Merkel’s Madness Makes Bloodshed Inevitable

There is no chance that the 1.5 million nonwhite invaders who have poured into Europe since mid-2015 will all go back home peacefully “once there is peace” in their countries, as the increasingly delusional German Chancellor Angela Merkel has claimed.


Speaking before a meeting of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania over the past weekend, Merkel announced that “most refugees from Syria and Iraq would go home” once the conflicts in their countries had ended.

In an obvious attempt to counter the rising resistance to her open doors immigration policy, Merkel claimed that “we need to say to people that this is a temporary residential status and we expect that, once there is peace in Syria again, once IS has been defeated in Iraq, that you go back to your home country.”

Last week, European Union Commissioner Frans Timmermans said that 60 percent of the influx were not even “refugees from any of the “war countries,” a figure in line with previous estimates as well.

Here is where Merkel’s latest “logic” collapses: she actually appears to believe that the 1.5 million nonwhites who have invaded Europe did so to “flee war.”

If the figures claimed by Timmermans are correct—and there is every reason to think that they are an underestimate—then this means that there are currently at least 900,000 invaders currently in Germany alone who will not qualify as “refugees” at all.

Their numbers are still increasing by between 2,000 and 3,000 per day—and probably now number over one million.

To suggest that these one million nonwhite parasites—who entered Europe with bad faith and fraudulent intentions—are now going to peacefully put up their hands and agree to go away, is so delusional that it borders on outright insanity.

Furthermore, Merkel’s newest assertion that the rest—the so-called “real” refugees are all now actually going to be sent home anyway, is merely throwing fuel on the fire.

Merkel clearly has no idea of the consequences of her remarks: first, she created the impression among millions of nonwhites—all desperate to get into white Europe—that the doors were open to them to come.

Now, she has announced that even those who might have qualified as “refugees” are going to be sent back.

What, an observer might now ask, is going through the minds of those fraudster “refugees”—and the tiny handful of “real” refugees?

After all that has been promised to them, they must now meekly accept that that they are all going to be deported, no matter what?

What are the chances of a Merkel government—or any current western European government—rounding up one million and more nonwhites and putting them on buses, planes, and trains back to North Africa and the Middle East?

What are the chances of these million invaders—and who knows how many more are on the way—meekly accepting such a mass deportation?

The answer to both these questions is zero.

None of the current governments of Western Europe have the intellect, ability, or willpower to deal with the nonwhite invasion—and the invaders themselves will resort to violence if an attempt is made to remove them.

Merkel and her ideological allies have, therefore, plunged Europe into a cycle of inevitable violence.

If the nonwhites stay, and Europeans do not counterreact by electing governments with the willpower to expel the invaders, then Europe will slide into Third World violence and chaos.

If however, any western European nation tries to force the invaders to leave—both those who have entered under false pretenses and those who might well be “war refugees”—then there is also no chance that the expellees will accept this situation peacefully.

Either way, conflict is inevitable, and the blood which will be shed, will be completely on the hands of Merkel and her European liberal allies.

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  1. Merkel is not delusional. She knew exactly what she was doing. She wants Europe in chaos because she thinks that – according to the plan – people will beg for an end to their misery by accepting the EU as their government and saviour.

    The ‘elites’ always underestimate the basic decency of ordinary people, the decency that honours family, nation, language, culture.

  2. I feel compelled to say it again, never trust a SOCIALIST. They are compulsive, devious, immoral liars. Not to mention stupid & delusional.

    So am I by the way, I keep on hoping that the electorates in Europe will actually wake up before……well it is actually too late.

    Some more delusion? The British will get a referendum on EU membership!

      1. ‘Socialism’ WAS a decent, indigenous movement in Britain and elsewhere. BUT it was taken over by Jews – think Marx etc right through to both Milibands and Corbyn – whose interest was distribution of money to them, not to anyone else. It’s fairly easy to understand the difference.

  3. Европа ещё не понимает, что эти кочевники никогда не любили работать и считают, что работать на них должны европейцы. Но не это самое страшное для европейцев. Страшно то, что они считают вас неверными во всём, от культуры до европейского социума. Они будут пользоваться благами вашей цивилизации, но перестроят ваш социум под свой. Причина ещё и в том, что европа сама отдалась и открыла ворота варварам.

    1. Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge.

      Revenge is not a noble sentiment, but it is a human one.

      1. All or most of human emotions serve some evolutionary purpose; or have done in the past. ‘Revenge’ is a complicated thing, involving memory and beliefs. Maybe it is noble.

  4. Merkel the mad woman, she will be interred very soon. Total nutter. Why hasent the German people called for her to resign, madness

  5. The lying bitch knows the kebab rapists will never return willingly. Her assurance are just a feint to distract Germans to give her poison the chance to circulate and do its lethal work: the genocide of her own German people..

  6. After the expected 8 000 000 next year there will be 80 000 000 more Muslim gentlemen and the Maraud of Merkel will eventually have their own 30th of June 1934. The ego of our German lady will ensure that happens. Her Friendly Settlement Solution is compliant with Articles 55 and 62 of the European Convention on Human Rights. It is obvious by now she has her fingers firmly clutching everything available in the public purse along with whatever her thugs can confiscate from the immigrants if they have goodies worth more than 1000 euros in their possession, that includes gold and silver watches, gold and silver jewellery, iPads, laptops, cell phones, ladies silver purses panties and bras, wedding rings, passports and credit cards. The lady is obviously sitting comfortably censoring all information about the Muslim appetite for prostitutes concubines and eunuch’s and Europe’s missing children.

