Merkel’s Terrorist “Refugee” Invasion

Despite shootouts in Paris, eight ISIS militants detained in Turkey pretending to be “refugees,” and at least eight invaders using the same fake “Syrian passport” details as found in the Paris terrorist attack, the unchecked flood of invaders continues to pour across the Austrian border on its way to western Europe.


According to a report in the Focus news service in Germany, Turkish police have arrested eight ISIS militants from Morocco, who were on their way to Germany. Quoting the Anatolia news agency, the report said that the men were intercepted on arrival at the Istanbul airport after arriving from Casablanca.

The police’s suspicions were aroused when they explained to passport control officials that they were coming to Istanbul to sightsee, and already had hotel reservations. A check showed that the eight men had in fact made no such reservations, and they were taken aside and searched.

A handwritten document was found in their possession which spelled out an itinerary which included the men going to Greece by “refugee” boat, and then on to Serbia, Austria, and finally into Germany. The document contained contact details for the “boat refugee” smuggler, and all train and bus links through Europe.

The Moroccans were handed over to a specialist counter terrorist unit, which established that the arrestees were all ISIS militants who had intended to pose as “Syrian refugees” who were “fleeing” to Europe. The largely mixed race populations of North Africa and the Middle East make it easy for nationals of any one of those states to pose as coming from any other state in the region, and all speak Arabic with only some regional dialect variations.

Meanwhile, the Serbian government has announced that they have now identified at least eight nonwhite invaders who all used similar “Syrian” passports to the one found on the body of the dead suicide terrorist bomber in Paris.

According to the Serbs, two of the invaders had identical passports—apart from the photograph—and another six had similar passport details as “Ahmad Almohammad,” the suspected pseudonym of one of the still as of yet unidentified Paris terrorists. This indicates that all the passports came from the same forger.

At the same time, a spokesman for Frontex, the EU border agency, admitted that her colleagues did not have the equipment or specialists necessary to check the authenticity of all ID documents among new arrivals on the Greek islands.

All the while, the flood of invaders continues to pour into Europe unchecked. According to the Austrian OE24 newspaper, for example, over the past weekend, at least 35,000 nonwhites arrived at the Spielfeld border crossing into Austria alone.

Melita Sunjic, a spokesman for the United National High Commission on Refugees working on what they called the “Balkan route,” told OE24 that their figures show that they expect at least 9,000 per day for the next few weeks at least.

Given that large numbers of these fake “refugees” are not even waiting to be “registered,” the true number is likely to be much higher.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is to blame for the sudden upsurge in the nonwhite invasion after offering residence to any “refugee” who made it to German territory, was herself forced to cancel her attendance at a Netherlands-Germany soccer match in Hannover last night.

A local police chief was quoted by media as saying that they “had concrete intelligence” that an “Iraqi sleeper cell” was going to set off an explosive device inside the stadium.

Cartoon credit: The cartoon accompanying this story is copyrighted by the leading patriotic German publication, Zuerst!.

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  1. Merkel and all her paymasters, lackeys and other members of the globalist criminal cartel who are promoting and enabling this invasion MUST be put on trial.

  2. Why the hell are the rest of the German politicians and parliamentarians just going along with the Merkel bitch’s program? Are they being blackmailed? The security services must know who is behind the insanity.

    1. There is a backlash amongst some germans, but not all and the evil bitch has no opposition from her government. Germany must be like a cesspit with trash on every corner.

    2. If it necessary to comply with any blackmail it may be by those International Traders who are complying with International Law and have Credit and goods available in compliance with the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development. Also this includes Agricultural implements as set out in the Treaty of Fort Sully October 20 1865 Article 5 “… and when one hundred lodges or families shall have so engaged in agricultural pursuits they shall be entitled to a farmer and blacksmith, et the expense of the Government, also teachers…”
      The Commitment 2c of the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development , ” Ensure that people living in poverty have access to productive resources, including credit, land, education and training, technology, knowledge and information….” these items can all be obtained from the commercial sector (including International traders and shops) in the economy. To support this sector Angela Merkel can impound Chinese goods dumped in violation of these and other Treaties and then support the “Made in Germany” items which could include 500 000 Burka’s and Halal farm produce for her personal use and show her support for the settlers new economic opportunities.

  3. All these invading parasites must now be returned to their country of origin. European people cannot be expected to house, feed and support these aliens. We do not want these aggressive, mostly Moslem leeches in our homes, they must all return and we want the ones that are already here causing mayhem deported to where they belong. They are not Europeans and will never be accepted by us, and furthermore they will breed us out of our own birth place.

  4. Let the deportation start. It’s not a game anymore. I really don’t want my loved ones blown up in a metro. I pity the honest refugees, but I have to chose between 1000 unknown Arabs and one single hair on my son’s head…

  5. If one reads in the German controlled German and British media all one reads about is what the Nazis did 75 years ago and stories about Pegida being a big threat. This is a pathetic effort to silence Angela Merkel’s critics by suggesting that being in the same article that Pegida are Nazis.
    Unfortunately Merkel is starting to create collateral damage by labeling everyday Germans as Nazis. One can only use these sick propaganda tactics before there is a big backlash. It’s time
    for sane German leadership to step in and for Merkel to step down. She is not just destroying Germany, she is destroying Europe.

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