Mexico to Deport 500 Invaders Who Tried to Violently Force their Way into the US

The Mexican government has announced that it will deport at least 500 invaders who attempted to smash their way through the border into America yesterday—an attack which was repelled by US border guards with teargas.

According to reports, Mexican authorities told the press that they will be deporting 500 people involved in a demonstration which turned into a mass gate-crashing attempt, for “illegally” and “violently” rushing Mexican police at the San Ysidro entry port in Tijuana.

The border is the most active entry point between the US and Mexico, and facilitates nearly 100,000 crossings a day. The port was completely shut down after invaders attempted to force their way into the US.

After the failed attempt to force their way in, the invaders started breaking holes through the border fence nearby, prompting the US to respond firing tear gas. The invaders also bombarded the US border guards with rocks and other projectiles.

The port was eventually reopened following hours of closure during the conflict.

The demonstration was made up of members of the invasion caravan of over 7,000 from central America seeking “asylum” in the US. Around 5,000 are currently being housed in a converted sports stadium in Mexico while they wait to submit applications.

US president Donald Trump has responded saying that no crossings will be made, and that asylum seekers will await their decisions outside US borders.

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  1. From a unsurprised South African: Where is the future biggest SHITHOLE in the world Americans? Don’t answer, …youknow where. Also watch your borders on th North. Too easy to sweep them under the carpet and that is what US of A is going to become

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