Merkel’s Lies Exposed by Hungarian Fence

Claims by German chancellor Angela Merkel that a fence will stop the nonwhite invasion of Europe and cause a “war” have been thoroughly exposed as lies by the complete success of the Hungarian border fence in halting the invasion of that country.


Earlier, Merkel had announced at a conference in Darmstadt in southern Germany, that the fence built by Hungary on its border with Serbia “will build up fault lines” between the states in the Balkan region.

She also refused to close Germany’s borders on the grounds that the other nations—from Austria onward to the south—would “do likewise” and that it was Germany’s responsibility, “as the largest state in the EU, to find a resolution to the problem that encourages solidarity rather than division.”

Like everything else Merkel has said, the truth of the situation is diametrically opposite to her claims. The Hungarian fence with Serbia has been an unqualified success, as has its later shutdown of the border with Croatia.

“The border closure is working; it has effectively stopped illegal border-crossing,” government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told reporters in Nagykanizsa, close to the Croatian border. “The Hungarian government is determined to keep the measures in place as long as is needed,” he said.

“We are continuously monitoring the situation at the Slovenian, Croatian, and Serbian borders, and are ready to react to any situation which might develop.”

Hungarian authorities ordered the building of the fence after 390,685 nonwhite invaders streamed over its borders on their way to Germany following Merkel’s open invitation to the Third World to come to Europe.


As can be seen in the graphic above (taken directly from the Hungarian border police website), since the fence was completed, the number of invaders crossing illegally in Hungary has dropped to almost nothing—and no “war” has broken out.

At the same time, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbân accused Merkel and other liberal European leaders of “betrayal” and wanting to see Europe “overrun with non-Europeans.”

Speaking before a recent meeting organized jointly by the Association of Christian Intelligentsia, the Association of Hungarian Civic Cooperation, and the Batthyány Circle of Professors, Orbân said that Europe was “standing before a challenge that is nothing less than the start of a deliberate, left-wing construct that wants to do away with it on an ethnic basis.

“A betrayal is taking place,” Orbân continued. “They have betrayed Europe, and if we do not stand up for it, then they are going to take this Europe from us.

“This Europe will no longer be made up of European citizens, but rather a continent constructed by some well-organized—and here the Soros Foundation comes to mind—program outside the framework of nation-states, headed by an unelected leader.

“Who authorized European leaders to allow what is happening now?” he asked. “On what authorization are they allowing the transportation of hundreds of thousands of people into Europe?

“They are foreign to European culture, and are being brought in in such a manner that very soon, Europe’s cultural identity will be destroyed.”

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  1. It’s quite interesting that Viktor Orbán mentioned Soros Foundation – Soros aka Schwartz is a Hungarian Jew born in Budapest!

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