Merkel’s Trick: 1.8 Million in, 100,000 out

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s new claim that she will deport “100,000 failed asylum seekers” is a trick made up to try and stifle opposition to her policies—because there are already 550,000 “rejected asylum seekers” in Germany, and in total over 1.8 million invaders have been let in over a two-year period.


Merkel’s announcement—as reported by Die Welt newspaper, and reprinted across the world—was made at a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party’s regional conference in Neumünster, northern Germany, last week.

In a speech clearly designed to try and ward off the rise of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, Merkel said that the new priority had to be “repatriation, repatriation, repatriation.”

She said that around 100,000 “failed asylum seekers” would be compelled to be sent back to their home countries.

She added that about 60,000 people would return to their homes through “voluntary repatriation programs,” while the rest would have to be forcibly deported.

In her speech, Merkel said there were “problems” involved in repatriating people to Afghanistan in particular. In addition to the “asylum seekers” being returned from Germany, she said between one and two thousand Afghans are deported back home from Pakistan every day as well.

“This, however,” Merkel said, does not change the need to return all these people. It cannot be that all young people from Afghanistan can come to Germany,” she said.

Die Welt quoted official figures from the German Ministry of the Interior which said that as of the end of October 2016, some 21,789 “failed asylum seekers” had been deported from Germany.

In addition to this, another 45,000 had left voluntarily—after receiving handsome cash payouts for having broken the law and invaded Europe at Merkel’s invitation in the first place.

At the end of October, more than 206,200 persons were “required to leave,” Ministry figures also said, but at least 153,700 of this number had “temporary leave to remain”—in other words, the ability to remain in Germany for years and establish permanent residency that way.

Only some 52,480 were considered to be “required for immediate departure,” the ministry said.

The Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) said in an earlier report that as of June 2016, there were at least 549,209 “failed asylum seekers” still living in Germany despite being “ordered deported.”

Of this number, at least 406,065 had been there for more than six years—allowing them to apply for permanent residence in spite of their illegal status.

In addition, an estimated 1.5 million invaders entered Germany in 2015. Hundreds of thousands of these then moved on to parasite off other race-denying liberal countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands, France, and Britain, resulting in just under 900,000 actual asylum applications being lodged in Germany in that year.

In 2016, official estimates are that at least another 300,000 “asylum” applications are expected to be lodged in Germany, meaning that at least 1.2 million applications will have been made over the two-year period.

In this light, Merkel’s false claim that she is “cracking down” on the invasion by deporting “100,000” becomes an obvious farce.

There is little doubt that Merkel’s continuing lies and deceit have been spurred on by opinion polls from around Germany which show ever-increasing levels of support for the AfD.

One of the latest such polls, for example, indicated that the AfD now has 25 percent of the vote in the state of Saxony, and that among the 35- to 49-year-old age group, the AfD has majority support.

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  1. More hot air and false promises from Merkel, there must be an election coming up.
    She allowed over a million illegals into Germany and how many have now claimed
    family reunion so you end up with up to eight million refugees, none interested in assimilating
    or working, its all about the free housing benefits.

  2. Merkel is the worse Neo-German Scum on this planet.Her whole movement,her decrepid look,she is vermin personified.How this loser became leader of Germany just goes to show that Neo-Germany is full of her rotten ilk….the country now is lost!

  3. The germans must be blind to vote for her. She is like the whore of babylon – open her legs (borders) wide to anyone including terrorists and potential terrorists.

  4. 100,000 will not make one drop of difference in the death spiral of Germany.I don’t believe there is any possible reversal of of the complete failure of this country. If the German people don’t start seriously protesting and ignore the name calling that will ensue they might change the course but if they don’t they will live to regret it.

    1. Not just Germany but all the other EU countries will live to regret it. The sooner the whole EU edifice collapses the better for the whole of Europe.

      1. Collapse? I’d welcome that but to be left with millions of wasters, criminals, rapists, drug dealers and all the rest what then?

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