Merry Christmas from Liberated Aleppo

The Syrian city of Aleppo—newly liberated after nearly five years of occupation by Barack Obama’s “moderate rebels”—has marked its newly-found secular freedom by erecting Christmas trees in public squares and reopening its Christian churches for services.

All around the city, Syrians, dressed as Santa Claus and marching in brass bands, could be seen singing, dancing, and waving flags from Russia, Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah—all of the nations and organizations which defeated the U.S.-backed terrorists.

In one of the main squares, a large Christmas tree was set up, surrounded by banners depicting the three main liberators of the city—Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani.

Putin contributed invaluable air support and Rouhani committed ground troops (along with Lebanon’s Hezbollah) to drive out the Obama-backed terrorist forces.

In the half-ruined Saint Elias Cathedral, parishioners and priests are busy preparing for the first Christmas celebrations in five years—something that was impossible under Obama’s “moderate rebel” rule.

As the AFP reported, “Aleppo’s small Catholic minority has wasted no time in trying to bring life back to the ruins of Saint Elias, preparing the church for its first Christmas mass in five years.”

The liberation of Aleppo proves that the forces of evil and darkness can be overcome, and that peace is possible between all people of goodwill.

The New Observer wishes all its readers a very merry and blessed Christmas.

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  1. Will our craven politicians now have the guts to explain why the west supported Muslim extremists against Assad. Or was it just another of our infamous forays abroad blindly following the US.
    We need many more whistleblowers like Snowden to expose what`s really happening in the murky world of politics because it stinks.

  2. Merry Xmas to all my fellow eye’s open realists. May god bless us all & it be the last for all the deluded leftists & jihadi scum.

  3. Awesome. What a great story to cap the year off with. Well done New Observer!

    Now that the conflict is over all the refugees can finally return, in the words of the Good Chancellor…

  4. Syrians in Santa suits. Hmm… Looks like a psyop to soften Westerners up to accept more Syrian “refugees”, particularly in the U.S. because, “they’re just like us.”

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