from zero), the CDU/CSU 246 seats (down 65), and the SPD 153 seats (down 40).

The liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) took 10.7 percent of the vote, giving it 80 seats (up from zero), the “reformed” East German Communist party, Die Linke, took 9.2 percent, giving it 69 seats (up 5), and the crypto-Communist Green party took 8.9 percent, giving it 67 seats (up 4).

As 355 seats are needed for a governing majority, Merkel’s obvious choice would have been to continue her coalition government with the SPD—but after a particularly nasty election, the SPD leader Martin Schulz refused to take his party into coalition with Merkel once again.

An alliance with the AfD being out of the question, the CDU leader was therefore reliant on forging a coalition with the FDP and the Greens to make up the necessary majority—and it is these talks which have now collapsed—significantly, over the issue of the Merkel-caused mass nonwhite invasion of Germany and the current fad-lie of “climate change.”

The CSU wing of Merkel’s party demanded a cap on the number of nonwhite invaders pouring into the country posing as “refugees”, while the Greens—ignoring the impact that overpopulation has on the environment, their supposed holy cow—demanded that even more be let in.

The Greens also demanded that Germany stop using all coal and combustion engines by 2030—an impossible aim which would cripple the German economy. No other party in the talks would even consider such a proposal, and together the issues of the invasion and the Green’s comical demands made an agreement impossible, hence the collapse in the negotiations.

Merkel now faces the choice of trying to patch together the talks, persuading the SPD to come back on board (that party ha already refused to do so again)—or call out a new election. No matter which of the options she chooses, it is clear that her reign as “leader of the free world” is coming to an end—and it is all because of her own policy, that of allowing the illegal mass invasion of Germany.

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  1. This is the best news of the week by far. ‘You reap what you sow’ has never been more applicable than this awakening for a woman that lost the plot 3/4 years ago. However, as these people fail to accept that they have now past their sell by date, it will be interesting what she does as calling another election is the last thing she needs right now.

  2. While this seems like good news, I’m concerned that the CDU, along with the communist, crypto-communist and green parties all make up a majority together than can render any influence AfD might have had irrelevant. Although there might have been some disagreement on migration between those three parties, at the end of the day, they’re all anti-White and thus would normally agree on many other issues that are further damaging to the German people. I’m also not sure that Merkel cares that much because her #1 job of being in office was to flood Germany with Third World invaders, and she’s done exactly that. Even if Merkel wasn’t in her position today, her work is done and the clock is ticking on the demographic time bomb there no matter who sits in her chair. This is the case in all western nations.

    1. Totally agree. We saw the day Hussein O talked Merkel into it. The iconic photo , taken at the iconic ‘Hills are alive with the sound of music’. Location in Germany, while Hussein lounged in a chair, talking her into it. And after the horror, stroking her arm at every world conference to keep her ‘together’ as the world condemned her assault on Germany with third worlds.

    2. No matter how many MPs they get in parliament the AfD cannot stop the immigration madness without obtaining more than half the total votes because the establishment parties will form alliances to protect current rates of immigration. Even without alliances the CDU can still govern as a minority government. You have to understand that all the establishment parties including leftists like the Greens, the SPD and the PDS are all on board with the globalist agenda, so they all accept the leadership of the United Nations over issues like man made climate change and replacement migration. In effect the entire liberal establishment have formed a united front to defend replacement migration against nationalist outsiders like the AfD. You can get some idea of how decadent the official left have become in Germany and elsewhere by considering this quotation from the Wikipedia article about the Party of Democratic Socialism (Germany) who are the official successors to the Socialist Unity Party of the GDR:

      “The party had many socially progressive policies, including support for legalisation of same-sex marriage and greater social welfare for immigrants.”

  3. You have to understand that someone like Merkel is a stooge for an international elite who have their own agenda for eliminating nation states which is concealed from Merkel and the public. Instead Merkel has been bamboozled into accepting the discredited theory of ‘replacement migration’ which says that governments can offset the aging of their populations with large scale net immigration from the Third World. Naturally if political parties presented such a proposal in their election manifestos they would experience a catastrophic loss of voting support, so governments have to proceed with replacement migration using secrecy and deception. In 2015 the civil war in Syria presented the German government with an ideal opportunity to ramp up immigration without having to obtain the consent of the public. They could open the floodgates to the Third World by presenting the invaders as refugees which means that the government would have no choice but to permit them entry as they are obliged to do so under the 1951 Refugee Convention. The target of net immigration to obtain the desired demographic adjustment was supposed to be 344,000 per year just to keep the population stable, but the population would continue to age albeit at a slower rate. In order to maintain a constant ratio of 16-64/65 or older (old age dependency ratio) would require net immigration of 3,630,000 which is, of course, impossible. However, the plan went awry when the Greeks endeavored to embarrass the German government by opening the floodgates at their end thus allowing in something like one and a half million and causing uproar in Germany. For a significant minority of the German public this was enough to break with the establishment parties and vote for the AfD and thus cause the disarray in these parties that this article reveals.

    You can read here an article justifying the fake refugee invasion in terms of demographics written by the Jewish journalists Robert Peston:

    Why Germany needs migrants more than UK

  4. Put the cow out to pasture. She’s ruined Germany for ever. She’s ruined Europe. Enough now. Hopefully a couple of wolves will get her in the pasture!

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