Mexico: 7,667 Murders in Just Three Months

Mexico registered 7,667 murders during the first three months of 2018, as violence continues to spiral out of control, with one of the latest incident being a brazen attack on a tourist beach in Cancun by gunmen on water scooters.

The 7,667 murders are an increase of 20 percent on the number of murders during the first three months of 2017, when the tally reached 6,406.

The worst month was March, when 2,729 murders took place, most of them shooting deaths. January’s figure stood at 2,549 murders, with another 2,389 in February.

The bloodshed follows a proliferation of gangs involved in drug trafficking, as well as stealing fuel, kidnappings, extortion and other criminal activities.

In 2017, a total of 25,339 people were killed in Mexico, the highest number since monitoring began 10 years earlier.

In one of the latest incidents, gunmen on water scooters open fire on a beach vendor in the heart of Cancun’s tourist area, an incident which media described as “unprecedented.”

According to a police report, the afternoon shooting happened in front of a hotel in the heart of Cancun’s resort-studded strip.

The vendor ran for safety inside a restaurant and was not hurt.

Cancun police have no record of any prior attack involving personal watercraft in the city, though assailants have been known to use the vehicles in Acapulco, on the other side of the country.

In 2016, a gunman killed a sarong vendor on the beach there and then fled on a water scooter.

Cancun, along with Acapulco—has seen an increasing number of incidents as gangs fight for control of local drug dealing. Cancun has registered 130 murders so far this year.

Earlier this week, a man was killed on Acapulco’s Caletilla beach in a shooting that authorities attributed to a dispute over local drug sales.

Meanwhile, evidence that the Third World violence is spilling over into America along with the nonwhite invasion of that country has come with the announcement that US Border Patrol agents have seized drugs worth more than $3 million in two encounters at checkpoints near Laredo this past week.

On Wednesday, two “U.S. citizens” were arrested at a checkpoint on Interstate 35 after a bundle of cocaine was found under a seat on a Greyhound bus and another bundle of methamphetamine was found taped to a man’s back.

The agents seized a total of 2.46 pounds of meth worth $81,552 and 2.35 pounds of cocaine valued at $76,614.

The next day agents seized 91.95 pounds of liquid meth after a dog alerted them to a vehicle that was in the primary inspection lane at an I-35 checkpoint.

A search of the vehicle turned up several bottles and plastic bags containing the liquid meth, which was valued at about $2.94 million, officials said.

The driver, a Mexican national, was taken into custody.

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