  7. ‘Once ISIS is defeated’

    How the Hell does she know that ISIS will ever be defeated?
    It’s perfectly possible that ISIS might not only prevail in Syria, but in the entire middle east.

    1. It doesn’t matter anyway. The point–the purpose–is perpetual warfare. That’s the “Catch.” She says “when IS is defeated,” which they never will be. It’s not part of the plan for endless war.

  8. Another point is that the native countries of these invaders rather arrogantly and petulantly refuse to take their own people back – which is rather like you or me refusing to take in a distressed brother or sister – outrageous and unconscionable.
    Like all third workers, they pursue this policy for good, cunning, selfish reasons. They want to establish permanent beachheads in the west in order for full, permanent takeover.

  9. Can we please stop calling these parasites, even when stating there may be only a handful of genuine refugees, refugees.
    Not one is a refugee. A refugee moves to a neighbouring country until the conflict has ceased then returns to rebuild their country . These refugees are always old men , women and children because the younger men are fighting to protect their country , not the first to run .
    There has been a glass ceiling for many years which has prevented anyone with the common sense view from having an alternate viewpoint . The Leftist political elite can see their world and cosy lifestyles crumbling before their eyes before their plans are complete , so will lie , bully and delay the inevitable.
    Let’s fan the flames and watch their world fall apartment.

  10. The loony Marxists, some even disguised as Conservative, thought an injection of cultural enrichment would do us all good.Well, the news is the invasion is still ongoing, no end in sight, word is out, and there is an exodus of population shift moving to Europe. Time to put away the teddy bears!

    1. Exactly Blair’s motive when he promised to rub people’s noses in cultural change. I still cannot understand why the west has not risen up and at least imprisoned these creatures.

  11. “Europe will slide…into violence and chaos” it’s already started! I don’t know where all this will end, but when is the next general election taking place in Germany? Hope they boot her out. But it’s not just Merkel’s fault. The people traffickers who load their own citizens onto unsafe boats with false promises, just to make money, Europe’s and America’s intervention in other country’s affairs for their own ends (OIL) the IS maniacs who want to take over the world, the corrupt leaders of 3rd world countries that siphon off foreign aid and their own country’s wealth for themselves, rich celebrities and politicians who say open your doors…they don’t have to live with the consequences… this IS the 3rd World War just starting.

    1. She is neither stupid nor naïve. Those who applaud her–at least some of them–are stupid, but she is treacherous. She knows exactly what she is doing. She WANTS civil & racial war. Ludwig von Mises told us back before the advent of the Great Depression the reason why we see what we see in Europe now. An economic boom fueled by credit expansion and inflation of the money supply can end only in one way, and the traitor-elites don’t want to pay the price for their stupidity in economics and politics, so they are assuring that the native peoples will be “otherwise engaged” when the collapse comes. And it can’t be far off now. But she is not stupid or insane. She is merely evil and treacherous.

  12. That delusional bitch is insane! They will not leave. Why should they??? Everything for free and no consequences for bad behavior.

    1. If the so called police will not do anything about it, it is then up to the People of their Individual Countries to amend that and act as Judge, Jury & Executioner call it Swift Justice?

  13. Is it not time to audit Merkel, Juncker etc to look for financial motivations to permit this mass migration ? I suspect a secret back account may exist. I just can’t believe Merkel believes she is making Europe a better place. Just does not make sense.

  14. A penal colony is needed, an island, to put the invader street criminals. and the people who wont go home.
    That will get them off Euro streets.
    My suggestion is the Canary islands. Already we have historic precedents with penal colonies such as New South Wales, the French Devils island etc It could be done better today. More humane, more easily managed with modern technology.
    Hell we could let them have sharia law there and decapitate each other on every street corner while safely contained on an island.
    Such a large human undertaking would be inevitably compared to the Holocaust by the hand wringing lefties / jewish front groups. Barbara Lerner Spectre of course would be promoting diversity & cultural enrichment from 1.5 million invaders who cant figure out how to use toilets, while claiming to be experts on the Koran LOL.

  15. Symptoms of dementia can occurr 20 yrs before its diagnosed. Mistakenly people attribute odd behaviours to mere personal eccentricities. This can include the inability to join evidence dots to from sensible opinions.
    Merkel has certainly excelled at crackpot nonseensical decisions and they continue. She can’t join the dots to connect ideas even with expert counsel. She should be removed from office ASAP. Every utterance she makes is wrong, and clearly not thought out. From telling German citizens to deal with the invader crisis by staring at Church oil paintings (YES, really) to childishly believing the middle east wars will stop and all the naught boys will go home.

  16. Chancellor Merkel should be seen by a neurologist in order to be tested for a common, but woefully under-diagnosed brain disorder called frontotemporal dementia that tends to strike people in their prime.

    I think the chancellor is ill.

  17. It’s just possible, despite destroying Europe, the EU and her own country, that Merkel will be returned in the next federal election. This is because of the collective guilt Germans still feel over their past, and the out and out lie that many of these invaders will willingly return home at sometime in the future.

    And Merkel is milking both for all she’s worth. She will be as popular as the Ceaucescu’s when Germany finally kicks her into touch.

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