“EU-Turkey Deal” and “Distribution” on Last Legs

Angela Merkel’s much-vaunted “EU-Turkey deal” and her planned “redistribution” of nonwhite invaders throughout the European Union faces collapse following a Greek court case and the failure by most European states to accept “distributed migrants.”

In Greece, a court has ruled that Turkey is an “unsafe third country” and that “refugees” cannot be returned there—throwing Merkel’s “repatriation plan” into instant chaos.

At the same time, it has emerged that only 1,500 of the promised 160,000 invaders to be “redistributed” throughout the EU have been placed—despite Merkel’s original plan to have more than 20,000 such placements by mid-May.


According to a report in the Greek Ekathimerini news service, a court on the island of Lesbos has refused to reject an asylum application by a “Syrian” and send him back to Turkey—because, it said, that country was “an unsafe third country.”

The court ordered that the invader’s case should be examined further—which, Ekathimerini pointed out, means that the implementation of the Turkey-EU deal will face even further delays as it will take more time to process thousands of applications of invaders who have come to Greece from Turkey.

“The decision could form a precedent and deal a devastating blow to the agreement signed in late March, as it could put on hold the return of Syrian refugees to Turkey and, essentially, render the agreement toothless,” Ekathimerini continued.

The asylum court on Lesbos has only heard 174 applications—and granted asylum to 100 of them. The remaining applicants, who were rejected, have lodged appeals requesting the re-examination of their cases.

On the island of Chios—now home to more than 2,500 nonwhite invaders—the police chief Andreas Damiris submitted his resignation, with local reports saying it was because of the unresolved crisis.

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There, too, the processing of “asylum applications” is progressing at a very slow pace—with no more than 10 applications submitted per day, according to one official, who said that at this pace it would take years to examine the applications of migrants on Chios alone.

Meanwhile, as the invaders pile up in Italy and Greece, the planned “redistribution arrangement” has also failed spectacularly.

So far, only 1500 invaders have been “redistributed” from those two countries to other EU states, the European Commission (EC) in Brussels has announced.

In 2015, the EC plan was to take in 160,000 invaders pretending to be refugees from Greece and Italy, and “redistribute” them to EU member states according to their capacity.

However, the EC said, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia have not yet offered any places for redistribution, and even Germany has so far not yet complied with the requirement to report available spaces every three months to Brussels. To date, only 57 refugees from Greece and Italy have been relocated to Germany.


* Central Macedonia Governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas filed a lawsuit on Thursday to demand an end to the occupation by invaders on the railway tracks leading into FYROM and the “lawlessness” at the nearby sprawling border camp near the town of Idomeni.

This past week, the nonwhites camped at Idomeni rioted once again at the refusal of the Macedonian border guards to let them proceed with their invasion of Europe, and even used an old railway coach car to try and smash down the border fence.

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In what was described as the “worst violence yet,” the nonwhites—most of whom come from “safe” countries such as Pakistan—bombarded the Macedonian police with stones and iron bars. The police were forced to fire teargas to ward off the invader hordes.

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  1. I remain stunned at the reaction to this invasion. In the first place, the boats should have all been turned around, whether to Libya, Turkey, wherever. It is not right that peoples just illegally and forcefully break into Europe with demands of a ‘better life’. Really? they demand money, homes, cars, healthcare and on and on….

    But I have to have a passport to travel; I have to pass security checks when traveling; I have to pay my own rent, pay for my own food, social security. Where do these filth think that they can just break into Europe? God knows our president is importing them into the US at an alarming rate. It is madness.

    On this issue, they are violent, aggressive savages and for the life of me, I don’t understand why the police and armies do not shoot them. Should I charge a police officer or throw deadly projectiles, I, a citizen would be shot.

    The world is upside down and I will not be traveling to Europe again. Europe is weak and the Islamists know it……simply terrifying.

  2. No doubt the rioters, who couldn’t organise a p***-up in a brewery, were whipped up and led by charity ‘aid workers’. Time these charity ‘aid workers’ were arrested, jailed for incitement and then deported.

  3. Gee, don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The main photo of the viking ship, with the axe wielding marauders landing at lindisfarne…..nope…it’s just a regular floating turd! This is becoming beyond ridiculous. My fingers are crossed for an FPO victory, which will hopefully send a wave of common sense throughout the Western world.

  4. Looks like lawyers, judges and court officials are set for life with what`s turning into a burgeoning lucrative business defending invaders with never ending “demands”.
    Or are the legal bods providing this `service` out of the goodness of their hearts? Thought not !
    No doubt `Brussels` is funding this fiasco with OUR money, but with more invaders still arriving and adding to the numbers how long before the EU goes bust ?

  5. Within the UK as part of our referendum on staying in the EU, our PM said that by leaving, there could be a war. He’s right but not the war he thinks, the war will be the patriotic nationals of all countries being invaded against their so-called elected representatives, and although not a war in the proper sense, the civil uprising will still end in blood being shed across the whole of Europe. Thank you Mrs Merkel and all the blinkered people within the EU management as well as the UN for creating this debacle and totally un-necessary situation.

  6. Fantastic. It’s all starting to fall apart before their eyes. The next 6-12 months will be very interesting. It’ll happen slowly and then suddenly.

  7. The Greeks seem to want these savages to keep landing, it’s time to fence Greece off and let them keep their new friends.

    1. Europeans and Americans also seem to want to be flooded with 3rd world immigrants, based on this reasoning.

      Greece would appear to be under occupation Government, just like the rest of Europe and the USA appear to be.

  8. If true then here`s hoping every rotten millimetre of the distribution deal`s `last legs` gets chopped off with no hope of resurrection – and totally destroys the whole of the Merkel Plan in the process.


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