Merkel’s Party Defeated, But Reds Top Vote

As expected, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party was beaten by the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party in yesterday’s Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania state elections—but the far left Socialist party topped the vote, offering little comfort to those Germans concerned about the Third World invasion of their nation.


Final results put the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) at first place, with 30.6 percent of the vote. Second came the AfD with 20.8 percent, and the CDU with 19 percent.

In addition to the high socialist vote, the Die Linke party—the former East German Communist Party—gained 13.2 percent of the vote, and the Greens—also a barely disguised communist party—gained 4.8 percent of the vote. The National Democratic Party of Germany gained 3 percent of the vote.

This means that the combined pro-invasion vote in the election topped 67 percent, compared to the combined anti-invasion vote of 23.8 percent.

The state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania lies in the far northeast of Germany, in the heartland of the former east Germany, which has not seen the sort of mass invasion prevalent in other states, and which still holds a strong affinity for the previous East Germany.

In addition to this factor, there is a growing already established nonwhite colonizer population throughout Germany. The product of decades of pro-Third World immigration policies, these colonizers noW make up increasingly large segments of urban areas in Germany, and certainly contributed to the large socialist/communist vote.

Nonetheless, those celebrating the AfD vote as a victory would do well to temper their approval with the understanding that the overall result is not as positive for the anti-invasion camp as might initially appear to have been the case.

The best that can be said is that increasing numbers of CDU voters are switching to the AfD, along with substantial numbers of previous non-voters—but the party has an uphill battle before it is anywhere near influencing the course of events.

For her part, Merkel has already accepted that her pro-invasion politics are to blame for her party’s setback. The loss in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is the fourteenth such election in a row her CDU has now lost.

“I am the party chair; I am the Chancellor. In the eyes of the people, this cannot be separated. And therefore, I am of course also responsible,” Merkel told reporters while attending the G20 in Hangzhou, China.

“Of course that has to do with refugee policies,” Merkel said. “Nevertheless I still hold that the decisions, as they were made, were the right ones.”

The Chancellor added that she and the government must reflect on “how we can now win back trust and move forward.”

“We must recognize that at the moment many people do not have enough confidence in the ability of the government to find solutions for this matter, even though we have already handled a lot.”

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  1. This useless woman makes me sick the way she puts herself centre stage in any line up of world leaders. Her ego is obviously massive, pity her talent doesn’t match. Why doesn’t someone elbow her to the back where she belongs.

  2. ‘We must recognize that at the moment many people do not have enough confidence in the ability of the government to find solutions for this matter’

    The solution to this matter is entirely obvious and should be implemented without delay for the benefit of the German people. ‘Finding’ the solution is only a problem for someone who is blind to reality.

  3. The fact that the pro invaders have a combined 67% of the vote in that region is truly low point for the Great White race and the former fierce and proud Germans. It would seem that the German people have come to believe the guilt propoganda imposed on them by the jew world order. I would like you German people to remember that the only reason for this onslaught is that you (and the rest of the Europeans) are seen as the only obstruction to a new world ruled by racially pure jew.

  4. 38,4% of the voters stayed away from the election. That’s quite a large number. Supposedly everything went correct in these state elections the results are pretty disappointing.
    Voting will change nothing for the better. This time has long gone.
    The establishment will not make the same mistake and allow a second time a party like the NSDAP to be voted into power.

  5. Aa in France, Holland, UK, Sweden and soon the US, the demographics are at tipping point. The ethnic block vote is leveraged by electoral fraud. The lefties have almost achieved their goal of permanent power by changing the population. Until the Muslims establish their Caliphate, that is.

    Western-style democracy was always a fragile thing

    1. It would appear that the only country listed with any chance of survival is Trump’s USA. Wave the rest of Europe goodbye as the brainwashed electorates keep left.

  6. Germany had a chance to vote overwhelmingly for AFD,thus registering their dis approval of third world invasion and they blew it……..terry

  7. The left loves wars and unrest. They will bring in troubles instead of fixing economies. They think they are the chosen ones to own all properties and assets.

  8. Democracy is gone, and when the money runs out and taxes have to go up, that could cause a ripple but not in Germany. Is there a degree of brainwashed mentality that allows one woman to change their whole country without major disruption?

  9. Yawn tired of hearing about these clowns now. They obviously prefer their new culture of rape, violence and increased taxes. Their new citizens will call themselves German but will still retain their own cultures. Sori but I can never call an Arab a German, the two are as different as night and day. Maybe in future when real Germans are extinct and forgotten …

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