Mexico Starts Deporting Cubans

Mexico has started deporting Cuban invaders who were on their way to the U.S. following the ending of the “wet foot, dry foot” amnesty policy, proving all along that the mass Third World invasion via Mexico could have been stopped at any time.

According to a Reuters report, Mexico’s government has already deported 91 Cubans about a week after the United States ended a so-called “wet foot, dry foot” policy that granted residency to almost every Cuban who reached U.S. soil.

Last week’s repeal of the policy stranded hundreds, if not thousands, of Cubans who were still making their way overland from central America to the U.S. Border to claim “asylum.”

According to the Mexican government, the Cubans—71 men and 20 women—were flown back to Cuba by a Mexican federal police jet from the southern city of Tapachula.

Mexico’s National Migration Institute said in a statement that the Cubans were in Mexico “irregularly,” although they had applied for a permit to remain temporarily in the country.

The unspoken implications of the announcement are wide-ranging.

Firstly, it means that the Mexican government is well aware of the mass invasion passing through its territory, but up to now has done nothing to stop it.

Secondly, it means that the Mexican government is easily able to stop the invasion, but has until now refused to do so, safe in the knowledge that the invaders were going to end up in the U.S.

It is only now, that the invaders are certainly going to be pushed back and land in Mexico, that the Mexican government is acting to ensure that they are sent back home.

Thirdly, it means that the Mexican government is now implementing a zero tolerance policy for illegal invaders—the exact same policy for which it has chastised the U.S. and Donald Trump in particular as being “racist.”

Finally, it means that with enough political will, it is possible to stop the mass invasion, despite liberals claiming that the “mass movement of people is inevitable,” and “nothing can be done.”

The ending of the “wet foot, dry foot” policy came at the specific request of the Cuban government, which had argued that the promise of U.S. residency was fueling people-trafficking.

The now abandoned policy let Cubans who fled to the United States pursue residency if they reached the mainland, but not if they were picked up at sea before reaching the shore.

Trump has vowed to scrap Obama’s policy toward Havana unless the Cuban government makes further concessions, and although he has not specified what those should be, it is unlikely that he would reinstate the amnesty policy.

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  1. This is a perfect example of why every country that is allowing hordes of their own citizens to leave their nation or thousands to pass through it in order to invade the U.S. and Europe are sponsors of this massive human trafficking and have in essence declared war on us by doing so. Naturally, the west should act accordingly toward any nation that sends either military or biological (human) weapons in our direction.

  2. Europe should have pursued a similar `wet foot dry foot` policy instead of sending boats to bring as many “refugees” as possible to our shores.

  3. I’m more concerns with those little migrants from Guatemala and points south that pass north through Mexico unabated. There are tens of millions of them now in the US. Now that sanctions are lifted in Cuba, the island will thrive. Not worried about Cubans at all.

    1. Having read the article, I’d imagine they would get the same ‘new’ treatment from the Mexicans. They are pragmatists if nothing else.

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